Lightning Process and Anxiety and Phobias

Does the Lightning Process work for anxiety panic attacks and phobias? The Lightning Process is an expensive course that blends various therapies and schools of treatment, including Osteopathy, NLP and CBT, to create a technique that can be used to cure anything from anxiety to chronic fatigue, and claims to be beneficial in other physical diseases as well.

It is a three day course and normally taught in groups. It is wrong to refer to the Lightning Process as a therapy. Really it is a technique that you learn to apply to your life, or in this case to anxiety, panic and phobias.

The basis for the Lightning Process is that we have got into patterns of behaviour which have lead us to be for example anxious or phobic at a particular time, or given particular cues. The idea is that you can effectively override these patterns of behaviour and choose how you want to feel. You do this through using posture, old memories and associations, and determination.

Through this, and self-coaching, you can bring about a change in feeling. And surprisingly, it does indeed seem to work for anxiety! It doesn’t necessarily work instantly, and you might have to go through the process again and again, but I did make definite improvements and quickly. My anxiety is now much less of a problem and of course I will make more improvements as I persevere.

The course itself seemed rather long, and I did think it could have been pushed into a single afternoon and therefore made cheaper. It’s a great technique, and a breath of fresh air from all the many expensive therapies that don’t work at all. If you can afford it, go for it!


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