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Perfectionists IBS link

Researchers from Southampton university have found a link between stress and IBS. For a long time many people who suffer from IBS (and many self-styled nutritionists) have suspected that the symptoms are caused, exacerbated, or lead to stress. The study found that those people who were anxious about their symptoms or who were generally stressed […]

Depression and Suicide in Girls

A recent report has highlighted the level of depression and suicide in girls. 6000 young people called Childline last year, some of them were as young as five. This shows that there is a real problem of childhood depression in the UK. Organizations like Childline can provide immediate support and help, especially in emergencies, but […]

Simulator helps to conquers post traumatic-stress after quake

Post traumatic stress affects millions each year after disasters such as the Asian Tsunami and the War on Iraq. In recent years there have been many treatments, including EMDR and Drug Therapy. Now, virtual reality technology is being used to allow people to relive traumas after the event in controlled circumstances. It is hypothesized that […]

Celexa and Nightmares/strange dreams

Just a little extra personal experienced of celexa (citalopram) that came my way. It was reported that after slowly dropping from a standard 20mg dose to a 10mg dose strange things happened during sleep. These consisted of: Very vivid and frightening nightmares of the type that leave you in a strange mood all day Very […]

Mental Health Bill Defeated

UK Prime Minister Tony Blair has suffered a humiliating defeat over his plans to detain people with “mental illnesses” indefinitely. Many amendments were made to the bill which many campaigners considered to be draconian, and lacking in forethought. It was indeed likely that the new rules would have deterred people from seeking help, thus making […]

Just say "No"!

Oftentimes, it is thought, anxiety and stress can in part be due to a lack of control. Anxiety and panicky feelings often tend to appear when life runs away with us. Most people like things there own way. Some people are more pushy about it than others. I, for one, generally sense what others want and therefore […]

Celebrities with Anxiety Disorders

I came across a story which I thought might interest readers. Often anxiety sufferers look for evidence that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Too much of the medical establishment views anxiety as a condition akin to something like diabetes which is with you all your life. It is easy to get […]

Mental Illness – Does it exist?

That’s a very daring question. But I think it is a pertinent one. Read on. I always respect celebrities and media figures who are brave enough to talk about their mental health issues. Only the seriously naive believe that the lives of the rich and famous are as perfect and easy as they look. In […]

Anxiety and over-the-counter impotence medication

In the UK from Valentine’s day Boots the Chemist Plc will be selling Viagra over the counter. I just wanted to address the problem of sexual dysfunction in people with anxiety disorders. Most people in their lives will experience some kind of sexual dysfunction, often during a period of hardship or stress. It is not something […]

New Sleeping Techniques

Just to let you know that I have added to the new insomnia section with a page containing a valuable sleeping technique that I learnt a long time ago. It is a cross I suppose between a meditation and visualization, but for relaxing the mind for sleep it seems better than both. I will in […]