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Anxiety, Acupuncture and New Evidence

There have been a few interesting stories this week that although not directly related, have implications of the treatment of anxiety . Firstly the BBC reported on an interesting study on the benefits of acupuncture. The study was not aimed at acupuncture used to treat anxiety but more at preventing headaches and migraines. There is […]

Stillness – Meditation and Anxiety

I have blogged before about meditation and its beneficial effects on the treatment and control of anxiety. In these posts I have mainly concentrated on Mindfulness Meditation, which is very powerful and still the single thing I would recommend to all anxiety sufferers. Recently I came across "Stillness Meditation" which looks very interesting.  There is […]

Life is very strange – a cause of anxiety?

Hi. Recently I have been thinking a lot about existential anxiety and life is rather odd! Here we are on this planet, spinning in the vastness of the solar system, who knows what is beyond the furthest reaches of our telescopes. There are many theories and belief systems that tell us why we are here, […]

Existential Anxiety – Links

Hi and a very Happy New Year! Let’s hope for a peaceful, calm and happy 2009! It won’t be a long post today, but I have spent part of my new year’s day reading a few interesting articles on Existential Anxiety. I know from my inbox that this has been a hot topic with many […]