Celexa, citalopram – a personal experience

Celexa, is the brand name of a drug called Citalopram Hydrobromide which is one of the most widely prescribed Selective Serotonin Uptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) on the market. It is widely used to treat major depression, panic disorder, anxiety, and agoraphobia. You should remember that drugs are never a solution, just a crutch, and there are other non-drug approaches which can help in getting over anxiety.

I used this drug for some time, taking the standard dosage of 20mg a day. Occasionally larger doses are prescribed if 20mg are found to be insufficient, and often the elderly or inform are started on a lower dose of 10mg which is increased when tolerance has been established.

Side effects are what most people think about first when anti depressants are mentioned, there has been much made in the media about addiction and suicide. Celexa does have a good side effects profile, to you and me that means that the side effects are usually mild and short lived. And in terms of addiction the relative long half life of the drug (the amount of time it spends in your system) means that it is much easier to come off than drugs like Seroxat (Paroxetine Paxil, Seroxat, Deroxat). Side effects that I encountered included very short lived bouts of dizziness, lasting less than a few seconds, and a week long drop in libido. Within a week all side effects had effectively passed and I never had anything that made me want to stop taking the drug. I never really experienced nausea or a dry mouth, and my sleeping improved quickly. I would say that on the very first day of taking the drug I felt as weird as I have ever felt in my whole life. I felt a spacey depression that was most unusual and odd. I would describe it as absolute helplessness. It passed later that day when I applied some techniques that I had recently learnt. (more on that tomorrow)

Would I recommend Celexa?

Well, from a side effect standpoint I would have no qualms (although of course everyone one is different and some people can not tolerate Celexa).

The question is, does it work?

Well, I think that it stops the really dire lows and keeps you stable, but it is not a pep pill and it does not put you on cloud nine. Neither does it change your outlook on life or your major cognitions, so while it does make desensitization easier if for example you were agoraphobic, it won’t make problems disappear, or didn’t for me anyway. For that you do need to use therapy as well as drug treatment. Drugs are just symptomatic relief.

Please read the disclaimer.

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  1. hi thats a lovely write up on citalopram,
    my experience was totally different and my doctor said i suffered such an adverse reaction to it-that he stopped it immediately+gave me some(thankgod) aome doses of diazepam over a few days cos i was completely hyped up,sweating and couldnt stop from walking around!!it was dreadful!!!after that i vowed never to go near the doctors again-as i was prescribed the drug for anxiety only-not depression-and to give someone something when they are already hyped up that will (apparently only temporarily) make them MORE hyped up-is just ridiculous!!!
    it has been two years now since my last visit to the doctor+now if im feeling anxious i go swimming to burn off the extra energy

  2. I started taking Sodium Valproate given to me by an epileptic freind and it immediately lifted me out of the deep depression I have been in for years (I was only not depressed and anxious when high on alcohol, ecstasy or cocaine) it gave me an energetic buzz with concentration and focus and relaxation. I have been using cannabis for a long time and living on no money and I felt completely hopeless, Valproate may be an answer to my obsessive smoking, despair, hatred and paranoia. I went to the doctor to get some prescribed but he insisted I take Citalopram instead (I was in no frame of mind to argue). I have taken my first pill today but I am worried that 1) it won’t be as effective as Valproate and I will become desperate to smoke cannabis again (I have no money and about one joint so I really don’t want to be in that frame of mind) and 2) that mixing Valproate and Citalopram will have strange and undesirable effects. I have to give it a chance but I wish the doctor had given me something I know works.

  3. Im 18 years old and my doctor wants to put me on prozac for anxiety but through my research im starting to think this is not a good idea, and am now looking into citalopram.. any more experiences?

  4. I would have to say it did work wonders for me. Two pieces of advice….i wish i had tapered onto it, not jumped in. I don’t know what your doctor would say about this, but i found the first day very unpleasant indeed.

    Also, watch out for weight gain! I had Big problems! Good luck with it…it made me feel loads better! and helped a lot with anxiety!

  5. I had severe depression 2 years ago, and without citalopram I don’t know what i would have done, it was a LIFE SAVER. yes the first week you feel a bit buzzy, and get rushes of energy, but you know what it is and it passes in a week or so. I quite liked It, iwent for power walks so fast with my ipod i lost a well needed 20 pounds sin 6 weeks and that made me feel better as well. before I took it i could nt get out of bed, The panic and depression took me to dark places I cannot describe, and it fills me with fear even trying. I never want to feel like that again, like you are dissolving into your mattress and cannot see hope or happiness ever again in your life. As a very jolly bubbly person, this was alarming! so, I cannot recommend the stuff enough and if i ever needed them again I would not hesitate. a few of my friends have taken them for bereavement etc and also think they are great as they dont make you feel too weird! coming off was terrifying, and you have to be in a goog place and be sure you are well. i waited a year and came off very slowly and was fine. hope this helps! sarahx

  6. i am also on celexa… i started on 10 mg for a week then up to 20mg for about a month. after no real change my doc up me to 40mg. i started my adventure with celexa about 4 months ago and i am still having some side effects… nothing that would cause me to stop taking it however.. my two major issues with the drug is the low libido however i have found that if i skip the next day it is fully active and sometimes more active. the second issue is that i have very vivid dreams.. sometimes to the point where i can not tell if my dreams are reality… again these side effects are not that major to me so i continue to use celexa for my agoraphobia.. i dont know if skipping a dose is the correct thing to do for a low libido i only found it online, i did not ask my doctor what to do. however i think celexa is a good option for people dealing with ssri related illnesses

  7. My doctor put me on citalopram today for anxiety, I have had it for 15+ years, I have also had a drink problem for a while and in the past other things and got my drink sorted out 7 days ago.
    I asked her for something to kill my mind going around so fast and paranoia type stuff, the anxiety gets to the point I shake in crowded rooms and can't bear it and want to just walk out.

    After I spent 4 days of hell not drinking she gve me some tablets for that first and said come back and I will give you something to stop your anxiety right away…

    I went and she came out with some thing that would take from 4 weeks to 8 weeks to start working.

    I pointed out that it was bad attacks and she said she was unwilling to give me the other one as it is addictive.

    Well guess what so have ben so many other things in my life and my last target is beer and then nicotene.

    Any way to cut it short I tryed ziban to smoke smoking a few years ago and it screwed my up that bad I drunk twice as much a day to try and kill the side effects or what ever it did to my head.

    citalopram feels just as bad as that and you can add the feeling of it feels like your coming down off 4 or so E's aswell ((not the high though children)) and the first thing most folks do is go drink some beer to cure it.

    I have spent three lots of three days in 14 years alcohol free, it will be many years now before I spend them 3 days free again of alcohol thnks to this screw up and no sub mis team either.

    CITALOPRAM IS BAD don't take it!

  8. 49 year old Male here – I started citalopram a little over 2 weeks ago, 20mg/day. I felt nauseous off and on the first few days, but it was nothing debilitating. So far I'm very happy with the results. I'm not feeling the "lows" I did before, I don't have that gnawing feeling anymore when I deal with the issues in my life like I used to have. I was worried about a loss in libido, but that hasn't happened, maybe just the opposite. My sexual stamina has increased dramatically. It's amazing what hidden anxieties can do to a man's performance!
    I give Celexa 5/5 stars.

  9. Hi! 35 female here. I was prescibed Citalopram after the birth of my third child more as a precaution to keep post natal depression at bay, but also for anxiety issues. I should note also that I was breast-feeding and was extremely vocal about my concerns of drugs passing into breastmilk. I dealt with quite a few of the side effects in the initial few weeks of taking it such as a racing heart, felt extremely spaced out and dehydrated on the first few days, I felt my body and brain was taking a general dislike to the drug.
    This really did only last for the first week, then fantastic. No side effects at all, only positive effects. I continued taking it for approximately 12 months then slowly came off them under my doctors advice. Unfortunately my anxiety has returned only 7 months off them so I have decided to go back on them. Three days into it and past the worst of that awful initial spacey feeling and I already am optimistic of my future.

  10. i am 23 and suffered a breakdown about a month ago severe anxiety panic attaks leading to agraphobia but no apparent depression actually quite happy was put on buspirone never again then trazadone never again then two other types of pills that didnt work then became stable for three weeks on diazepam 2mg was refused another prescription for them yesterday incase of addiction and given citlorpram and had a horrible day on them nausea feeling of not being here increased anxiety shaking and now worried to continue use or if these side effects will pass advice from anyone in a similar situation would be appreciated.

  11. I had a major breakdown about two months ago too, started slowly with increased anxiety, then full blown panic attacks, vomiting, not being able to sleep, afraid of almost everything, at times agoraphobic, racing thoughts etc. good times I can tell ya. Treatment started out with XanaX which helped the panic attacks but I had spikes inbetween doses that werent fun and STILL no sleep!!
    After that I was just put on Klonopin for a week and a half 0.5mg twice a day and it helped lots against my anxiety. Though again, a little better but far from good sleep, and also I think it made me depressed.
    Now my doc wants to put me on Citalopram…yeah I’m scared of the side effects and am gonna stick through with only taking Klonopin and Trazodone for sleeping at night (godsend, i finally sleep!)
    Right now I’m so happy I finally found something for sleeping yay! I hope my life will get back on track….

  12. I’ve struggled with depression, anxiety, and agoraphobia for most of my adult life. I’m 47. This past year it has gotten worse to the point where it has been extremely difficult for me to function at work. About 4 weeks ago my doctor started me on Citalopram, 20 mg. After 2 weeks, he upped it to 40 mg. At first I did experience some side effects such as nausea, upset stomach, insomnia, and an increase in depression for about 3 days. The side effects have tapered off and this week I have felt great. The doctor told me that it takes a while for this one to kick in…4 to 6 weeks sometimes 8. It was worth the wait. This past week I was able to function and interact with people and coworkers with no problem. Where I had been terrified to talk to anyone, this week I was able to talk and even joke around. At times I would realize that I wasn’t even thinking about being uncomfortable. It’s been amazing. If you can tolerate the side effects, give the citalopram a chance. It has done wonders for me and I plan to keep taking it for quite a while. I have hope again and hope that things will only get better from here. p.s. I am also going to counseling which has helped also.

    I’d give the citalopram a 5/5 also. Best of luck to all of you who are trying to find the right one for you.

  13. Anxiety and depression is a nightmare I am a 28 year old male I been fighting with panic attacks since I was 21
    And was prescribe zoloft
    At first it helped now im on celexa and im still struggling sometimes I just don’t know about these pills if they make u better or worst?

  14. i have been taking citalopram for nearly a year now and as so many people have already stated, the first 2 days on them are the worst, i found the sick feeling and very dry mouth the worst, but in comparrison to my depression/panic disorder/agraphobia….. this was a breeze. i have been on so many different anti-depress’ that i have lost track of all their names. i can honestly say that citalopram has been the best,they have changed my quality of life….. but the negative is the weight gain…. as i have read from another cit user…. fat and happy……. skinny and sad…. i will stay on he bigger side as i could not be without them now. Any medication you take will have some side effects, and i think citaloprams side effects are worth it againt how my life was before. you have to judge for yourself but my tip to any new user is, dont give up with them 2 quick as they are worth sticking with. give them a chance, you wont refgret it. good luck!

