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depersonalization disorder

Many people who have suffered from anxiety or other stress related issues talk about something called depersonalization disorder. Let me say from the start, I don’t think depersonalization disorder exists. This is just another label given to another symptom with many possible causes. And as I have written about on this blog before I don’t […]

Stop your children inheriting anxiety

It is often asked: What can I do to stop my children inheriting my anxiety, my fear if flying, my agoraphobia. People often ask this question when they have been struggling with their own symptoms for sometime and are ready to start a family bit have a nagging fear in the back of their mind. […]

Anti-depressant usage too high

It recently caught my eye that in the UK anti-depressant prescription has soared over the last few years. In 2006 prescriptions were up 6% despite the fact that most independent experts and mental health advocacy groups believe that alternatives to medication provide better long term hope for those with depression. Just to recap, anti-depressants like […]

Overcoming Anxiety – working in a microcosm

Just a quick thought for people who are trying to overcome anxiety disorders, panic disorder and agoraphobia. When tackling situations which have been known to lead to panic attacks and anxiety attacks it may be best to work in a microcosm.  For some people the situations that can lead to anxiety and panic will be […]

Depression – Friends and Family – What to do

Being close to someone who suffers from depression can be a lonely and frightening experience. Being in a relationship with a depressed person can deeply frustrating and agonizing. Typical attitudes of a depressive person might include: Nobody loves me I am not worth anything I don’t deserve you I deserve a loser like myself I have nothing […]

Learning to say "NO".

For most people that suffer from anxiety and depression self-esteem is a problem. We might often be inclined to put other people’s thoughts and feelings before our own. Deep down, this can  be very damaging. While we might seem to be happier once we have satisfied and gained the acceptance of those around us, in […]