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Zoloft – a personal experience

  Hi I have talked a few times already on this site about how Celexa (citalopram) has been known to cause weight gain. Recently I received this interesting email from someone who has used Zoloft (sertraline). If anyone has anything else to say about their own experiences with drugs like these, particularly on the weight […]

Therapy Shopping – the scams and the dangers

Hi For anxiety and depression there are endless alternative therapies on the market. They are called alternative because no doctor would ever prescribe them and I refer to them being "on the market" because they are definitely sold as a business, not prescribed on a basis of needs analysis. Bookshops are full to the brim […]

Cure Social Phobia?

Social Phobia (sometimes called Social Anxiety Disorder) is a nasty label to be given and one which I think is counter productive. It is much better to think of yourself as someone who can be shy, even very shy, rather than someone who has a lifelong condition as an inherent part of them. Social Phobia, […]

How to have a happy 2008

I just wanted to very quickly quote from the UK’s Guardian Newspaper which had some great advice for leading a happier life. Struck me that it would be useful for anxiety and depression sufferers, as well as anyone who is just a bit stressed out. The advice basically came in four parts. The first was […]