  15. I used to read these forums so much when i first started taking citalopram. I was so curious and nervous about it that i just had to find out as much as I could. When reading i was so grateful to all the people who were good enough to share their experiences, good or bad, that i promised myself i would post my experience. So here goes. I started on 20mg and at first had difficulty sleeping, locking jaw and slight nausea. It was weeks with no difference then after 5 weeks i could definately feel some difference but the doctor thought because i am quite a big guy i should double my dose. At this point i went back to the terrible depression and anxiety at the lowest point of my depression and started doubting even taking it. However after around 6 weeks later i can whole heartedly say it has been the best thing to happen to me. Lots of people have noticed a big difference in me and i have done some things i thought i would never do again. I know its not the same for everyone but the only advice i would give is stick with it for a good few weeks, and if you increase your dose don’t be surprised if it feels like you are starting again. Good Luck!

  16. Your statement, “Neither does it change your outlook on life or your major cognitions, so while it does make desensitization easier if for example you were agoraphobic, it won’t make problems disappear, or didn’t for me anyway. For that you do need to use therapy as well as drug treatment. Drugs are just symptomatic relief.” is true. There is effective treatment.

  17. It’s common for any anti-depression or anti-anxiety med to create some short term side effects. Most of them go away in time. I had some sexual dysfunction as well as it prolongs climax, in some males which may make some wives happier lol. They actually off label prescribe it for premature ejaculation. Seriously though it went away for me after a couple months. Drugs do help some people more than others, but they definitely helped me.

    Prevent Panic Attacks

  18. Hello, I logged onto this website looking for peoples experiences of citalopram as I have been on them for 4 days now and the nausea is horrible. Although my mind has already started to calm a bit, I am still not sleeping brilliantly, however, I dont expect to just yet. I was on fluoxetine till november of last year and felt well enough to come of them, but very quickly returned to how I was before. I am unsure as to why the doctor has put me on citalopram as I had such a good experience with fluoxetine, but am willing to give them a try, so will stick with it. fluoxetine gave me the calmest year of my life:) and I am hoping citalopram will do the same, I stayed away from alcohol whilst on fluoxetine and as alcohol is a depressant and makes your meds less effective I would advise anyone to do the same, have a night out where you are the sober one amongst your friends, its an eye opener 🙂 Anti depressants do work, the chemicals and hormones have got to be balanced right in your brain and for some of us it isnt. It does have a lot to do with negative experiences in life as well, because you are dealing with cr*p quite a lot, your brain resets to work at a constant level of dealing with bad things, its like a faulty thermostat, its really cold right now but the heating could be set to deal with summer all year round, therefore when things change, you dont. Anti depressants do work at resetting the chemicals… I truly believe that 🙂

  19. I’ve been on this pill for one whole day …I talked fast, felt weird and awkward, then was in a daze — and to top it off, woke up in the middle of the night with terrible night anxiety. Honestly, I felt crazy and like I was losing my mind. I felt like I even seemed weird to other people because I was so off center. I called my doctor today to see about another med…I mean seriously, I can’t even take this and go to work. Not sure if this would be better if I took it at night ??? We’ll see….

  20. Hi there, it is so great to read other ppls experiences of not only this medication, but the journey we are experiencing. It can be a lonely, crazy journey, but great when you find others who understand. I have some fairly major anxiety probs, and have had depression on and off for ten years. Up until 4 weeks ago I had never taken meds, was prescribed prozac at 18 years old, but hated it so stopped after two days. Recently I couldn’t take my increasing anxiety anymore, and my best friend told me that she noticed every year I have one more major fear and one more avoidance. (Driving over 50 km is the latest weird one….)so anyway, started taking Citalopram 3 weeks ago, and have really noticed a decrease in anxiety, haven’t had a full blown panic attack (been a year since I went a day without one) and am sleeping better. Still get anxiety “rushes” but seem to be able to get a grip before they get out of control. Side effects – mainly just nausea/digestion and maybe a little tired but its hard to tell, because that could be from day to day life too…anyway, I wish whoever is reading this the best of luck, give the meds a try. This is coming from someone who had anxiety about having anxiety, too anxious to try meds…a total mess! Good luck, there are obviously lots of us out here struggling with depression/anxiety, you are not alone xx

  21. Well I am new this whole thing it started about two weeks ago I woke up and couldn’t shake this worry feeling it was sooooo bad that when I went to pick up my husband he had to drive home because I was so shaky and crying, then the next day I was taking a shower and lost it again I felt so unsettled I have never felt like that before in my life! So my husband came home and I went to the doctor I explained to her what I was feeling and how bad it was, she has me on Citalopram 20mg once a day I take it in the morning cuss I can’t sleep at night if I take them in the evening. I had the side effects first it was dry mouth, then it was fatigue,then it was the I can’t sleep, and then I threw up it was bad but I kept telling my self that it would get better, so far this is my journey I have been on it for two weeks I have noticed a slight difference so far but I know it is a process and determined to stay with it. I have never been a person who takes medication for anything so this is quite a change. I hope the with persistance comes the freedom of the anxiety cuss lord knows I need it. these forums are so nice cuss it makes me feel like I am not alone in this so thank you so much for writing your experiences you truly are brave!

  22. today was my 2nd day on citalopram, but 1st day back 2 work (had yesterday off). I have some sort of anxiety disorder, i dont no if its social anxiety or general anxiety or what??? but anyway…. it was HORRIBLE….. from when i left my front door up untill about half 5 minutes of being in work my heart was pounding and raceing like crazy, i was shakey, i couldnt bare it so i had a propronolol in my make-up bag (a beta-blocker) left over from when i was on them, just to compose myself, and where i work is very small so where ever i go i bump in2 sum1 and they start talking away 2 me and i just want them to go away so i can get myself together! I felt quite tierd all day aswell and a little dizzy but no major side effects appart from the very bad adrenaline rushes, i dont no if i can stick with citalopram because it just doubles my usual anxiety.

  23. Becky, In my experience the first few days on citalopram were pretty weird….then felt normal and then better…so probably worth giving it some time to see if its for you!

    good luck and let us know how you get on!

  24. I’ve been taking Celexa for almost a month now (for GAD) – and my anxiety has increased a bit this week – is this a side effect as my body gets use to the drug (20 mg)? I feel hyped up during the day –

  25. I am on my 3rd day of citalopram and only real side effect I’ve had is terrible stomach aches at night. It’s almost like a burning sensation.. I know it can take a couple weeks for side effects to subside, but this is keeping me up ALL night! Any suggestions? Tums don’t even help!

  26. I have now been taking citalopram for 3 weeks today. I was on 10mg for the first 2 weeks and then my dose was upped to 20mg for the last week. I have been prescibed this medication for social anxiety. I have high hopes for this medicine but it hasn’t started working at all yet. The side effects i’ve been experiencing are insomnia, jaw clenching and inorgasmia (although my libido strangely has gone sky high?!), though they seem to be subsiding a bit now. I will keep taking them – apparently they can take anywhere up to 8 weeks to start working. If not, I will probably up my dose to 40mg. Fingers crossed….

  27. I’ve never written on one of these before! I’ve struggled wih depression a few times and (thought I) managed to sort myself out properly about 12 months ago, cant remember what i was taking but came off them and was fine for a few months. The past 4/5 months have been hell! i dont feel depressed but the anxiety and panic has been getting unbearable. I was determined not to go back on medication, i tried to take the ‘mind over matter’ approach…last week I realised i wasnt getting anywhere, i was getting worse as the days went on…work is the hardest time – trying to avoid a conversation with anyone, even stupid things like walking past someone who looks at you…panic attacks trying to do a tesco shop…nightmare. So today i went to the doctors and they put me on citalopram 10mg, I think she’ll up my dose when i go back in 2 weeks. Its a real help reading other peoples comments an what they’re going through because you really feel alone when going through a sh*tty time, you feel like you’re the only person feeling like it. WIsh me luck, i am desperate for these pills to work! i just want to get back to feeling myself and doing ‘normal’ things like meeting up with a friend for coffee without being in complete fear about whats going to happen me, i dont want to panic, it just springs up out of nowhere. Everyone keep posting and we can help each other out. Good Luck everyone!

  28. Been on Citalopram for five weeks now. Week 3/4 I was so very sick, then two days later came the watery runs. Still stuck by the meds. Now I’m just a bit nauseous all the time, and get a burning feeling in my upper abdomen. Still waiting for the time when I feel better. Only on 10mg.
    Decided to take to drug when I realised I was making myself unemployable because of my anxiety.

  29. Thank you for sharing all of your personal experiences – it’s helped me.

    My stress has been brought on by my working environment. I have been on citalpram for 2 weeks today.I’ve been off work for 4 weeks.

    I can’t say that I have noticed a big difference yet, but it is reassuring to know I need to give it more time. My daughter has said she has seen a difference in me ‘at least I have stopped crying’. I have been able to talk to colleages from work recently so that must be a step in the right direction.

    I have noticed the dry mouth, jaw clenching and upset stomach (today) I am also feeling a bit spaced out but nothing too bad, does this take a while to stop?

    However I do think I am not myself, yesterday I filled my diesel car up with petrol! An expensive mistake, but I have to say I didn’t panic or cry, although I was concerned, I took it in my stride, luckily my daughter was with me, so I think it was a combination of the medication and my daughter’s support. So did the medication make me distracted and then also give me some confidence not to lose my head?

  30. I have suffered from major depression for around 12 years now. Last summer and fall it became so bad that I knew I could not continue on like that, my life was miserable and the smallest things freaked me out and made me hide in my room. I finally sought help and was prescribed citalopram, and I can easily say that it was the best thing that has ever happened to me. A couple of days after I started taking it I did have a major depressive episode, but I didn’t attribute that to the drug but just to what happened every once in a while. Other than that I experienced no negative symptoms. At two weeks I felt WONDERFUL, the best I have EVER felt in my life. I finally felt able to talk to people, to do what I want, that life was worth living. I was more confident and assertive and not crippled by anxiety. I started taking the drug last November and am still taking it with good results. I have been having trouble sleeping and with being tired throughout the day due to the drug, so my doctor prescribed trazodone, which has worked well in conjunction with citalopram.

  31. I was prescribed 10mg Citalophram today. I’m 22 years old and have always been against taking medication for psychological problems, thinking that if I can get over it myself without the help of meds, it’ll be the greatest thing and it’ll be everlasting. After months of headaches and a lack of any happiness with hanging out with other people and fear about everything that others seemed to have fun with.. like, walking into a room and struttin’ my stuff, or making a silly noise around the fire (everyone will be looking at me and I concentrate on people looking at me rather than what I’m doing and then look like an idiot), I realized that i might need some help. So, I’m sitting here with my first pill on top of my computer about to take it. Some of the stories here are so enlightening and I found myself smiling at most of them,… which makes me believe that we are all going through the same thing (but so different at the same time).
    I really hope this helps. Good luck to everyone who reads this.

  32. I have a son who will be 21 and he has experienced all of the the same symptoms as the one’s I just read. It breaks my heart to see him like this. After many visits to Doctors and hospitals and changing doctors,we found one who prescribed Citalophram 20 mg. The first night he took it he woke up early that morning and felt dry mouth,and all of the other syptoms, It scared me and him, I thought I would have to take him to the hospital. Within an hour or so he became relaxed. He called the Doctor and he told him to cut the pill in half. Well he and I are both nervous about what is going to happen but after reading everyones stories I truly believe I will get my son back,the one who enjoyed life to the fullest…I pray for all of you that your lifes go back to the way they were. I hope the pill helped you Erin my son took his first the 20th. tonight we try again. My thoughts r with you.

