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Anxiety Dizziness

Dizziness is one of the most common symptoms of anxiety. Referred to by doctors as vertigo, it can feel like a spinning sensation, as if objects are actually spinning round. The dizziness can also feel like the floor is unsteady, rocking up and down like a boat. One explanation for why anxiety and dizziness often […]

Anxiety in Children

Anxiety in children is not uncommon, in fact some anxiety during childhood and adolescence is the norm rather than the exception. Children have a lot to learn and a lot to explore, and some of that can be stressful. This is part of the learning process and the growing up process and parents and caregivers […]

Anxiety Stress

Anxiety and Stress go hand in hand. They have a symbiotic relationship meaning that they both feed off each other. What’s the difference between anxiety and stress? Anxiety has specific mental and physical symptoms, and is clinically identifiable. Follow this link for an explanation of anxiety symptoms. Stress on the other hand is a much […]

Seredyn for Anxiety

Seredyn is an anxiety treatment that can be obtained without prescription. It includes none of the chemicals you would associate with other anxiety medications such as SSRI’s and Benzodiazepines. But Seredyn does claim to have much the same effects – a reduction in anxiety. So what exactly is Seredyn? Well, as far as we know […]