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Anxiety Treatment – Testimonials, can you trust them?

Look anywhere on the Internet for information on mental health or anxiety and you will find people telling you that what they think is best. More often than not there is some kind of financial advantage waiting for them if you follow their philosophy – it could be by buying their ebook or visiting them […]

What Hypnoanalysts Believe about Anxiety, Panic, Depression and Low Self-Confidence.

UPDATE 21-10-08 Please reas this post in conjunction with this post: Hypnoanalysis. As I have said elsewhere, looking for a solution – dare we say Cure – for anxiety and other mental health problems through regression is controversial. At the moment, hypnoanalysis (also called pure hypnosis) is at the cutting edge of addressing anxiety, panic, […]

Phobia Treatments – Desensitization

Phobias are treated in many different ways. Some people favour a Flooding technique where someone is subjected to what they are phobic of until their symptoms subside and they learn, the hard way, that there is no danger and therefore nothing to be afraid of. Another popular treatment is desensitization, either with or without a […]

Massage for anxiety and stress relief

Is massage therapy any good for anxiety? Massages have been around for years. It is one of those treatments that like acupuncture can be traced back through the ages. In fact it is probably even older than acupuncture – after all to place your hands on some part of your own or someone else’s body […]