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Yoga for anxiety and depression. It works!

Have a look at this press release from Boston University and Maclean Hospital. If their research is repeatable then Yoga could be an important treatment for anxiety and depression. Yoga practitioners have long insisted that there was an important mind and body angle to yoga. But this has been lost somewhat amongst the mass of […]

Breaking the Anxiety Habit

What if Anxiety was just a habit. What if we habitually had the same thoughts, put ourselves in the same situations, disrespected ourselves, and reacted in the same way. I have to admit that I am a little bit fat. Not obese in anyway, but overweight, heavier than I want to be. I will also […]

We need better funding for mental health issues

This week a report was released into the suicide of a teenage boy (18 years old) in Northern Ireland. As reported on the BBC the Care Trust involved has admitted failings. But again this kind of tragedy goes to show that mental health issues are still not properly funded or understood by mainstream healthcare professionals […]

Depression and Drug Use

It has long been known that so called “recreational drugs” have exacerbated the risk of mental illness in those with a predisposition. So obviously the best advice for people who suffer from anxiety and depression is to stay away from recreational drugs and over-indulgence in alcohol. There is one more area in which you should […]

Anxiety and Diet

Many people believe that there is a link between anxiety and diet, which was one reason for me adding a section IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) to Anxiety2calm. In terms of diet I would give two pieces of advice. Firstly, get to know your own body. Everyone is different and different foods effect people in different […]

Your personal stress detox program

Sorry there hasn’t been a post for ages….More coming soon. I found this at lifehack and thought it was interesting! Summertime is a good time to deal with stress! I have been thinking recently about the importance of taking enough vacation to get a real break from work. Here’s how to use the upcoming vacation […]