Natural Anxiety Remedies – Passiflora

Passiflora has long been used as a natural remedy for anxiety. There have been some studies which actually proved its effectiveness for treating anxiety when compared to a commonly prescribed tranquilizer. There is also a scientific reason for it’s calming, soothing action: the flavonoids that passiflora contains work on the areas of the brain that cause anxiety. Chamomile is relaxing for the same reason. The flavenoids in Passiflora may well also be one of a number of natural depression remedies. Interesting link on flavonoids here.

While supplements and herbal remedies are good for anxiety, remember to tackle the psychological causes.

So how is it best to take Passiflora? Well, there are two main choices really: you can buy a supplement which you take daily, normally as a capsule full of powder, or you can buy a tincture which you add to water and drink. passiflora does not taste particularly pleasant, but it’s not so bad.

The tincture has two distinct benefits: firstly you can control how much passiflora you want to take. Personally I like to try things at small doses first. Secondly, it often comes as a complex meaning it has other ingredients with it that are also natural anxiety remedies.

Side effects of Passiflora: depending on who you listen to passiflora is either as safe as houses or carries the same side-effect profile as every other drug/natural remedy on the market. This product might cause dizziness, drowsiness, upset stomach etc. If effected do not drive or operate machinery. Personally I have never had any trouble with passiflora and I don’t know anyone who has.

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  1. I got some natural anxiety-beating herbs as pills, and it includes passiflora, valerian, st-john’s wart and many others. The great thing is that it is all natural, and I have been getting results after only two days of taking them. I feel calm and composed, and it is a welcome relief. I suggest people try natural remedies and staying away from pharmaceutic drugs.

    All the best…

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