  33. I have never posted on a site before but I have been reading all of your comments and I figured it cannot hurt to share my experiences. I am female, 27 yrs old. Been suffering from depression / anxiety for probably a few years but really only noticed the depression recently when I quit smoking (just over 2 months ago).
    I was first put on Wellbutrin but I couldn’t sleep on it (even if I took it in the morning and even with a sleeping pill). I also had terrible headaches. I was very dizzy and nauseous for the first few days I was on it, although that did eventually subside (around the 1 week to 10 day mark).
    I started Celexa (10mg) two days ago. On the upside, I have been sleeping better although I am also combining it with a sleeping pill at night. On the downside, I am feeling pretty anxious. The comments I’ve read here have led me to believe that, that’s normal and should subside. I hope you’re right. I’m also hoping that because I’m experiencing some other side effects (teeth grinding / clenched jaw, fatigue, general feeling of being drugged) that the positive effects will start to show up sooner rather than later.
    Like all of you I am anxious for things to get better. It is very hard for me to get out of bed in the morning, let alone study for exams (I am a student) or be a good girlfriend, sister, daughter or friend. I often just want to curl up in a ball, hoping that the world will just forget about me until I am feeling better. I am hopeful though. I wish someone had a crystal ball and could tell me when to expect the positive effects. Thank you for your positive comments. They keep my hope alive.

  34. I am a 25 year old female who started taking 20 mgs fluoxetine for depression 4 years ago. It ws great except 2 years ago i started getting panic attacks – these occurred at anytime although i do admit they were most severe when i had been having a few drinks the night before. The first one i ever had was bad but the second one i ended up going to hospital – . I couldnt’t sit still, constantly pacing, really deep feeling of dread/depression, sweats etc – i really felt like i couldn’t go on. I just wanted to be sedated so i didn’t feel any of it. Since then the doc has prescribed me with lorazepam (like a valium) which is just peace of mind having them there. I don’t take them often as i know they can be addictive but like knowing that they are there to take if i need them. Over the last 6 months however i have been contantly anxious so my doc put me up to 40mgs of fluox – was especially bad at morning or later at night, severely depressed to the point i am either highly emotional or felt like i was a zombie and couldn’t feel anything. It helped me a little but i still felt pretty much the same so have been trying everything to help myself – better diet, variety of exercises including running and swimming and vitamin b. And most recently acupuncture – am going to my 3rd session this week. I believe all of this helped me feel better but i have also changed anti-depressants to citalopram – am on my 3rd day and so far so good. Felt a bit happy/spacey the first day but i had taken on an empty stomach (bad move!) so came right, yesterday was great – felt better than i have in ages but today had pacey heart and feeling a bit on edge/anxious about nothing. Is this a normal reaction with my body just getting used to it? I would love to be drug free and really admire those of you that have come off them but it is not an option for me at the moment. It is a goal though!

    cheers to everyone who published how they felt on anti-depressants etc on here (or anywhere else) it has really helped me in my darkest moments the last few months to realise i need to hand in there – that it can get better. 🙂

  35. I’m a 25 year old male who has suffered from lack of confidence since for about 10 years now. Since then I’ve had spells of depression and anxiety which have got worse over time. Recently it’s stopped me functioning at work, I’ve been unable to talk and interact with people in order to complete my job effectively.

    I went to the doctors 3 days ago, told them about how I was feeling and about some significant events in my early/mid teens which I believed to be the route cause of my insecurities, anxiety and depression. The doctor prescribed me Citalopram (20mg p/day).

    I took my first dose that evening, and within hours felt some side effects (restlessness, dizziness, headache and tiredness), although nothing too severe although unpleasant. I found sleeping very difficult and must have seen every hour.

    Yesterday and today the side effects have continued, and become stronger and more apparent, especially the dizziness and drowsiness.

    I’ve had some pretty dark thoughts over the last few months but am hoping that this will aid me towards a more positive attitude towards life, and allow me to achieve the things i want to achieve.

    After reading some of your posts, I am waiting for the week to pass to feel some benefits from taking this medicine, but am confident that it will work for me. good luck to all of you out there who’ve read this and the other posts, and to those who wrote other posts.

  36. Thanks to everyone sure sharing their experiences. I have been on celexa for about a year for depression and anxiety (I am 37 year old woman). It has helped me tremendously. Wow. I used to have a very short fuse, esp with my family. I was also starting to become paralyzed with depression. I am calmer, better able to focus. . . it’s been great. BUT: I now have no libido, have gained weight (normal weight is 110-115 lbs now I am at 115-125) and am sometimes lethargic in the middle of the day. I exercise plenty and eat well. I hate getting so tired, even when I have had a decent night of sleep. I want to taper off, but am worried about withdrawal. I also don’t want to go back to being so depressed, anxious and angry.

  37. I started Celexa today for mild depression and axiety, I feel less depressed (although I know it can take days or weeks to kick in)but am experiencing a foggy feeling or state of mind, is this a normal side effect?

  38. This is quite a common one I believe. It does pass but if it is severe or bothering you why not speak to the doctor or pharmacist again….good luck and hope the celexa startes working for you soon!

  39. Hello, I went for the very first time to get Psychiatric help because I am a 210lbs overweight person who has social disorder (because I don’t have friends and I don’t go out like I should be) First at all because I’ve no extra money to spend, not even to go to see a movie, 2. I am a single mom who lost her job almost 10 months ago and is been doing rentals in Real Estate to survive, if I do 2 rentals a month is a lot, not enough to even pay my rent, buy luckily I just found a job in a cellular company (customer service) in the call center, but my dr. just prescribed me Citalopram 20mg and I am scared to death to start taking it, I don’t take any kind of prescribed drugs of any kind, the worse one has been advil for headaches, and my dr. told me that I will take this medication only for 6 months and it will help to increase my self steem, to reduce my anxiaty of eaten and make me feel better, but so far I’ve been reading that you gain weight? so what’s the point of me taking this pill if instead of help me to get me motivated me in loosing weight I will gain more? I am so scare now in reading the posts. Should I take it? I am 37 year old woman, and I want to feel like a normal girl, feel good, look pretty, always looking good, but what about if Citalopram helps me a bit, and then is going to destroy me and put me at the end in a worse situation I am now?

  40. Hi!

    I’m sorry but I am not really quallified to answer the questions you raise, but I think the weight gain issue is very important so I would suggest you try to get some further adice from doc/psyc/pharmacist on whether this is the right drug for you. I believe a similar drug, escitalopram, does not cause weight gain, but I could be wrong! Giid luck and elt us know how you get on!

  41. I am a 35 year old female, 2 awesome little girls, a wonderful husband, and a perfect life! Except, I have anxiety. I took Paxil 7 years ago before I got married and it was great! I felt nothing! I could analyze any situation without the emotions of anger or frustration. It was a really neat process for me, problem was, I didn’t get very happy either (but usually I am a very happy, hyper person). So I went off of it 2 months later and tried to diet, exercise, pray, talk it out etc…. but it just didn’t work. I HAVE ANXIETY! It is a real disease! It has nothing to do with how good of a person you are, how strong you are, or how much you believe in God! It is a real chemical imbalance in my body and I have finally come to terms with that. I do not think I experience depression but I am sometimes wound tighter than a drum, so I went on Celexa. I have been on it for 6 months now and it is awesome! I have gained 20 pounds which is NOT good, but I do not have anxiety anymore which feels really good. I am so tired at around 2 p.m. it interferes with my life but I have had to ak myself what is more important….btw, when I was on it for the first week I did not feel better at all! The doctor told me to go from 10 mg to 20 mg but that gave me anxiety so I only took a 10 mg pill and cut another one in half and took it. I did that for 2 days and experienced the worst anxiety of my life….extreme sweating, racing pulse, hard to breathe, tightness in my chest, acid burning through my veins. I called my doctor and he told me he would have to refer me to a psychiatrist to get an rx for a higher dosage. That straightened me right up and I took the 20 mg and have been doing good ever since. It will get better, I promise…In the meantime, take deep breaths and try to relax, if you can’t sleep then don’t lay in bed awake for 3 hours, that makes anxiety worse! Go watch T.V. and fall asleep when you just can’t stay up anymore. You can do it! Once you are out of the “woods” you’ll never want to go back!

  42. Hi,
    Just wanted to say thank you to everybody for your posts. I’m sitting here reading them in the worst state I have ever been in my whole life. I’m a 29 year old girl – I have suffered with depression my whole life but only spent small periods on medication and have generally been able to control my moods with exercise etc. However about a month ago I had my first panic attack which was the most frightening experience ever and since then they have been getting more frequent and debilitating. I am now on my 2nd day of sickness from work after recently getting a promotion and I’m terrified about the future.
    I went to the Dr’s yesterday for the first time in 6 years and he prescribed me 2mg Diazepam and 20mg Citalopram. So far 2 days in I’ve had nausea and have actually been sick, feel like I don’t want to eat anything – which is a cycle because some of the sick feeling must be hunger. I can’t concentrate on anything like watch TV or read – I just stare into space or sleep. The tightness in my chest and pounding heart has not lessened and neither has the ‘pins and needles’ feeling in my hands and feet.
    I’m terrified that I’m going to spiral even further out of control and not be able to leave my house etc but many of your posts have given me some hope as well as made me shed many tears.
    My thoughts are with all of you. Thank you x

  43. I am going through EXACTLY what Bev describes above – I’ve been on it for like 5-6 days and this is awful right now (the “bad stuff” for me started at like Day 4). High anxiety, nausea, felt like I had the stomach flu yesterday, no appetite whatsoever, feeling like something is crawling over my skin (aka pins and needles). Even the twice a day Xanax doesn’t cut it at some times. I find myself just sitting on my couch, rocking back and forth, trying to get through this. I just keep reading that it’s rough at first but to try and get yourself through it as it pays off in the end – I sure hope so!

  44. I am so thankful to all of the people who took the time to leave their comments. Started taking Celexa 3 years ago due to nervous breakdown,it was hard in the beginning but it did get better. Went off of it 1 year ago only for MAJOR anxiety to SLAM me. Today is day one of starting the celexa again, hope all goes well. Good Luck to all, lets keep fighting the fight!

  45. Hi Its my 2nd day on 20 mg Cipram (Citalopram) I am 30 yrs old male going through depression after my divorce. I am feeling a bit better than yesterday, I took it yesterday around 6 pm and was all speedy and rushy by 9pm and didnt feel sleepy, however I slept at around 11pm and woke up at 6:30am, I slept well and waking up and getting out of bed was not as tough as the morning before, I usually wake up at 7:30 so I tried to nap for another hour and had shallow REM sleep. I was in office all day today and was actually smiling and cracked a few jokes that is unlike of me, I had an OK day today, I was not paranoid, just a bit racey, clenching my jaws a bit and feeling restless in legs and arms, I hope this will go away. I really hope to get some positive benefits from citalopram.

