Depression Panic Attacks

Depression and Panic Attacks can often be linked. There is a simple reason for this and that is that low levels of the neurotransmitter Serotonin can lead to both depression and panic attacks.

What’s more, people who suffer from panic attacks often find themselves placing restrictions on their lives. For example someone who experiences panic attacks may become to a greater or lesser extent agoraphobic. Agoraphobia being basically a fear of panic attacks. ┬áIf you start to fear things that you used to do easily you may well become depressed and frustrated.

So depression and panic attacks might coexist because of the same cause, or because one leads to the other.

Certainly, the treatment you choose for one would most likely effect the other. For example SSRI anti-depressants like Celexa/Citalopram are often used to treat panic disorder, although the dose may need to be altered to be effective for panic.

Likewise, a course of CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) will teach you how to think more rationally and not be afraid of the symptoms of panic attacks. The same techniques can happily be applied to depression and the negative thought trains which surround it.

So basically establishing the link between panic attacks and depression is not really necessary for effective treatment.

4 Replies to “Depression Panic Attacks”

  1. We understand that sometimes panic attack is only mind over matter(mild case). When you are in good health surely you can handle with it, but for someone having panic attacks since birth I thought the treatment should be specific at different case.

  2. panic,anxiety,stress,phobias and depression are very closely related.but not everyone who suffers from one will suffer from the others,but i agree there is a much greater chance of it happening for sure.great information.

  3. Very nice. I like your article. This article is very interesting and rewarding for me personally. Panic attacks and anxiety disorder become everyone’s problems on certain conditions and of course we are not comfortable if it is in such condition. Everyone wants to overcome this panic attack and anxiety disorder. Thank you.

  4. Uh No, I’m pretty sure thats not noamrl And panic attacks are WAYYY different than seizures.Panic attacks are when you feel like the world is closing and you are going to die. There is mass amounts of adreniline pumping through you, and you can’t breathe. Seizures are when you have uncontrolled movements in unconciousness or semi-conciousness. You don’t really feel much during seizures. It might be a way your body is trying to get rid of excess energy? Try going for a run everytime you feel the need to have a seizure . If you aren’t hurting yourself, I see nothing wrong with it though.

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