GSK ‘hid’ suicide link


Today more light has been shed on the outrageous behaviour of some of the world’s biggest drugs companies. That GSK sold Seroxat (which also known as Paxil, Aropax, Pexeva or Paroxetine) even though they knew it wasn’t effective for treating adolescents is beyond doubt an act of sheer greed and arrogance. Many families have gone through a great deal of pain because of this drug, which has been know to have actually caused suicide in some cases.

My Time On Paxil/Seroxat

My personal experience of taking Seroxat was unpleasant and luckily short lived. Just like one young Paroxetine Victim I thought it could provide the answer to some of my problems, based on doctors advice. At such a young age I didn’t know what I know now. That drug companies are cynical enough and greedy enough to falsify results to make it look as if drugs work when they don’t, and to hide even the most dangerous side effects. I spent several weeks feeling rotten, sick, finding it difficult to eat, sweating profusely until I stank, and with nose-diving self-esteem. Those side effects never really passed and the drugs never did a thing to help with my anxiety. I ended up feeling much worse.

Remember, Anti-depressant ssri’s like Seroxat have been known to work for SOME people. And if you are depressed it is imperative that you seek help because something can be done. All I am saying is proceed with caution.

HELP! My doctor wants me take Paxil/Seroxat

If your doctor or psychiatrist has suggested you start taking Paroxetine (remember it is most commonly prescribed under one of its brand names) it is important to take the following course of action:


  • Ask your doctor why they think Paroxetine is the best way forward for you.
  • Ask them if they have other patients who have had success with this drug.
  • Ask them if you are likely to have withdrawal problems (If they say “no” they are ignorant/lying. Coming of Paroxetine is hell, almost always.)
  • Ask them if they have met with pharmaceutical company reps who have been trying to sell this drug.
  • Ask if they have read bone fide academic journals on the efficacy of this drug.
  • Do some extra research on the Internet. Assess your options.


If your doctor is vague or defensive about any of the above, be suspicious. Although anxiety and depression are incredibly common some doctors are amazingly ignorant! Don’t be afraid to go for a second opinion, it is your universal human right.

Please comment or email me if you have any experience you would like to share regarding this issue.



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  1. I have to believe that the usinervity’s themselves have become complicit in this dance. We have seen post here on HCR where usinervity’s in Florida and California have become involved in financial dealings of questionable value to the school’s, but very beneficial to the staff and facility. In my state Big U is building a $1B research facility funded in part with state bonds. So now we have pharma, politicians, researchers, and the usinervity all trying to work the system for some type of financial gain.A very good post on another blog highlighted how to reduce cost in the medical system. Two of the comments were interesting in that one doctor wanted to perform a heart cath to relieve a patient’s anxiety, never considering the long term consequences of being labeled a cardiac patient or risk of the procedure.Another doctor wrote about wanting to chase zebras. They justified extensive testing based on the if I don’t someone else will theory of testing.One doctor made one of the best comments in that there is no down side for ordering repeated negative test, in fact, there is a financial benefit as everyone gets paid every time.This cognitive disconnect pervades medicine at all levels. With no risk to the person or the institution, how can we expect any responsibility? Bad studies will continue, money will change hands, the system will grind on, and the patients will be left with more medical issues than they started with which they system will then treat at even greater profits.Steve Lucas

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