Writing down anxiety – Morning Pages

Morning Pages for Anxiety. Writing can be very therapeutic. It should not be the main treatment for someone with a major traumatic event haunting them, but for those of us who have things on our mind it can be a powerful treatment. It is also incredibly simple.

Try to do this spontaneously when you are feeling low/anxious/panicky.

Take a pen and paper and set them in front of you on a good writing surface.

Close your eyes and allow the emotion to be there, let it rise up in you.

Visualizing the emotion inside you, see it move into your shoulder, then down your arm and forearm into your hand.

Slowly open your eyes and allow the emotion to flow out through the pen onto the paper. Write or draw whatever you want, whatever comes to mind. Use extra paper if necessary.

Stop when you feel ready, then look back over your work and ask yourself if there is anymore you’d like to add.

Leave the paper somewhere safe and come back to it after a few days and reconsider it. Most people will find they have released some of the emotion involved with what was bothering them.

As an extension to this exercise you can burn the paper (somewhere safe!), and feel even more emotion leave you as those old memories go up in flames.

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