  46. thanks everyone for the posts. I took my first dose last night. Lately I’ve been extremely depressed and anxious due to finding out that my lung cancer may be back and non curable, so I am beyond depressed. I woke up nauseated and spent an hour in the bathroom (sorry if TMI). Hardly slept. Stomach really hurts and I feel worse if that is even possible. How is everyone hanging in there til these effects wear off? I already feel like I don’t want to do this and that I was better off without adding this drug to the mix. I am in therapy, too, which truly is keeping me alive at this point. thanks again, good luck to everyone. Judy

  47. I was first prescribed citalopram 3 years ago when i was 19 for anxiety which lead to agorophobia, i cannot recommend it enough! First thing i would always recommend with people starting to take this though is that for the first 2 weeks at least, take it at night before bed, because they can make you really drowsy and you dont want to waste your day feeling like you’re going to fall over and go to sleep! First few days, feel abit detached and dozy, but definitely calmer. One thing i noticed was that i literally couldnt cry, physically impossible. Which felt a bit weird as i had been in tears every day for the past month or so before taking them, but a nice relief. But things definitely do gradually just start to feel better and better and things dont seem so scary anymore! They are a bit of a nightmare to stop taking though. I came off them 2 years ago and temporarily dipped back to exactly how i was before, but managed to deal with it without having to go back on meds. Now 2 years later, i’ve started taking them again for the same reasons as before. A bit gutting to be going back to where i was 3 years ago, but after a week of taking citalopram, already feeling much better. Was first prescribed sertraline this time round by my doctor and i personally found it a bit of a nightmare, made me a complete zombie to the point where it was difficult to talk, stopped taking that after 4 days and went on to citalopram and feel the best i have done in ages! i fully recommend citalopram to anyone dealing with anxiety/panic attacks =)

  48. Hi,I am very nervous about taking this drug and wonder what I should do. I have taken some other SSRI’s before and have had the worst experiences. The main thing I am worried is the gittery feeling for the first couple of days. Also impotence is a big issue for me. What is to be expected for the first couple of weeks?

  49. Hi, My wife started taking Citalopram about a year ago when she had a high stressed job. I thought that it was doing her good and that she was making progress. She said to be that it was ok to drink on them which I found strange. It turns out she shouldn’t. When she does its like shes done cocaine or something she is very different and she has changed so much. We were once in a pub and I had spent my money and we went to the bar to get a drink she could not find her card after we got the drinks and got chucked out. Very embarasssing and I said we should call it a night. On the way home she said she wanted to stay out I tried to stop her as she was quite a state but she ran off. This is when I should have told her mum and everyone close and tried to get her off them. Unfortunately I didnt as she said she would come off slowly. She also left her old job and had a great new one so there was no longer a need for them. She has since said that she thinks she will never come off them. In August of last year we got married and I thought that everything was ok. She has since betrayed me and lied constatntly and doesn’t seem to care and is void of emotion about it we are now currently separating after less than a year of marriage although we have been together for over 9 years. I have no doubt that Citalopram has changed my wife completly and she is not the same person she once was. My advice to anyone about to take them is to think carefully and explore all natural routes before taking them. If you are a partner and are worried please just help them in anyway you can and be supportive and just look for any bad signs and act on them. I wish I had.

  50. i am 26 years old and ave been suffering with panick attacks since i was 16 i have tried all different types of tables then i got put the paroxitine an they seem to ave helped me but wen i had my baby who is now 2 months old i have been gettin them really bad from the moment i wake up till i go asleep trembling nausea finding itt hard to breath but the worst of all im always thinkin im going to die or im goin crazy i started escitalopram 2 days ago and i feel worse but as i have read threw the forum this is normal at first its just ggod to no im not alone xx

  51. Hi there, I am an 18 year old female, and I have been taking Celexa for about 6-7 months now. I used to be a heavy marijuana user, and once I started taking celexa, I had panic attacks every time I got high. So, I quit using marijuana (still sober) and after that continued having panic attacks. So I don’t really want to blame the anxiety on the marijuana. I have heard that a side effect of celexa is anxiety/ panic attacks. I am no longer depressed, of course I have experienced lows before, The only problem I find with celexa is that I come close to or do have a panic attack every single day. I am thinking of getting on an anti-anxiety medication, but I’m also thinking about switching anti-depressants. The panic attacks are almost worse than having depression.
    Does anyone have any experiences similar to mine, or have any suggestions? It would be much appreciated,
    thank you.

  52. My husband has anxiety and what we think are panic attacks for almost a year. It has become so bad that he can’t control it on his own; that it’s controlling him. Sometimes he can’t even take a trip into the next town about 20 miles away without feeling like he can’t do it. It’s hard for him to be out at night. He doesn’t seem to be able to do anything anymore including going to the county fair with the family; something that he always like to do, the ride was to much for him and we had to turn around and go home after a hour of him out of the car on the side of the road pulling himself together. He even feels anxious just sitting home watching tv. He always feels like his upper chest is tight and his shoulders and neck feel heavy and hurt and there is a brick just sitting in his chest. He feels like he can’t max out a deep breath; he goes around all day try to yawn to get one. He gets spasms sometimes in his upper chest. His face get hot and flushed sometimes out of the blue. He says he feels like there is a lump in his throat and his tongue feels swollen and tingly, mouth always feels dry, and He has problems getting to sleep at night because he gets worrying thoughts in his head. He also has stomach problems and has been on prevacid for a couple of years He has been to a councilor, tried breathing techniques, walking and talking to the lord, and just trying not to think about it and its just there from the minute he wakes up until he falls asleep at night. His doctor has prescribed celexa 10 mgs. but he just worrys about taking it because he is afraid that its going to cause more anxiety and he feels like he can’t handle anymore of it; he also worrys about suicidal thoughts from the meds. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this. Any help would be great to get my husband and his life back – Thank you!!!

  53. Hi JD425 –

    I am a 62 year old male, and I went through very similar experiences to those you describe for your husband. At my worst, I could not travel to work in the next town. Over the past few years I have been on citalopram (another name for celexa) and can honestly say it changed my life. My work involves occasional international travel and speaking at conferences, and I am able to do this now – which as you will appreciate is a big step forward from not being able to travel 40 miles!

    Regarding the drug itself, some people do find it makes things worse for a while before it kicks in. This was not my experience – though I did experience some side effects for a while (tingling all over, yawning all the time). I certainly never experienced any suicidal thoughts. It does not work for everybody, but from what I have heard most people adapt to it pretty well. It’s side effects profile is much better than most other medications of its type. Based on my experience I would certainly urge your husband to give it a try. It can make a huge difference and give you back the life you used to have, and deserve.

    Hope this helps.

  54. Hi, my names Carl and iv been suffering with really bad anxiety and panic attacks since febuary 2010. I first experienced it when I was on holiday with friends and didn’t realize what was happening to me until I looked my symptoms up on the Internet. At first I thought I was having a heart attack because of my tight chest and pains in my arms and chest. It was really frightening! I contacted my doctor when I got home and he told me that it was common for people my age to suffer with this and would fade out soon, but 8 months on I’m still suffering terrible with it and alot worse than I was before, I was given 2mg diazepam by my doctor but I’m quite frightened of taking them as I don’t want to become dependent on them, but they do work and calm my body down alot, iv seen the doctor again recently and he has suggested that I start taking citalopram for a year on a small dose, iv just turned 25 and have no worries in my life what so ever! I have a brilliant social life, alot of friends I’m single and self employed! I just want to know if anyone around my age group suffer with this problem and have tried citalopram and if it has worked for them! This anxiety and panic attacks are starting to get in between my life and is stopping memfrom doing certain

  55. Hi

    It is common for people to get some anxiety in their teens and twenties and beyond but the question is why did it start in February? What changed? My advice would be to go back to the doctor and try and get referred to a Cognitive Behaviour Therapist. I would also recommend looking at your lifestyle. Are you getting the right nutrients? Do you you drink too much or eat too much sugar? The book Killing Anxiety From The Roots is all about that. Keep investigating the cause as well as tackling the symptoms. But overall, remember that anxiety is nasty but harmless.

    Let us know how you get on!

  56. Hi I’v been on Co-Citalopram (20 mg)for panic attacks/anxiety, since August.I’v noticed since starting that I have very vivid dreams and little sex drive.Is anyone else having the same problem? and is there anything to do about it? I was also told I would probably have to take these pills for the rest of my life.Is this true? or should I try for another opinion?One other thing I’v noticed but I’m a little worried to mention is that I’ve been hearing strange sounds and seeing things out of the corner of my eyes since I’v started taking this medicine.Is this normal? I’d really like to stop taking the pills, however I still get anxiety and I’m still having a hard time leaving the house, but at least the panic attacks seem to be gone. Help Please…..

  57. Thank you so much everyone for your comments. I am a 31 year old(ugh did I just admit that?)woman and I have had debilitatingly bad anxiety for the past 5 months (though no panic attacks, thank God!)My doctor prescribed me 10mg of Celexa everyday for the first week and 20mg starting the 2nd week. Today is the end of week one, and no noticible difference yet. I feel very encouraged by reading your comments. My doctor has also prescribed .5mg of Lorazepam to help me either wind down before I go to bed to or help me through the “rough patches.” I am a person who doesn’t even like to take tylenol, and I have tried all the “natural” remedies, but found those to be a waste of money. I swallowed my pride,however, and figured that these medications are there to help people, and I will do anything to get better for my husband and my 2 small children. Thank you all for your thoughts on this, and I will let you know how I am doing because maybe I will in turn help someone. God Bless and good luck to you all!

  58. Hola..Iam a 21 year old female, I was deployed 2 Iraq in 2008-2009. I Came back, everything changed, gained 30 pounds, Was scared to go anywhere, started drinking alot to the point i would black out…Every day became a challenge started smoking pot, it really helped with my anxiety attacks, helped me to talk to other people without freaking out… I would get anxiety attacks just by having to talk 2 people so i eventually isolated myself from every one, I went to c a doc and I explained my symptoms but was reluctant to take any meds even, though i knew i need it. I was terrified of the symptoms that came with taking anti-depressants….SPECIALLY the suicide part. I figured if I take this drug, I am probably going to be that person that has the bad reaction and I am gonna wack myself. So i left, the docs office empty handed because of my fear, This was on dec 23, 2010. I stopped using marijuana about a week ago, and I notice how bad my symptoms are, very irritable, Pissy, can’t seem to relax. Can’t even watch tv. Wanted scream at the top my lungs for help… I didn’t understand y I was so traumatized when nothing traumatic happened to me. So I just got fed up already I”ve been living like this for 2 years…It was affecting my hubby.I really really want my life back i want to be normal again so I did it for myself and my family i went to the docs today got the prescription I needed which is celexa…20mg.Today is my first day… i felt scared at first, I started feeling sick like i wanted to throw up my hubby calmed down… and he reassured me that.. everything was gonna be okay it takes time, then i just started to relax and now i feel great… Its only the first day and I can feel the difference.Obviously, its not going to cure me in one day but, at least now i know there’s a chance that everything is going to be okay…. I know its scary, trust me i know, I never thought i’d be the type to be anti-depressants…matter of fact, i viewed people on anti-depressant meds as weak, but now Iam here and Iam taking meds and i feel 1000x better. Its only been a day and I haven’t felt this good in years. I wished somebody would have push me to go sooner, instead of torturing myself for this long. I HOPE ur HUBBY gets the help… take the first step it worth it. Honestly, I feel like i”ve been a lifeless walking body for the last to years and I today, I feel alive again.

