Prozac – Fluoxetine – User’s experiences

        Here are what some readers said about their experiences with Prozac (also known as fluoxetine), which is a very popular SSRI. It was hailed as a wonder drug for depression but then became controversial as people suffered serious side effects and its miraculous results were not universally experienced.If you would like to share your experience of Prozac, click


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Jenny, Yorkshire UK

“The doctor put me on Prozac for OCD. Before I took this drug I could barely function in life. At first I made great improvements but now I am starting to think that it’s not doing me as much good as it was before. Now the doctor has talked about switching me to Celexa instead to see if that makes a difference.”


Amandine, Lyon FR

“At first My doc started me on 10mg of Prozac and I felt great! I had stacks of energy and wasn’t my usual fatigued self. Despite sleeping only a few hours a night! The insomnia didn’t bother me. The doctor said he wanted me to go up to 40mg eventually. Things went well for a few weeks then dropped back. My anxiety returned. The doctor put me up to the 20mg dose and I felt good for another few weeks. The insomnia stayed and I had odd dreams, like I was on LSD or something.
I also felt strangely assertive, something which was very rare for me.After two months at 20mg of Prozac I started to suffer from hypochondria. I was hyper-sensitive to all the feelings in my body and convinced something was wrong with me. I was sure I had AIDS, Cancer and an appendicitis! All of which were of course false.My doctor moved me up to 40mg and I got worse still. I was still obsessing about my health, but now I was also suffering from a bad memory, poor concentration and minor paranoia.I came down from the 40mg dose slowly to 10mg and felt OK again, but still with some anxiety. My new doctor switched me to Lexapro.Remember, the side effects need to be outweighed by the benefits!”

Mike, Buffalo US

I have used Prozac for well-over a decade and it has done me the power of good! It is much much better than the previous rubbish I had been on. I started on a small dose but didn’t really feel better until I was taking 90mg a day. Now I have dropped to 60mg a day and take a couple of Xanax if I feel over anxious or worried about something. Of course it would be better if one tablet did the whole lot, as Xanax leaves me a bit dopey. But I can’t complain.


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