Ten Easy Steps to Get Over Anxiety

Here is the Anxiety2calm.com top ten on how to get over anxiety. Let me count you down!

10. Learn to relax. Relaxation is important for anxiety sufferers. You should do ten to twenty minutes of relaxation everyday.

9. Take regular exercise. It’s a fact! Exercising regularly, and getting out of breath, raises your serotonin levels. It is a great stress-buster.

8. Cut out chocolate, coffee and any other caffeine in your diet. It really can have an effect on anxiety and you will quickly get used to doing without. If you have a sweet tooth and are a chocoholic then it’s OK to substitute with other sweet snacks that don’t have caffeine (although it’s better to eat more healthily – see #7)

7. Keep your blood sugar levels stable. Many people get anxiety, or at least worse anxiety symptoms, when their blood sugar levels are low. Eat complex carbohydrates and protein, and avoid sugar and processed foods (including refined wheat products) to keep your blood sugar and mood stable.

6. Use soothing herbs like Valerian, Passiflora and Chamomile. Drink them as tea or buy a tincture. They really do work!

5. Practise good breathing. Lots of anxiety sufferers have Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome which can be corrected by regular breathing practice.

4. Write down your thoughts. Doing “Morning Pages” where you just let your thoughts flow onto the paper first thing in the morning (or whenever) is very cathartic and therapeutic. It helps with sleep, motivation and relaxation.

3. Think about getting more tryptophan in your diet. It is the building block of serotonin and being deficient can cause anxiety.

2. Learn the techniques of CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy). They are useful to get you through anxiety symptoms and help with negative thought patterns.

1. Practise Mindfulness Meditation. It is a fantastic long term solution to anxiety. It’s best to buy a book or a CD, or go on a course. Like all the best things, it takes dedication.

If you think I have missed something please add it below as a comment!

Treatment for Anxiety

Choosing the best treatment for anxiety is a potential minefield. There are two many treatments out there to name ranging from the clinically proven to the wacky and bizarre.

My first piece of advice is to do some Cognitive Behavior Therapy. I am not saying that CBT cures anxiety or that it is the best treatment for anxiety. What I am saying though is that the cognitive skills learned in CBT form the back bone of positive thinking and changing thought patterns.

It the bad old days CBT was expensive and your insurance or health service would only let you have a few miserable sessions. Now CBT is much more in your control. You can read some great books on CBT which have practical exercises and seeing an expert might not be necessary at all. There is another option that has become increasingly popular and that is computerized CBT. You can use this online and it takes you through various exercises. There are many websites offering this service for free or a nominal price. Moodgym is one such.

In an article about treatments for anxiety it would be normal to talk about drugs, medication and herbs. i won’t talk about any of those because they don’t treat anxiety, they mask the symptoms.

I will however talk about nutrition. Anxiety can be causes or exacerbated by a lack of Omega 3 fats and some vitamin and mineral deficiencies. You should consider supplementing with a good quality fish oil that has a high EPA content. Also, make sure you are getting enough B vitamins.

If you have IBS your stomach may not absorb vitamins and minerals well enough. This could lead to deficiencies so a modified diet which avoids food which you can’t tolerate may help in the long term. There is certainly a link between IBS and Anxiety.

For more on drugs read Anxiety Medication Over The Counter.

Lastly you need to learn how to relax. A CBT therapist will teach you breathing and relaxation exercises but in my opinion there is nothing better for anxiety than mindfulness meditation. The simple act of becoming aware of what is around you, living in the present moment, observing thoughts without letting them become you or take you over, is the most calming thing. Like all good things it comes to those who wait, or to be more precise those who are patient and can practice mindfulness regularly.