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Inositol for Anxiety

Every once in a while a natural product or food supplement comes into the public domain which promises a lot: Anxiety Relief Cheap Drug Free Side effect free Permanent Let’s face it, 5-HTP, tryptophan, amino acid complex, kava kava etc didn’t really do it for the most part. That isn’t to say that they don’t […]

More Mindfulness Meditation

This is just a little addition to my last post on Mindfulness Meditation which can be read by following this link. Watching the breath, without trying to change or control it, is the backbone of mindfulness meditation. And, as I previously talked about, when the conscious mind interrupts with either fantasy, worry or recollection I […]

Fear of Flying Courses – a personal experience part III

Hi This is the 3rd and final part of Chris’s experience on Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course. If you have missed parts One and Two please follow these links to go back and read them now. — After lunch we were introduced to the Psychotherapist David Landau. He is the regular psychotherapist for these courses and […]

Fear of Flying Courses – a personal experience part II

Hi! This is the second part of Chris’s experience of Virgin Atlantic’s Flying Without Fear course, which he attended last year. The article follows on directly from part one, which was posted yesterday. Please follow this link to it and start reading from the beginning if you haven’t done so already. *** Two Kinds of […]

Fear of Flying courses – a Personal Experience

Many of you will have seen various fear of flying courses advertised by airlines and on the Internet. In the UK the most popular ones are: Virgin Atlantic’s “Flying Without Fear” British Airways linked “Aviatours” Flybe’s “FlyingFear” According to their web site, all of these courses follow roughly the same format: An explanation of how […]

Depression linked to low birth weight

In the ongoing search to understand the causes of depression a US study has reported some interesting findings. After studying data over a number of years from a 1400 children they found a significant link between birth weight and depression. Their findings showed that girls who were underweight at birth (in this case weighing less […]

Guided Imagery Meditation

I have had a great deal of success using basic kinds of healing meditations. I have used them in both a mental and physical context. For physical relief it seems they can be useful in a whole range of areas from aching joints to a blocked-up nose. But, perhaps more usefully, they have helped me […]

Childhood Stress may cause permanent physical damage to brain

New research by Stanford University has found that the hippocampus seems smaller and “withered” in children who suffered severe physical or emotional stress in their youth. The suggestion is that this less active hippocampus leaves children less able to deal with stress and at a higher risk of suffering from anxiety. A physical cause of […]