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Recently there has been an upsurge in support for using the Internet as a medium for providing care. The image of a counselor or a therapist as a person who sits in a darkened room while you lie on a couch is an out-dated one. Now things are going hi-tech.

The UK government recently announced a scheme whereby the National Health Service will supply care to those with anxiety and depression via computer programmes.

Fear Fighter will be used for people who suffer from phobias or panic attacks, and Beating the Blues will be aimed at those who have mild to moderate depression. UK mental health charity SANE has welcomed this move as a positive first step.

Obviously there are various advantages to online therapy. It can be cheaper (even if the only saving to the patient is not having to buy petrol and pay for parking at the therapists office). It can also be more convenient, being enough time for a session in an average lunch break.

Early feedback from those who have tried online counseling and therapy is very positive. Indeed there is no reason why it shouldn’t be as successful as face to face counseling.

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  1. Hello T P Chant,

    Yes these days internet is the best medium for every information. Its nice to know that The UK government announced this service…thank you for sharing.

    I am new on your blog wanted to say hi first then start my journey.

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