Does Anxiety Go Away?

Does Anxiety Go Away is one of the most frequently asked questions. And the answer is yes. Anxiety has a cause and that cause has a remedy or a solution and therefore the anxiety does go away, when that cause has been treated.

We are not yet terribly successful in treating anxiety quickly. More often than not people report having had anxiety for years, even decades. So for them, this question is asked more in desperation.

Most people do find a solution to their anxiety and either live with minimal anxiety that they can cope with, or live anxiety-free. It is a treatable condition.

The quickest way to make anxiety go away is with drugs. But of course there are drawbacks. Benzodiazepines are too addictive for long term use and can cause rebound anxiety, which is worse than the initial anxiety! SSRI’s like Celexa often have unbearable side-effects and many people report putting on weight.

But the big drawback of drugs is that they treat only symptoms, not problems, so you always need them.

CBT likewise treats symptoms, negative thinking and avoidance. Psychologists will tell you that these are the cause of anxiety, but believe me, they are wrong. I believe that anxiety doesn’t have psychological causes when it is free-floating (it does for specific phobias). Anxiety is largely physical and you need to treat the root physical cause. I recommend Killing Anxiety From The Roots.

I also recommend checking out The Anxiety & Phobia Workbook USA Editionand UK/Europe Edition. I think this is the best all round practical book on dealing with anxiety disorders.

But even in your darkest hour, when you ask the question does anxiety go away, i can assure you that it does. Keep seeking a solution and you shall find it.

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