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Free-Floating Anxiety and a good relaxation technique.

Anxiety is often classed as "free floating", that is to say it has no recognisable cause or trigger. Often this kind of anxiety, especially when it has been present for some time, is more irritating than worrying. It seems to be almost in the background, a little niggle that stops you from relaxing fully, perhaps […]

Celexa – more anxiety info

Citalopram / Celexa  is one of the topics that I consistently get emails about. Not surprising as it is one of the most commonly prescribed SSRI’s for anxiety and depression in both Europe and the USA. I can speak both personally and for many other people when I say that Celexa is a drug that […]

Feelings of Unreality – more

One of the most commented upon and emailed posts on this entire blog is one from 2006 called Anxiety and feelings of Unreality. It seems that all over the place people are suffering from something which is actually quite hard to put into words. Some people call it depersonalisation, some people call it feeling unreal, […]

Health Anxiety

Our health is something that can cause us the most anxiety of all. While some people drift through life ignoring health concerns such as obesity, smoking and alcoholism, people with anxiety tend to move to the other extreme by worrying too much. Let’s look at an example. You discover one day that you have a […]