  59. Hi,

    I have just been prescribed citalopram because I suffer from depression and I have real trouble leaving the house. I get panic attacks and it takes me forever to actually get out the house. I feel like people are staring at me and judging me. It’s terrible.
    I was just wondering if someone could tell me what the effects are of this drug and how well it works. I really hope it works because I feel like I have completely lost myself and I am just surviving and not really living my life at all (I’m 24) but I feel alot older. I used to go out with my friends alot but now I don’t because I worry that people will judge me. I take forever to go out the house. I spend ages putting make-up on and doing my hair and I still feel ugly. I just want this to go away. I’m sick of living my life like this. Any comments would be much appreciated. Thanks, S x

  60. Hi,

    Thanks everyone for their stories, helpful to read others takes on this stuff. I’m a 35 year old male. I was prescribed it for anxiety and depression, after particularly difficult period and bad news made these conditions worse. Always had anxiety to a degree, panic attacks when 20 but they went away and generally cope well. Depression too had never been sever but given recent bad news in our life everything seemed overwhelming and unbearable. I was never interested in anti-depressents but life had become too much. I’d been given oxazepam after the last shock we had, now take that ocassionally, and have just started on 10mg of celapram. I’m on my fourth day and still feeling very wierd, seems progressively stranger after day 1. Mild nausea, dizziness, strange tingling all over my body and a warm, almost flu-like feeling. I hear it gets better after the first week but so far its pretty unpleasant. I have however had moments of near euphoric optimism, something I’d not felt in a while, and a detachment from stress and concerns. If anyone can please elaborate on how they got over initial symptoms I’d be most interested. Thanks.

  61. I started taking Citalopram two and a half years ago after suffering regular panic attacks and had lost my confidence completely. Two and half years down the line and feeling like my old self again, I decided to come off the tablets. However, after a week I was feeling really low and tearful. After 2 weeks I was feeling even worse and started to feel the panic creeping in again and went back to the doctor. I am now back on Citalopram and wondering if I will ever be able to cope without them again. Has anyone else experienced this?

  62. its been almost a week since ive been on citalopram and my anxiety is worse then ever. how am i suppose to go to work like this.. i know ive heard it suppose to take a couple weeks to work etc etc..but that am i suppose to do in the meantime..get fired? I cant seem to work without geting a panic attack. i will take one for those muscle relaxers but it doesnt seem to work anymore. im al more then iwlling to give this drug the time to work but what about missing my work becuase of the side effects??

  63. I commented earlier about the difficulty of the side effects – well I’m three weeks in and up to 20mg a day and side effects have almost totally disappeared and the medication is certainly helping. I found the first week horrible, but then one day I barely noticed them. I also then felt quite depressed one day, but now my dose is upped its easier to manage. Be aware that with the increase in doseage comes an increase in side effects, but these have been much easier to manage. I find coffee makes them come on much worse – anyone else experience this?

    I’d say hang in there, at least to two weeks. If you can have something like oxazepam for the breaking in, as I was prescribed, it helps.

  64. i have been on citalapram 20mg for six weeks now the doctor put it up to 30mg which i have been on two weeks how long will it take to start working i feel so anxious all day cant eat cant handal the feelings can anyone help

  65. Hi
    I suffer from general anxiety disorder and I am on Citalopram for it. It is working fantasticly or me. no side effects and I feel better that I ever have done in the past. I have taken this drug in the past for one year and then came off them without any problems, I was off them for a year but had to go back on them at the end of last year. I think it is a seasonal thing for me SAD. It doesn’t cure anxiety but it does stop all those horrible physical and mental feelings. I would recommend anyone that has been prescribed them to take them and give them a try. Life is too short to feel crap!!

  66. I started taking 10mg Celexa yesterday. I am honestly too freaked out to continue with my dosage today. I am taking it for strong depression and anxiety symptoms. I stressed to the doctor that I didn’t want to take a drug with heavy side effects because it will trigger my anxiety. I don’t think the drug has heavy side effects but for someone with sensitive anxiety- this drug is not for you. I spent a good 6 hours yesterday sitting on my couch, with my eyes bugged out of my head, clenching my jaw, rocking back and fourth and praying that the drug would soon wear off. I have never felt so completely tense in my life. The muscles in my whole body hurt, and I had a headache. I felt completely jittery, worried, and on edge. My mouth was like sandpaper and I did get mild bouts of nausia. Today I can still feel the effects of yesterdays dose. I am honestly scared that if I take it, I am going to have a nervous breakdown. I am so completely pissed the doctor even gave this to me. Come to find out, it has not been approved for the use of anxiety or panic attacks and I’m reading lots of forums online where people have reported this same situation happening to them. I don’t care if it “gets better once it kicks in”. I’m not going to live a 24/7 panic attack for the next week on some slim hope that it will get better. My experience with anti-depressants? There aren’t miracle drugs. They can help for MILD issues, but when it comes to a real problem you should just suck it up or seek counseling. Never again!

  67. I have beeb prescribed Citalopram 20mg with klonipin .25mg. Its been 2 weeks have felt some difference with the klonipin if I double or triple up. I’ve been anxious for so long, I didn’t know what normal was. I have personal problems that I know contributed to my anxiety. When I anticipate someone will stress me out, I get nervous and quickly take the klonipin. It helps me just cope. I still feel the underlying anxiety/hopelesness just a little dimmed out.

  68. I was on floexetine for 2 years, was doin great then i split with my fella then after a mad weekend bender my anxiety and depression came flooding back so severe. My doctor changed me to citalopram. i felt good after a few weeks, but now im having one good week followed by one bad week then one good one bad an so on. I have noticed my bad week seems to be 4 days after follwing a night out. Does this me at the age of 30 as a single woman i can never drinkalcohol with the girls ever again???? Thats a depressing thought on its own, im a nurse and love to let my hair down occasionally

  69. hello, i just took my 1st 20mg pill yesterday at 5:00pm I didnt sleep a wink my head wouldnt stop thinking and all negitvethoughts awful things I was sweating and jittery My heart was pounding I could not find the sweet spot on my bed , I had to go to work at 8:30am I felt like I was driving drunk I am just now feeling normal at 12;00pm just exhausted, Is this gonna happen again? Every night I take it?

  70. Been on the 10mg for 5 days. just started on the 20mg. i take it in the evenings.

    and Kim… its the same for me every day. Head just doesnt stop. In my case i had a massive shock from a loved one. She didnt do anything wrong – but it hit me massively badly. Been obsessing past 10 days and still cant get closure on the matter since she gets defensive over her actions. I just need closure.

    Meanwhile… the meds are messing me up. I know what low feels like. This stuff takes you BEYOND what you thought was low and worse. Constant bad thoughts. Constant heart thumping. My bloodpressure is much higher than normal. I want off it badly but going to hang in there for 2 more weeks. After that if it doesnt do anything I am weening self off of it.

    I think these meds make you much worse than better. THe better comes after it “dulls” you. I need to feel.

  71. I started to take Citalopram because I am going through some stressful changes in my life. I’ve been on it for three days now. I haven’t noticed a measurable difference yet, but my doctor says it takes a few days. I was nervous about taking this, but have decided that I need a little extra help. I have had bouts of nausea, but my doctor recommended me taking it at night since it can cause that as well as drowsiness. I am nervous about in a few months going off of it, because I am afraid I will have withdrawal symptoms from it. Has anyone had this experience yet? It is just nice to know that the anxiety will become more manageable soon. Good luck everyone.

  72. Hi kim iv just seen ur post! I have been on citalopram for just under 3 weeks started on 10 mg for 2 weeks and now I’m on my 4th day on 20, when I first staryted taking it it relly was unberable!! All the things you have mentioned and more! Felt like I was losing my mind!! It settled down after about 5 days so stick with it! But now I am on 20 I feel my anxiety is back relly bad but not as bad as the 1st time!, does anyone have any encouraging experience and some hope for me?? X

  73. hy guys when i took celexa for my depression and anxiety i felt very anxious and terrible but after one week my symptoms were gone and know i have been feeling pretty relax.it does make your anxiety worse for a while but it starts working in between 3rd or 4th week, so plz keep taking it.take care guys

  74. Hello everyone ! I’am so glad I found this website. I have been taking celexa 40mg for about 2 months now for anxiety and depression. I too have vivid dreams. It has helped as far as me getting out of bed and doing my daily routine. But I feel like I’m still in the middle. I cant say that I feel like I’m a 10 yet. I don’t know that I want to be. But I just want to feel completely normal again. Is this happening to anyone else ? Do you think I should give the celexa more time to work or should I change meds.

  75. i hav been on citalopram 10mg for 4 an a haf weeks now and im worse that ever going bak to docs in haf an hour still very anxious an mind racing an heart palpitations cant handle this anymore any1 hav similar symptoms with citalopram

  76. hi im 26 iwas fine and i had my little girl up to 6months ago iwas fine and then felt every time i went out i felt sick cant travle in a car doctors didnt no wat it wAS THEY PUT ME ON CIPRAMIL 10MG IVE BEEN TAKING FOR A WEEK NOW I FEEL SICK ALL THE TIME AND FIND IT HARD TO GO OUT CUZ OF IT I DNT NO WEATHER TO STOP TAKING OR WILL IT EASE OFF IJUST WANNA FEEL BETER TAKE MY LITTLE GIRL OUT AND THT CAN ANYONE HELP.

  77. 4 years ago I was prescibed Lexapro for my GAD which helped wonderful with no sideeffects at all. This time my insurance won’t cover the cost of it so my doc put me on Celexa, similiar the same to Lexapro. Well, I started taking it about a week ago and although I know it is probably too early to make any statements about its effectiveness it sure makes me feel worse and weired! Maybe it is because I have been dealing on top of my depression also with panic attacks now, so I am very sensetive to changes or anything that might make me feel uncomfortable. I have faith reading all the good reviews of this drug that it’s just gonna take time to reprogram a racing mind…..

  78. I saw my doctor on Monday April 10, 2011. I was totally messed up! My nerves were a mess, jitters, anxiety, twitching sleeplessness, palpitation that wouldnt let me sleep. I had refused treat to a shrink to get whatever drugs that I needed. Any my reg doctor put me on 20mg daily of celexa (generic “Citalogpram”). The first day I felt a little lightheaded, but it soon past. Today makes 6 days of taking it. I am sleeping better, no more palpitations that keep me awake, no nearly as anxious feeling. I havent bitten my reitired husbands head off not even once since I have been on this drug. Its been good for me. BTW, I am a 62 year old female. Thanks for letting me share and hope all of you end up with as good results that I had had in just one week. Suppose to take time to get in your system. Mine worked fast…I hope its not just a coincidence! Dale~

  79. I have been hooked on Citalopram for almost 10 years. It is a curse from hell that had me addicted and when I tried to quit I couldnt and felt so irritated and I could not be around anyone and noone wanted to be around me. I thought that thats who i was without the pills, but in reality I was going through withdrawl. I felt very depressed and down while on the meds and was always tired and constantly sleeping and in a woozy state. My reactions were depayed and I couldnt even stand up for myself. It was with prayer that I got the strength to quit no matter what the outcome. I went through hell the first week, but then I started to feel more energetic and now I feel like myself again.

    Sometimes we mistake the effects of troubles in out life for depression and think that those pills will relieve something when in fact they just make stuff worse. Please, dont use ani-depressants. Seek councelling instead.

    The dose was never enough, I kept increasing to try to feel metter and I felt even worse. They are dangerous drugs that need to be illegal.

