The Sedona Method and The Work of Byron Katie

Two methods have established themselves in the field of “letting go” of negative emotions such as anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, depression, low motivation and many more. They are “The Sedona Method” and “The work of Byron Katie”. They are not one and the same, although they do have similarities. They both involve asking yourself a short series of questions about individual negative thoughts, images, feelings, or emotions in order to let them go. And they both work.

Do you ever find that the most powerful emotions are actually caused by a feeling or an image that only lasts a split second? That you won’t fly because when you think about going onto an aeroplane an image of you panicking at 36,000 feet comes to mind and a horrid sensation runs through your body? Rationally you may know that those images and feelings, along with the whole phobia, are worthless and completely wrong, but they flash by so powerfully and quickly they are hard to challenge on the spur of the moment. Both the Sedona Method and The Work of Byron Katie slow down these thoughts and allow you to make a rational decision about whether you actually want to believe them or not.

These methods are not a light-speed cure-all. As I have said before, I think you should be weary of quick-fixes. They are powerful tools which when practised regularly can give amazing results. You do have a bit of work to do but it’s not hard, and when you get the hang of it it soon becomes second nature. As with any comprehensive therapy, you may well find you want to use these techniques across your life. They can help you improve your diet and let go of cravings for “bad” foods, help build your self esteem, and help you understand others and be understood by others.

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