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Pent up anger is a great cause of stress. Some psychologists would also argue that repressed anger can lead to anxiety and depression in later life. Either way, anger is an emotion that needs to be expressed. If we don’t express anger we feel:


  • frustrated
  • worthless
  • low self-esteem
  • even more angry
  • restless
  • aggressive


Ideally, you can vent anger to its cause. The person who has annoyed you for example. It is obviously important that the anger is vented in a sensible, manageable, and productive manner. Certainly if you ever feel a need to physically harm someone it is time to visit an anger management specialist.

Sometimes it is not possible or practical to aim our anger at its cause. Perhaps you can’t shout at your boss or even find the cowboy builder who just wrecked your patio. You can always rant and rave to a friend, but this is very boring for them and you may find yourself without friends.

Writing down your thoughts has long been know to be therapeutic, and this in my opinion is indeed true. The only problem is that you never get to air those thoughts to anyone else. That is where the Internet comes in.

When you are angry, upset, or stressed you can tell the world about it in a blog. Get it off your chest, rant and rave as much as you like. It can be anonymous, and people can support you, or argue back with you, prompting you to get even more bile out of your system!

I recommend just letting yourself go and writing whatever you want (although try not to get taken to court!) A political blog is a good place to start, as politicians cause a lot of anger but are too remote to answer back to. But you do whatever you like!

Setting up a blog is very easy, and the more technically minded can personalize it to their hearts content. It might even be beneficial though to put some thought and attention into design. Put your thoughts on a pedestal, they are important and worth looking at. Be selfish, this is your space to think and speak!


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  1. Yes, sharing the anxiety or excitement of the restless mind with some one else can reduce the stress level. If a person has got stressed but getting unable to find anybody suitable to express his/her mental stress then the problem could get more serious. That’s why counseling is a very positive way of getting relaxed. But when you don’t get a chance for counseling you might discuss your problem with your friends, colleagues or with some one whom you can trust. Postings own problems in blogs or forums also might be helpful but to some extent. As you’ve to be prepared for some negative comments.

  2. I didn’t realise how many people suffer from the same symptoms as me.

    I would welcome a forum for ‘real time’ discussion which would be mutually theraputic.

  3. Yes I see what you mean because I suppose we are all looking for a quick fix answer however if two participants are currently suffering could be helpful

  4. I am absolutely agree ayurveda that sharing your problem will reduce stress and anxiety. But it really matter that to whom you discuss with.Sometimes it happens that even if you discuss the problem you dont get satisfaction and still feel stressed out and have anxiety. This has happened with me.For the last few days i was stressed out complete but couldn’t figure out what it was. I even tried discussing with my friends but failed. But recently I came across Theramood website where I found what the problem was with me and finally got the solution using the product. Every single symptom of stress and anxiety written over there matched with my problems. I was little relaxed after knowing the problem and started using the product i’ve reduce the stress and anxiety.

  5. I think that blogs are a great way to share your feelings, whether they are positive or you are venting about something that is making you upset. Viewing and posting on blogs can be relaxing! I spend hours on blogs, and I play a relaxation DVD on while I am blogging. Here is the DVD I use: . I hope it is useful to some of you!

  6. Great tips. I think when you have an anxiety disorder it is way too easy to fly off the handle and become consumed with anger. Writing it out I thought was the best advice, this gives us a great chance to examine exactly why we are so mad.


  7. Stress is interesting in that it has layers to it. Writing things out can work very well because it naturally leads to you to what is going on underneath the immediate feeling of anger or not being able to cope etc.

    I have written an article that explains this and steps out how to make it work for you instead. Stress Management: Make Stress and Anxiety Work for You. Perhaps others will find it of interest.

  8. Yes, this article is very relevant to addressing annoying stress that causes in many cases baldness to people most especially men and breast cancers to women. There are a lot indeed of ways to help stop getting stressed. One is have any object at which you can aim your anger. Example, stress ball or punching bag at home. Be realistic. You can’t slap your annoying boss after reprimanding or sometimes insulting you. Go get a pen and a paper and jot down all you want to say to a person or to situation. You don’t wanna add wrinkles to your face. Express your anger in a more positive way.

  9. Yes, it is very important to reduce the stress level. I agree that we should share our feelings with someone and writing is very good way to do this. In my opinion the other good way to calm down is listening to music that helps you. For example, there is nothing more helpful for me than Alphamusic of John Levine which I discovered a few years ago. It is just amazing how quickly I can calm down and relax while listening to it.

  10. Great Post. Another great article i can show to my students!!!! really informative, thanks!!!

  11. Stress in and of itself isn’t the main problem. Our reaction to it is more of an issue. After all two people can experience the same stressor, yet react very differently. One may freak out while the other may remain as cool as a cucumber! Many Thanks

  12. I agree with you, I think that if you write your frustrations down and then relax. Then disassociate yourself from the feelings. Perhaps you could give yourself advise as you would being a third party. thank you

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