Anxiety Symptoms: Throat

The throat is an area of the body where symptoms of anxiety are often felt. There are two kinds of symptoms that particularly effect the throat: difficulty breathing and difficulty swallowing.

Having difficulty breathing when we are suffering from anxiety is common, but the description is inaccurate. Actually, we are managing to get plenty of air in to our bodies: too much. Please read this post on Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome and Anxiety.

This feeling of resistance to breathing is probably due to the blood pumping through the veins in our necks, making our windpipes ever so slightly narrower. It is not even close to being dangerous and if you make an effort to relax your upper body it will pass. Also this post is dedicated to Anxiety Symptoms: Breathing.

The same enlargement of the throat leads us to feeling that we can’t swallow, and eating and drinking when anxious can be hard. Again though, this feels bad but is completely harmless.

The best thing to do to combat all of the symptoms of anxiety that you feel in your throat is to practice relaxing your upper body, including your jaw and your chest.

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And, if you are interested in the physical causes of anxiety, read Killing Anxiety From The Roots. It has a lot of information on this.

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