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This is the first blog from the newly revitalised Anxiety 2 Calm website. It’s been a busy time what with uploading loads of new content, trying to sort out the design and optimization and getting a forum sorted out.Damn, I’m feeling kind of as if no ones very grateful, visitor numbers are as poor as ever and no ones even using my fourms yet.

Oh well…First thing I wanted to know was: What do you all think of the “Linden Method”? You don’t have to google very much around keywords like anxiety and panic before the name charles linden pops up? I would love to know what people reckon, preferably those with first or second hand experience of it!

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  1. Slagging off is illegal. Some people think it is acceptable to defame on-line resources because they feel protected by distance. This is, however, not the case any more. It is as dangerous to publish defamatory or slanderous material online now as it is in the real world. Charles Linden, like all reputable on-line traders is protecting his interests and he is very wise to do so. It is always much better to talk directly to the company concerned and resolve any issues with them than doing what many people do and use the internet as a forum for aggresive attacks. It is vital that the internet becomes a secure and trusted environment for business practice and it is right that if people abuse that facility, they should be answerable legally for anything they do.

    We have been associated with The Linden Method for a number of years as a supplier, there couldn’t be a more sincere and trusted company – The Linden Method team are amongst the nicest people I know.

    Craig Banner. ProPrint.

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