  80. I got “sick” August 2010. Never had a problem in all my 32 years of life until this. For 9 months I lived with BAD anxiety, panic attcks, depression, twitches, just everything was wrong with me & I had no idea why until April 2011 when I finally took citalopram. Within 24 hours I felt a change. Day 3 I actually had a normal 4 hours or so one evening with my family…it was GREAT!! I had 2 weeks of side effects BUT it’s been 4 weeks today & I feel like my old self almost 100% back to normal. I am SO HAPPY I finally gave in to trying it. It saved my life! This is coming from a person that has never ever been on any kind of meds before so if you are feeling “sick” & your DR. says take it just try it because if I can do it so can you!!

  81. Hello. I’m a 32 yr old female and was just prescribed Citalopram today for my severe anxiety. Reading about the side effects is making my anxiety worse! I hate the feeling I get when I am having an anxiety attack. My heart races, my mind won’t stop thinking, my head pounds, my chest feels like it’s about to explode. I am also very irritable around the kids and I know it’s not their fault and I just wish I could feel “normal” again. I started having anxiety attacks very mildly a few yrs ago but was never prescribed anything and my doc just told me to relax. If it was just that easy!! About 2 weeks ago the attacks came back stronger than ever as stresses in the family triggered them. I know that stressors can trigger anxiety attacks but what am I suppose to do? Abandon my family and go live on an island? I don’t know how to control the attacks; I try to take deep breaths but it’s hard to breath. I just want to scream at the top of my lungs when the attack starts. I am hoping that the Citalopram helps me because I can’t take it anymore. I hope everyone on here gets better too! 🙂

  82. i have been taking celexa/ citalopram for a while. the first few days made me a a little questy lost my appetite but the difference in my anxietey and even the emotions the anxiety causes was great. after a while i doubted it and went off because i wasnt sure if it was the med or me but for one just dont quit taking it , it might make you sick.b after a few weeks of not taking it i was back to not wanting to leave the house and worrying all the time. i sill have some anxiety but nothing like when i quit taking it i treally helped for me. and now i am going to try wellubrotin with it so i dope it works. i always thought people that took meds were weak until i experienced this and it was so scary not too know what was wrong.

  83. I’ve been taking citalopram (20mg) for about 2 months now. First month was 10mg, second month was 20mg. I originally went because i felt a bit disconnected from my coworkers. I was having difficulty with public speech and just general conversation during meetings. I don’t normally have any panic attacks or anything, but i tend to dwell on my own thoughts during conversation, and over analyze my actions etc, so i figured why not? A side note: I have been an on/off marijuana user for the last 6 or 7 years, sometimes fairly heavily (like 2 bowls a day or something avg) but now its more like 1 small hit a day (just a little boost, usually by myself.)

    What i’ve noticed: My mood is more stable, and i’m much more observational of the situation im in and my surroundings, rather than of myself. I think it’s easier to brush off the bad things that happen to you as well. Say if you get flipped off in traffic… normally i’d get all agitated and dwell on that for several minutes afterwards. Now i just kinda brush it off and go about my business as usual. I also think this helps me during conversation. If i say something stupid, i don’t dwell on how stupid i just sounded, instead, i’m able to focus on the dialogue ahead. Sometimes though, i will have little lapses here and there (and i’ll find myself questioning if the drugs are doing anything at all), but for the most part, i think i can say it’s been a positive overall experience… even though sometimes i contemplate if it’s all in my head.

    Another side note about my “other” medicinal treatments… I actually get “high” again. As in, i get the giggles, and it reminds me of the first times i ever got stoned. Possibly because seretonin levels are already boosted, and the weed goes farther than it used to. I still like getting a little bit high, as marijuana has never really slowed me down in the first place, except socially. So i smoke alone mostly. As far as drinking is concerned, i can drink like a fucking FISH. I used to have a hard time with more than one shot, but now it’s like everything goes down easy (this is not a good thing). I am able to maintain my buzz allllll day long. However, i would say that i get a bit more mellowed out and maybe even some slight depression during the first couple drinks.

  84. I was prescribed it on friday, I suffer badly with my nerves, have zero self confidence and panic over everything.
    My initial supply is 28 days 20 mg and I’m expected to be on it at least 6 months.
    First day, I noticed I was calmer or is that just wishful thinking?

  85. hmmmm that wld be very very fast to feel an effect of the celexa….could be, or cld be that ypu feel better because you know help is coming…

  86. I’ve been taking Citalopram 10mg for about 5-6 weeks now.

    I don’t struggle with anxiety or depression (at least I didn’t think I did) but I needed something to help with feeling constantly on the edge of overwhelmed. (3 kids + work + husband…) It did just the trick. I feel consistently calm and not overreactive. I find that I’m telling often telling others to “calm down”. Overall, I feel just like myself just slightly more laid back.

    I didn’t notice much in the way of side effects (with the exception of lighter cycles). A slight lump in my throat and yawning a lot for the first week or so but no trouble with sleep (it’s been better than ever) and no low sex drive (all’s good there too). I lost 5 pounds which I chalk up to not eating anxiously throughout the day and consider that a feature more so than a side effect 😉

    I hope this helps for anyone that is nervous about taking the medication. I too will barely pop a tylenol for headaches but this has made me feel a lot better.

  87. I have been taking this medicine for exactly 2 weeks. 10 mg. and I just increased the dosage per my Dr. to 20 mg. I feel so happy. Excited. Good. My depression and anxiety have disappeared. I have suffered from depression my whole entire life and was always against taking any kind of medication. I’m 40 years old I finally caved in and I regret not getting this medicine sooner. I feel GREAT!

  88. I’ve just started taking 20 mg of Celexa for anxiety and slight depression. The morning anxiety is the worse. I can barely get out of bed. I also take .25 mg twice daily of Klonopin, which works well. I was taking Xanax over the last several years, off and on, which worked great, but the doctor switched me to the Klonopin since the xanax seemed to be growing in dosage. Prior to this, I took 50 mg of Zoloft for 7 months. It may have worked slightly, at least it helped cure the morning anxiety, but gave me very vivid dreams. Sometimes the dreams were more like nightmares. Very disturbing at times. That’s one of the reasons I got off it. So far, the Celexa might be doing a little something. Some days are ok, others are bad. I think the Klonopin has really taken away the majority of the anxiety, but I know that is just a bandaid. I pray for all who suffer with these awful disorders. I hope the Rapture comes soon.

  89. Hello everyone…if you are reading this I’m am sure that you are in a tough place. I would encourage you to do some research on Anxiety if you are suffering like I was. I had horrible panic attacks and general anxiety. The panic was so bad that I was starting to be afraid of leaving the house and then became depressed because I started to feel hopeless. It’s not a fun place to be however at 29 I have been dealing with this on and off since I was a teenager. It’s my responsibility to educate myself and to seek out resources. The book Hope and Help for Your Nerves by Dr. Claire Weaks was a life saver. Once I read the book I stopped being afraid of the panic. The more afraid you are the worse you make it and the longer your body will continue to produce chemicals to continue the physical responses. You aren’t going to die and they can’t hurt you. I was having nightmares, gastritis to the point of losing over 10 lbs because I couldn’t eat. I took a comprehensive approach and have started therapy, went to my PCP for a physical, did weekly massages and made sure I spent time with friends. It’s normal to have good and bad days and slip back to a few bad days even. I hate medication but have realized that although I’m feeling much better, my nervous system still needs a break and I’m starting celexa on Thursday. Many people don’t have side effects and quality of life is so important so why delay feeling better. You might have to experiment with different drugs to get the right one for you. I took zoloft and I hated the way I felt. Side affects wear off after two weeks usually. The most important thing you can do is take care of yourself and give yourself a break. Read up on anxiety and I promise it will alleviate your fears. Keeps the lines of communication open with your doctors and therapist because they are there to help you get better if you are willing to do the work. Dont be hopeless because you will feel better although it seems like you never will. Many people have walked in your shoes and made it through with flying colors. Keep your head up.

  90. If you’re not already on it, DO NOT start on Citalopram, because when you stop you could find yourself in the hell that I’m in now – and this is after a gradual taper from 20mg to nothing almost TEN WEEKS ago. And it didn’t even work – I had two widely separated OK days on it and that was all. Please, please don’t touch it – or any antidepressant for that matter. PM me if you want to – I’ll get this stuff banned if it’s the last thing I do.

  91. I’ve only been anxious for about a month after my mother suddenly passed away from cancer. I became incredibly anxious about everything, mostly my own health though I know I’m quite healthy and young. I believe I had an environmental trigger along with an emotional one – when she was diagnosed I was still in school, and when I got home, I was the one who was taking care of her while my dad was at work and my sisters were at school. It was just the two of us. Then, it was just me, all alone in my house. It was eerie and depressing. I started having heart palpitations which started my whole health anxiety which just consumed me. I knew it was anxiety, but it just moved all over my body and I was convincing myself that I had the worst diseases possible. Basically, the thought of “anything can happen to anyone” was glued to my mind.
    I just started taking Celexa two days ago, yesterday being the day after I took my first 10mg at night. I have to say, yesterday was incredibly tough to get through. I had slept enough, but I had never felt so tired before. And, I made myself anxious for the entire day thinking that I wouldn’t be able to fall asleep at night, which made it worse. I felt like a zombie, like I wasn’t actually present in my body. I’ve never been so anxious over not sleeping, only because I knew a side effect of the Celexa was insomnia and for whatever reason, that freaked me out.
    Today, I feel a hundred times better. The only symptom I have so far is lack of appetite. I feel like I’m one with my body again, and for once I wasn’t worrying about anything. I still feel slightly anxious about the whole sleeping thing, but I know I need to sleep at some point even if I weren’t to sleep well.
    I almost wish I could do just counseling, but for now, I have this. Counseling does help a lot though. I saw some during my time at school and will be seeing one soon for the anxiety.
    Stay positive! It is hard, but trying to stay positive is better then giving in to negativity. 🙂

  92. I just starting taking citalopram today. I am 26 yr old male, and I have been coping with mild to severe depression add to it anxiety and panic attacks and my doc says he feels I am bi polar. Coping for 8 years only helped me bc I educated myself about my conditions. It got to this point where knowing wasn’t working. I feel a little jittery and excited, but not quite hypomania, and I can certainly identify my manic stage. I have been having cycling thoughts, mostly negative for months, they have destroyed my job, ruined my relationship, and kept me from functioning as a person. I have feared the use of medication for a while. I used to self medicate with marijuana, until it became the panic attack agent. So, at 10mg the first day, my anxiety feels erased. I feel a tiny buzz effect, but not nausea. I have received unexpected support from my dr, mother, and ex to get started. I hope that this feeling continues, and maybe I can fix so many of the things that this monster has ruined. I’ll keep you updated as I go! Good luck to all!

  93. hi, i have been on citalopram for about 11/12 weeks firstly taking 10mg and then 20mg i have came off abruptly and wish to ask if these side effects are normal. Extreme tiredness, vivid dreaming, flushing, goosebumps in head and all over body, head feeling funny, very lethargic. I have been off them 17 days, how long does it take. thankyou

  94. wow.. to the first person who posted… the same thing happened to me!! Had a panic attack after smoking and it never went away. I am still taking the Celexa because it is the only anti depressant that works for me. all the other ones make me feel even more crazy. I have been wondering if my anxiety is actually caused by the celexa.. however.. i have stopped taking it before for about a year and a half and the anxiety was still there..

  95. Also.. just wanted to add that i have been on this medication on and off for years. and everytime i start back on it i feel the effects that same day… within a few hours. so that is definitely possible! This is the best ever.. but yes it sucks coming off of it.. however nothing is worse than effexor. i was hospitalized because the withdrawal symptoms were so bad!!!!!!!

