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Mindfulness and Anxiety/Depression

Just a quick look at some mindfulness methods of tackling negative emotional states like anxiety and depression. Remember that mindfulness meditation, and mindfulness based stress reduction is not a quick fix. It is about a technique you persevere with and see benefits from over time. For a more detailed article on mindfulness and its application […]

Does tap water have an anti-depressant effect?

Well, of course it doesn’t! But tests have confirmed that in the UK tap water does contain levels of the drug Prozac (Fluoxetine) . It appears that sewage and water-treatment systems are not good enough to remove the drug before waste water makes it back into our taps. Although it is thought that the levels […]

Fear Fantasy – tackle negative beliefs

I recently read a book which included this fantastic exercise for dealing with negative thoughts particularly in the area of self esteem, and assertiveness and confidence. The thing is, we criticize ourselves with much harsher words than we would criticize others. We also tell ourselves far more negative things than we would tell others. Imagine […]

Celexa questions answered

Celexa is known to cause weight gain. I was speaking to a doctor recently who told me that Celexa is actually one of the better SSRI’s for weight gain, although they all effect people in different ways so you can never really tell which one would be bad for certain people. To some extent the […]

Anxiety – accept or fight

Some people are advised to just accept anxiety. This is a behavioural approach adopted by Australian Claire Weekes several decades ago. I believe this is a good approach still and has benefited many people. It is not the only approach and to make it work you need to understand the paradox. The paradox is that […]

Anxiety setbacks email follow up

Here is the second part of an email dialogue I had with a reader concerning setbacks. —– Hi! Thanks for your reply. I have indeed been troubled by anxiety in the past, for many years and in many forms. Also often revolving around issues to do with travel. Over the years my anxiety changed a […]