Valerian Root Anxiety

Valerian Root has been used as a natural anxiolytic for centuries – calming anxiety in times of stress. Like most Anxiety Herbs, Valerian has not been subjected to the same thorough testing and research that medication has been, so it is hard to be definite about whether or not it works.

On the one hand, it’s so harmless that the scientific proof doesn’t matter; take it and see what happens, very few people suffer side-effects and even if they do they are mild and pass quickly.

Personally, I find Valerian quite effective at calming me down and bringing a sense of well-being over me. It takes about half an hour to work but just the taste of it in my mouth feels calming, almost at once. That is no doubt the placebo effect at work!

I prefer Valerian tincture. It is a little more expensive than the tablets or caplets but it gets absorbed faster and ten drops in a glass of water (warm or cold) actually tastes pretty good. You can also take Valerian as part of a combination of herbal remedies for anxiety and Seredyn is one of the more popular.

In the USA I recommend Vitamin Shoppe – Valerian Root Extract.

In the UK HealthAid Valerian Root Liquid (tincture) is a good brand to try.

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  1. These all are part of life , We can face them with our own will .First you know that you are suffering with them , first step has been taken. now boost your self with deeffrint tricks. many people even not aware about that things. Now the solution, its depends on your nature and liking , best way for me is Meditation , but you have to choose your own way to be creative.See Meditation is not a medicine, it helps you for better understanding , it makes your mind fresh to learn new things in life , and once you learn you never get panic.If you know some Music, just express your feeling in that , if you know painting , do painting . . . what’s so ever do some thing creative.If you really interested in Meditation , just know about it, what is meditation ? and you will get the solution.Don’t escape , Face the things and learn !

  2. sometimes in life we can go on years without hinavg a panic attack i have a skin disorder which is cause of stress and i got this 2 years ago i never had this before and my nails were falling off that was due to a very bad thing that happened to myself now my nails aren’t great my skin is Lot better i started going to the gym getting to know other ppl and open up i still take the panic attacks but im Lot better

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