  96. hey everyone !
    i’m 21 years old and was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder in the 8th grade.
    since then i have been on Zoloft twice ( for three months at a time ) and also the generic brand of Zoloft.
    i haven’t had any anxiety attacks for about two years until now. i recently moved three hours away from home, and all of my surroundings are different. i think this is what triggered my anxiety. i finally got into see a doctor and he perscribed me Celexa (20mg).
    the first day i felt great, and today is my second day of taking it. i had the worst anxiety attack i think i’ve ever had. i had to leave during the new Harry Potter movie because i got a hot flash, rapid heart beat, and racing thoughts. my chest was warm and uncomfortable for a good hour or two, and i couldn’t stop thinking ‘ why won’t this medicine work ?’ i know it’s only mt second day, so i have to give it some more time. . but today’s been horrible. i’m going to keep hanging in there though, and pray that it starts working soon. thanks for listening, and hope this helped !

  97. I have been on Celexa for about 8 or 9 years. I am a 25yr old female. When I first started Celexa my head felt a little fuzzy and my tongue would go numb (the best way I could describe what I was feeling). My sexual drive has also suffered due to the medication. The fuzzy feeling went away pretty quickly and the medication definitely made me feel happier. Every once and a while my tongue will feel numb but no big deal. It is easier for me to process thoughts and without much worry. I can say that I am probably a better public speaker due to the medication.

    I decided that I should try to go off of the medication since I was never prescribed the medication by a psychiatrist. My parents thought I needed to be on the medication and started me and then brought me to the doctor to get a prescription for myself. I was prescribed the drugs by our family doctor and here I am today. I cannot say I am going off the medication due to the side effects. I am more going off of them because I am not really sure why I am on them or if I should have ever been on them. I started to go off the medication gradually. I am down to half the dose. Half of 10mg. I can say that going off this medication is not a bunch of fun. I am currently searching for someone that can help me go off of the medication. I am told that the medication is not addictive but what I am feeling feels a lot like some type of withdrawal. Most likely it is just my body trying to level out but it has been about a month now that I have been on the half dose. I can say that I am dying to just take the other half of my pill so I feel normal again. I am trying to stay strong though and work my way through this.

  98. All of these drugs are addictive. This is something that you do not find in the small print warning leaflet
    that they come with. Cipramil will also completely destroy your libido.

    I was forced to go on Cipramil after I became ‘ill’ after years of bullying and abuse
    in British Academia, in order to be allowed to take time off by them before
    being allowed to try and finish my degree. I was on it for over seven years.
    They dull your senses, responses and intellectual faculties so it is ironic that my forced
    addiction should have come as a result of my naive attempt to enhance all of these
    for the sake of truth and knowledge with my own funding as an adult.
    Another horror story. I would also advise avoiding higher level academia everywhere in the Anglo-American
    nexus unless you like being ripped off by ruthlessly ambitious sociopaths and professional liars.

    I have been off them for over 2 years now. The first thing that happened
    was that I gained over 20 pounds overnight. I am still carrying much of this
    weight no matter how little I eat. It is only in the past few weeks that I
    am beginning to be able to read, have useable periods of energy,
    have any libido at all or sleep for longer than a few hours at a time.
    Luckily I have a deeply committed and very understanding partner so we have lived
    through this half life together.

    My doctor did not warn me of its addictive qualities so
    I am warning those reading this that no matter what you may
    read here do not go on any anti-depressants voluntarily, ever.

    So much of our anxieties and depression are due to the actions of
    others upon us, whether it be the selfish actions of those in positions of authority that result in
    destroying lives and landscape, all that is vulnerable for personal vainglory and greed,
    or their replica little bullies in the workplace or school or home.
    All of them protected by the numbing effects of these convenient legal drugs.

    Let’s allow ourselves the right to be righteously angry at the right folks.

    This would be a very healthy laying of blame upon
    those who really deserve it; they all have names and faces.


  99. I just started my prescription of celexa today. I have sever panic disorder after having issues with my gallbladder. I have had my prescription for a month and didn’t want to take it because of the side effects, but I am tired of not being able to leave my house because of panic attacks, so I am taking it and I pray to god it works. I am on 10 mg but I cut it in half for today and tomorrow just to get a feel for the medication. So far I just feel a little happier. @JD425 just remind your husband he isn’t alone I know how he feels, but praying to god only helps if you meet him half way so take the medication hun, you will be fine god will make sure of that.

  100. Ive been taking citalopram for mild depression, yesterday was my first day, and i felt an immediate effect, much happier chilled out and euphoric. Ive never taken any medication before, and it was not what i was expecting! I experimented with some drugs in my younger years and it reminded me of the same feeling you would get from extacy only (milder). Had feelings of nausea and a dry mouth/throat, but i also felt very spaced out and spent most of the day asleep. Feeling more positive and happy already, although it is early days! Take it with food and it cures the nausea, i havent experienced any other side affects yet!

  101. I also felt great the 1st day i took citalopram… But then it all went down hill! im only on day 4 so im not sure if its gona get better or not. Its made me have a few panic attacks, chest pain, reflux, dizzyness, anxiety and nausia to name a few things lol but alot of you say it gets better so il keep taking them and cross my fingers. im a 24 yr old male btw.
    very helpfull website. Thanks everyone

  102. I have been on ciilopram for approximately a year. My dose has been put up, put down, but it is now on 30mg per day. I also need to have zitilopram to sleep, otherwise I wouldn’t. Has this helped? I don’t know. I function on a basic level, the constant noise in my head has quietened down, and I have not had any more panic attacks (which were so bad I even lose sense of reality, it turns on its head),since they increased the dose. The chattering in my head was constant before, but its starting to fade away for a while, I can’t stand noise for now, music tv, so I am now trying rest and read books slowly.
    I feel at the moment I need my personality back, but am unable to push myself, am living on a daily basis, The trauma I suffered left me questioning my confindence and self esteem…medical help is difficult to access in my area because of waiting lifts of around 18 months. I would just like to feel whole again and please those closed with me who have been giving me support. Wish at the moment that I could stay in bed and not facethe world out there as I am having difficulties coping with so much noice. Does anyone else have these problems and cou
    ld the provide with with some sound advice? Thanks for reading.

  103. I have been on a merry go round of anti depressants. I finally found a doctor who listens and listens. I was on Effexor XR 10yrs ago it worked briliantly I went off it – mistake…. From then over the years. Aropax (Paxil) x 2 – Zoloft x 2 Effexor XR x 3. Aropax & Zoloft were good for panic attacks esp Zoloft but didnt help with the depression side of things. Then I kept asking for Effexor but it did not do any good and actually made things worse. I will not touch it again. The worse to come off is Paxi. Effexor was easier if I took a tablet when the withdrawal kicked in. Then it just stopped. Zoloft & Paxil there were no side effects what so ever taking it – well I had shocking diarreah but I learnt to live with that. Then I tried Cymbalta again no side effects but didnt help me. Then Remoron (Avanza) I was agro on this and actually violent, It really effected me. I was having brain zaps and just so cranky with it. I was on it for under 3 weeks. Now I am taking Celexa first day. All I can say and advise is know yourself. Yes, there might be side effects – but if you seem to be “changing” speak up. Like I did with Avanza – I am not a violent person, it sent me very irritated, very agitated. I knew this was not normal and got worse not better as time went by. Not for me.
    I see from sites like these that not much is mentioned on a day to day. So for me – Zoloft just didnt kick in for the depression but settled my mind and nerves. So what if I was running to the loo, sometimes once or twice or thrice times a day….. I had no nausea, no headaches, nothing with each of the SSRI’s. My mind settled. With effexor – never again. Yes it helped with the mind but made the butterflies in the stomach like huge bugs. Made ME wake at 4.00ish and ready for an olympic race. I slept till around 4.00ish AM then I was so nervous. I was jumpy and no – not good. I had these before when I had it and after 3 months it was the same, so I didnt suffer this last time. Ive been on it 4 times now, I think or 3, as I said the first itme is was a gift from GOD, I was so good on it. I had a life. These other times, it just was more of an enemy than a friend. Just know yourself, listen to your gut even if your mind is playing havoc, just listen to your inner self – I mean that. I knew that I was not o.k. on Avanza, and spoke up. I knew this time Effexor was doing more harm than good and spoke up. I called the help line and was told to hang in there for a few more MONTHS……. no bloody way. I went straight back to the doctor and he took me off it. I spoke up. I knew deep down that waking at 4.am and being so nervous morning after morning after morning was not good. No. Just because they say it can takes weeks to work – true but that does not mean you need to suffer. Its a fine line between being patient and speaking up. Like I said having diarreah to me is nothing compared to other side effects. And over time it did settle. I bought over the counter diarreah treatment and it helped – easy.

  104. For some of you out there, pls dont write – things like – dont go on this med or that med – . Its not helping those who are at their wits end. What didnt work for you might just be ideal for someone else. How can you, with a conscious tell the, out there world not to take a med that might well be their saving grace. The brain and its chemistry is a big pond. Otherwise there would be one tablet for all conditions. As for judging those who are getting help – and not trying herbal or therapy treatments. I think the point is that they are getting help. Let the doctors or the individual sort themselves out. Each person is different, would you tell someone not to buy a softdrink (soda in Australia) or a soda – no. Its a choice. I am just gald people are getting help. I am so over being told dont try this or that. I have had a few as I have mentioned and except for Avanza or now effexor I have had little trouble with any of them. And at first 10yrs ago effexor was a gift from god to me, but of course as I age and things change my need changed. Know your body and mind. Is my only advice. Be patient but know your body. Like me with Avanza, if you just know something is wrong – tell your doctor. I have heard good reports on Avanza, but for ME it sent me psycho agro and violent. I stopped it as I was directed to do. But I would never say take it off the market or ban it. NO, cause for the next person it might just save their life. For me Aropax was the worst coming off, but I did it in a couple of weeks, to taper off means take your time. I did it with effexor also, quite quickly. With zoloft I went onto avanza then after 3 weeks went cold turkey. Of course there will be effects, its a mind altering drug, but to be warned it to be forarmed. I personally will not touch effexor again as after 3 or 4 times, I know its not for me. I wont touch Aropax again as I know it isnt right for me, yet have a friend who swares by it, wont come off it as she loves the life she has on it. I wont go on Zoloft as I know for MY depression it didnt go the distance but for anxiety it was brilliant. Cymbalta was like taking a lollie it had no effect, no side effect either. So Celexa and my doctor chose that for me – so If I read bad stories I would be poopping myself and might not take it, yet it might just be the med for me. Its up to me to try and pray and hope. I will take it and trust my instinct.

  105. I agree with Koalamaiden, 100% and appreciated the fact that she (I think being a maiden) had the guts to speak up. I get frightened reading some of the stories on these sites. What works for some might not work for others, and lets face it in 50yrs time who knows what the effects will be but for today I am just being……….. I was feeling guilty for not trying therapy and herbal formula’s thinking I was wrong, and weak for not trying something supposedly harder and taking a band aide approach. Thank you Koala for saying something. I am trying and asked for help that counts for alot in todays world.

  106. I am paranoid about taking medicines period! My doctor prescribed me celexa and I do really need it because my anxiety is so bad, but I hate medicine. Please help me!

