Anxiety Symptoms Tingling

Tingling is just one of many symptoms of anxiety. When we feel anxious and our bodies go into fight or flight mode, oxygen and energy is diverted to our muscles and adrenalin rushes through our system. One side effect of this is that we can feel a tingling sensation, which can be anywhere but is often in hand, feet or legs.

Like all symptoms of anxiety, tingling is harmless and will pass with the anxiety. Worrying about it just makes the problem worse as you should be trying to focus on your breathing and relaxing. This will make the tingling stop.

Doing some physical activity like walking might also help to loosen up the muscles and relax you, ending the bout of anxiety. You can also sometimes feel anxiety in your throat. This is all part of the same fight or flight reaction and not to be feared.

And, if you are interested in the physical causes of anxiety, read Killing Anxiety From The Roots. It has a lot of information on this.

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