What Hypnoanalysts Believe about Anxiety, Panic, Depression and Low Self-Confidence.

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As I have said elsewhere, looking for a solution – dare we say Cure – for anxiety and other mental health problems through regression is controversial. At the moment, hypnoanalysis (also called pure hypnosis) is at the cutting edge of addressing anxiety, panic, depression etc through releasing emotion attached to past trauma, especially in terms of guilt and shame. Let’s look at the treatment of these anxiety and self esteem conditions through the eyes of a hypnoanalyst.

They believe that anxiety, depression and other common mental health (and many physical) problems arise from trauma that occurred in very early childhood. They believe that the trauma is ring-fenced off in a part of the brain where they are probably unconscious but sort of seep out – poisoning the rest of life by supposedly protecting us from perceived threats or causing low self-esteem and low self-worth.

Through the process of hypnoanalysis we are able to use free association to link memories and move back on a paper trail through our memory banks. The mind is not guided in this, it is allowed to free associate between memories and thoughts old and new. Some of the memories might be from very early childhood, others from school and even some from adulthood – nothing is “wrong”. Eventually, the trail will lead back into that ring-fenced area, where all the anxiety and depression come from. When a memory in that area is remembered and to an extent re-experienced it is like lancing a boil. The trapped emotion is released, it is a massive relief and all symptoms of anxiety and depression and whatever else was bothering the client is cleared up. This is normally achieved in about six to twelve sessions.

Hypnoanalysis for anxiety.

Anxiety and Hypnoanalysis.

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