  107. Don’t be afraid to take it. I had horrible panic/anxiety attacks and was prescribed Celexa. I have never taken a drug for anything but the attacks were taking over. The first two weeks were a little difficult but not unmanageable. Stick with it, you will feel better. I have been on it for four months now and I have NO anxiety and panics and all the side effects have disappeared. I am going to talk therapy so that I can come off of Celexa in the next year. Good luck.

  108. I am on citalopran for two weeks today. I tried prozac for five weeks, it made my anxiety worse and made me depressed. I have bad side effects:( Headache, diziness, it feels like sg wrong with my vision, and my heart rate is lower than usually. My doctor said I should probably give another few weeks, and than decide to take it or not.
    What should I do…?


  110. Hey u should read the book overcoming anxiety really helps I have jus found out I have anxiety and have my pills really scared to take them as do not want the symptoms I don’t wana feel worse 🙁 x

  111. Hi guys, I never really knew that I had a generalized anxiety disorder until a month ago. I thought I was just someone who just worried a lot. But it got to the point where I would constantly worry about everything, my world was just a scary world, the littlest of things would work me up, like a car driving by at night, I would think, what if they try to break into my house? I was living a nightmare. I finally went to my doctor and she understood me and sat there and listened/ We discussed some treatment options and we settled on taking celexa. I’ve been on it for about a month, and let me tell you this, it does get better. Those of you who celexa may not work for, try other meds/treatment options and you will find something that works for you, it may be a scary time, but just hang in there, because it may take a while, but you will overcome it. The only symptom I had was nausea but it lasted for a day and a half, after that I was nausea free! My worrying and freaking out has gone down significantly! I hope everyone finds their treatment option and that it works for them, cause I know celexa works for me 🙂

  112. hi all , well gt prescribed citalopram a wk ago , wasnt keen on takin it though as 4 all the bad reviews , took only 1 on the 1st day nd stopped , asked doc if he could give me sumthin else as they are meant 2 cause an increasingly amount of weight gain , also i have an underactive thyroid as it is , he told me jst 2 take them nd he ll keep an eye on my weight , bt sounds like they blow u out like a ballon plus the negative reviews bout them , do i start tkg them ????

  113. Hi, Im taking also citalopram 20mg, i started with half and then getting up till get 20mg, first week with half the sympthoms was just pain in the stomach and feeling a bit dizzy speacially when i used to take with the stomach empty but now i increase the dosage and is feeling really bad in the second day, today i did spend the whole day sleeping and ow, i had like paranoid i dont know, but i felt very bad and like delirious i dont know, but i know after couple of weeks it gets better and i also have my lips very dry but im trying to get better so i keep you up with the coming news!

  114. Hi, I am on day 6 of 20mg of Celexa. I feel like someone has made me drink 30 cups of coffee every am and the fact that I am taking it for ANXIETY and PANIC ATTACKS is a little annoying. HOWEVER, I am 45 now and had similar attacks 20 years ago and this helped. I think I was a little more distracted back then and didn’t notice all of the side effects I am noticing now. Yesterday was the first day I could even look at food without feeling nauseated. The jitters, daily headaches at about 3pm each day. Increase in panic attacks with headrush, cold feet, then sweaty hands and feet, shaky legs, heart pounding, etc. UGH – I am sticking with it though because all of these type meds are knows for their initial side effects and once they get working – sometimes as fast as a week or two, it’s usually a huge difference. A note that worked for me – ask your doctor for klonopin or another slow release mild sedative at night – it will take the edge off. I will keep everyone posted on my progress. Good luck to everyone! When this happened to me in my 20’s, I thought I couldn’t live through it – then life was perfect again for 20 years – just a little edgy here and there – no big deal. Just got married, was in a near plane crash and mother had a heart attack so I think my body just said “done” and “help me”. HANG IN THERE – i never thought i would function normal again – i was afraid to leave my house – now that seems ridiculous years later so HANG IN THERE – you will feel normal again. If Celexa doesn’t work, I will try something else as our bodies change over time – give it some time though! Keep the faith! Take it day by day! XXOOO

  115. i have been on celexa for 6weeeks now still have anxiety attacks espectally early in the morning and for a few hours after i take my pill is this common 6weeks in

  116. I have been on Cipramil ( Citilopram )for nearly 11 years straight.. I felt suicidal before commencing them and initially they screwed with my head, was yawning all the time, nauseas a little, sleep issues, dry mouth but after 4-6 weeks they worked like a dream. I would say they saved my life.. I never really had a good doctor who monitored my usage so I continued to take them. I did try a few times to go off them but I found after a week I was getting very irritable, moody, snappy and sad so I always went back on. Then about 3 years ago I went off and took St johns wort which I found really helped too then I went off everything for about six months then my Gran died, I started a new relationship and found myself getting depressed, paranoid, moody etc again. So I commenced Cipramil again this year same dose as previously 20mg but have found my sex drive has totally diminished? I have been reading about post ssri sexual permanent damage and now Im freaking out, that I will never have sexual desire again… I was also wanting to have a baby and there is new research that states antidepressants and autism is linked… If i had of been warned of the dangers of the long term effects of antidepressants I probably wouldnt of stayed on them so long. I would definately recommend you look to fix the cause of the problem instead of using these dangerous drugs to bandaid the issue. Diet, exercise, meditation, therapy and supplements are worth trying. Its just scary to think that our brainchemistry can be rewired and damaged by such drugs and the pharmaceutical companies are not going to tell the public the poosible dangers when they are making billions $$$ every year on selling these to us guinea pigs…Im now trying to wean myself off and see how I go by trying the above natural options.

  117. Hi all, about 2 weeks ago i got stru k down with a major panic attack out of the blue. I have always been a worrier but i didnt think it would lead to this. On the sunday an ambulance came out. I was shaking, my chest was tight, i felt this wave of total fear overcome me. I have had panick attacks in the past but they were short, not fearful, just pounding heart and sweating. After this panick attack had passed, i felt constant anxiety. I was shaking, i felt like everything made me jump, like a constant stream of adrenalin was being injected into my body. I saw docs the next day who started me off on 10mg of citalopram. The first 7 days were only what i cpuld describe as utter hell. I had about 5 or 6 panick attacks a day. I didnt sleep. Tamaxepam didnt help, zopiclon didnt help. When i slept on the zopiclon it was only for 2 hours max and i would be jolted awake by a panic attack. Every night. I am now on 20mgs 16 days in to treatment, my panic attacks have gone. I still feel anxious especially when i wake up in the morning. Sleep has improved. I hope this gets better. Iv been off work for 3 weeks now. My case is a bad one. My heart beats fast and the adrenalin is always there i had developed this fear of being in crowded places and also places where i couldnt escape. I am fighting this by facing my fears. Acan anybody give me hope that the anxiety will go away and that i will return to being me again? Any success stories?

  118. I’ve been having anxeity for the past two months and I guess its become depression cause I feel ill never be normal again. The panic attacks have passed but I always feel like I’m going crazy and I have constant racing thought that even keep me up, I’m tired a lot and don’t like to leave me bed, its pretty much killed my social life and ruined my relationship, I am told to go talk to a shrink and was also givin’ celexa, should I take it? I’m very scared to and hate meds, I normally have bad reactions. I tried Xanax ONCE for my anxiety and it was the most horrible thing ever, if anything made my anxiety worse, felt freaked out and gave me horrible nightmares.

    Someone please give me some advise.


  120. Hello Everyone..
    I have been taking Celexa for over a year.. 20 mg.. I was feeling lots of anxiety and worrying about the same thing over and over again. Think I drove my friends crazy with all my silly worries. haha I seemed to obsess about small things and made them into larger ones.. I caused lots of arguments with my husband. Thought I was going crazy at times.. Lost weight too.. Then my doctor subscribed celexa 20 mg a year ago.. The first week was very tired and sleepy feeling.. But after that, I began to feel much better,, the worrying was not as bad.. small issues that made me worry before were not an issue to me as much. I began to calm down and life seemed to be going good.. Then I noticed the weight gain.. first in a size 8.. within taking celexa for 6 months the weight started to slowly come on.. wasnt eating any different.. Now its been a year and I am in a size 10 and weighing 137 pounds but weighted 120 a year ago.. This has depressed me even more.. Stopped taking celexa cold turkey.. what a mistake.. felt very nervouse, brain zaps in my head sometimes.. edgy and irritable.. so went back on it.. after 2 days felt good again.. but the weight is bothering me.. so now I am cutting my 20 mg pill in half and taking a half pill each night and will for the next week and then cut it smaller each week and see how it goes.. wish me luck..

  121. i was on celexa 40mg for 10years have been trying to kick it. tried cold turkey and passed out while driving totalling the car. tried tapering dose over 4 months still i pass out. if i was you i would not take this drug. gary

  122. hello evri one…
    first of all i feel for all of you that are going threw this nightmare..ive suffered with anxiety/depression for around 6 months now and its been torture,was put on 10mg of citolopram at first had that upped to 20mg then upped again to 30mg.i am on my second day of having the meds upped and feeling all the side effects:( i have two children to take care of so its very diffucult i praye that it gets better soon..another day of this seens too much.does any1 no how long it will take to start working? thanks for reading x

  123. My son had the anxiety problem. Initially,I did not knew how to deal with it. Doctor precribed him Citopram & Clonazepan. Lately, it got worse and he was in great agony. He suffered racing thoughts and could not get rid of. We found a doctor and he ran a HRV test (heart rate variability) and found out that his sympathetic and parasympathic nerve imbalance. SDNN shows parasympathic nerve value was too low. He now on Omega 3 ( exttract from Perilla leave), B5, Vitamin C to calm his nerve. Also exercise breath when anxiety attacks. Inhale deep and quick, exhale slow and long. Along with avoid certain foods. After one weeks, he gets better. I hope you try and hope it works for you. Or find doctor in your area that can run HRV test. GOD BLESS!

  124. I’ve been on Celexa for 5 weeks. I’ve never been on any medication in the past. The Celexa was prescribed for anxiety and insomnia. (My doctor thinks these may have a hormonal cause.) For the first couple of weeks I had no appetite and the spacey feeling that occurred during the first half of the day (I took it in the morning) was very uncomfortable. I switched to taking it before bedtime. Both my insomnia and anxiety are greatly reduced. Celexa has turned the volume way down on my self-talk and worrying. Getting 5 or 6 hours of sleep almost every night now has also really helped. I was very resistant to taking “head drugs,” but now I’m glad I did.

  125. Does upping your dose from 20mg to 30mg increase anxiety initially until it settles in??? Doc wants me to increase but I’m scared of the temporary panic and anxiety i felt when I first started Celexa before it built up in my system,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

    Thanks in advance.

  126. I have been on 20mg Celexa for a 2 months now. When I started it,for about 2 weeks I had extreme fatigue and dry mouth,wanted to stop taking it but Dr. said get through a month and see how you feel. Honestly, I havent felt this “Normal” in years! Havent had an anxiety attack in 3 weeks – Thank you Celexa !

  127. Have an 85 year old Greek mother.She was born the year of the Depression,the baby of 8.Raised 3 children,married 30 years and a true survivor.Celexa @ 85 has made her more relaxed,sleep without the racing thoughts and giving her some peace of mind.It is one day at a time,like it or not.Thankful these medicines are available to help so many people with debilitating anxiety/panic disorders.

  128. Thanks again Linda you are a shining light in my life. I have been on aetadnpressints for about 15 years now and I would love to come off them one day. I can see how they have ravaged my body and I am no longer happy with that. I look forward to you coaching me in the not to distant future <3

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