Calcium and Anxiety

Calcium is a surprisingly important nutrient for anxiety sufferers. Amongst all the medication that is available for anxiety it is easy to forget the simple remedies, which might actually be treating the core of the problem and not just the symptoms. Calcium is something you should not ignore.

Calcium is a surprisingly powerful tranquilizer.  It helps calm the nervous system and therefore the mind. Also, anxiety, irritability and nervousness are symptomatic of calcium deficiency.

The full extent of Calcium’s anti-anxiety powers are not totally understood, but it is also thought that Calcium effects our serotonin level, which would explain some of the calming effect.

Correcting calcium deficiency is generally pretty easy. You can boost your intake of calcium by eating dark green leafy vegetables lice spinach, and also other vegetables like broccoli.  You can also by supplements, and some nutritionists recommend up to 1000 mg a day. If you are going to supplement you should also make sure you get sufficient Magnesium, as Calcium and Magnesium work together and it is important to keep the two in balance. Also make sure you get enough Vitamin D (read the post Vitamin D and Anxiety), which in itself is useful against anxiety.

Nutrient deficiencies, such as with calcium, and other physical factors, can be part of the root cause of anxiety. If you are interested in the non-psychological causes of anxiety then Killing Anxiety From The Roots will be on interest to you.

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