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Art, depression and anxiety

I have talked before about the branch of psychotherapy known as art therapy, where art is used to communicate non-verbally in order to help you understand yourself more and hopefully ease or grow out of any problems that you have encountered like anxiety and depression. In order to do art therapy you need to visit […]

New year anxiety and depression

As we get towards the end of the year there is no doubt a bit of sadness for what we didn’t manage to achieve in the previous twelve months. For people who have anxiety and depression it is often a time of particular introspection. At the start of a new year we often tell ourselves […]

Christmas Anxiety

I hope you have a very merry Christmas, or, if you don’t support Christmas you have a very relaxing holiday season! Christmas can also be the most stressful time as family and friends make endless demands on us and our finances are stretched to the limits. So what happens for those of us that suffer […]

Cure Panic Attacks

Before we talk about curing panic attacks let’s get a few facts about them straight. Panic Attacks are horrendous. They are also a major cause of people presenting themselves at emergency rooms or accident and emergency departments. They are caused by a very primitive part of us that is trying to warn us of danger. […]

Insomnia – a personal experience

I used to have insomnia. Now, I am not an insomniac but occasionally I do have trouble dropping off to sleep. This is natural, everyone has problems nodding off at some time or other. Insomnia is common with Anxiety Disorder. Let us define Insomnia. The medical profession divides it up into three sections. Transient, acute […]

Anxiety – what to expect from therapy

Increasingly, anxiety therapy is coming back into fashion. After years of SSRI anti-depressants and CBT ruling the roost, good old-fashioned therapy is being accepted again. Many people that suffer from anxiety fear what will happen when they start therapy. Will they have to completely open up to the therapist? Will they become attached to the […]

What Causes Anxiety?

What causes anxiety is one of the most common questions that anxiety sufferers ask themselves. It is also not an easy question to answer. One pertinent answer is who cares? After all, what caused it is not as important as what stops it, and the cause and the cure may or may not be linked. […]

Fear of Heights, Acrophobia, Dizziness, Vertigo

The fear of heights is one of the most common anxieties or phobias in the world. Like most phobias, it has a special name, Acrophobia. Acrophobia is commonly confused with Agoraphobia because of the similarity in names. But Agoraphobia is actually a fear of wide open spaces and areas where an individual lacks control. Interestingly […]

Exercise, stress, and a new anti-depressant pill

Before I say anything else, I have a little addition to yesterday’s post about exercise, stress, depression and anxiety and how exercise can be used to treat it or at least mitigate against it. Lo and behold today there is an article on the BBC about the benefits of exercise when considering mental health problems […]

Using exercise to reduce stress and anxiety

There are of course many studies into reducing stress and eliminating anxiety. Many of these pieces of research, although peer reviewed, are carried out by the companies that produce stress and anxiety relieving products, such as pharmaceutical companies. Obviously only the research that shows their products favourably ever sees the light of day as far […]