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Anxiety setbacks – reader email

Hi! I recently received an email from a reader who asked me about setbacks. She kindly allowed me to post my reply on this blog: —– Hi! Thanks for your email. Nice to know someone’s reading! Sorry to hear you are not feeling too good at the moment, I will try to answer your questions […]

Be Set Free Fast for Anxiety and Phobias

From time to time people ask me if I can recommend a treatment programme for their anxiety, phobias, depression, panic stress related IBS etc etc. For the most part I recommend them the things which I know from personal experience to be helpful but I always advise them that what works for me does not […]

Depression over-diagnosed?

Last week the BBC reported that a leading British psychiatrist, Professor Gordon Parker, had claimed that depression was being over-diagnosed. He suggested that people who are simply a bit unhappy or suffering from short term low mood are being diagnosed by doctors as being depressed. We should remember that no one feels happy everyday of their […]