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What Is The One Move Technique

The One Move Technique is part of the successful PanicAway course. I believe that the One Move Technique is the main aspect of the course, the most important anti-panic technique.

It basically consists of a series of exercises that retrain your brain in how it responds to the onset of a panic attack.

You can read more about Panic Away here, or read below for a brief introduction to the “One Move Technique”.

Firstly you must observe the panic, be mindful of it.

Secondly you must welcome the panic, ask it to be stronger, see if you can have the worst panic ever! This is very similar to paradoxical intention. It is hard to learn to do but very effective with just a bot of practice, and great for building confidence.

Lastly you must have faith that you can go through the panic, and that faith is helped by the fact that you know that panic can’t harm you. That is easy to learn but hard to believe, deep down. But it is true. You could have the worst panic attack imaginable but still come to no harm.

But then there’s the paradox: if you accept panic and welcome it then you won’t have the worst panic attack ever. You might have a little one at first but then they will fade.

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