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Anxiety and Diet

I have long been skeptical about the links between anxiety and what we eat. That said, I think there are some points which really need to be looked at. These mainly fall into the categories of Comfort eaters, people who eat to lift their mood and relieve anxiety, foods which make anxiety worse and actually […]

Depersonalisation Disorder and useless terminology

Over a year ago I posted on this blog about Depersonalisation Disorder. I said that I thought it unnecessary to have a name for something which was in essence just a symptom of anxiety. I was continuing an argument I had made elsewhere on this site about the endless anxiety terminology which is trotted out […]

Anxiety Motivation and Planning

A lot of people with anxiety have motivation problems. Anxiety is part of the human bodies Fight or Flight response. It might be useful to see the fight or flight response in terms of motivation. This very basic, fundamental part of us which is so active when we feel anxious makes us do one of […]

Anxiety and Rational Thought

Most of us realise how irrational our thinking is when we are anxious or stressed. Most of us that have suffered from any kind of anxiety or panic have had those vivid, stubborn, intrusive negative thoughts going through our head. In the cold light of day of course we know they are not true – […]

Hypnoanalysis for anxiety – Scam

Hypnoanalysis, analytical hypnotherapy, pure hypnosis – call it what you will. For those of you who are regular readers of this blog and have an interest in anxiety disorders this treatment is probably known to you. Just to recap I have recently had the chance to view hypnoanalysis from the eyes of a long term […]