The secret of Luck and Success….no really!

There is no such thing as “luck”. Right?

I mean, things happen either due to cause and effect (atheists) or because a greater power decided they would be a good idea, educational, fun or your just desserts.

No one person can have more luck than any other. Either things happen because we lay the foundations for them (cause and effect) or because we have a certain relationship with someone on high.

So, why then are some people luckier than others!!!???

They aren’t. They just appear to be, and you can appear to be lucky as well!

Lets take the lottery. There is, using some out-dated figures for the UK national lottery, approximately a 1 in 14,000,000 chance of winning the jackpot. This does not change from person to person, ever. In fact the only thing you can legally do to increase your chances of winning is to buy more tickets. A typical example: a rich person wins big and everyone says why does it always go to someone who doesn’t need it! But in reality, poor people do win the lottery too. The only demographic where you will find a higher number of lottery winners is the demographic in which you find the highest number of ticket purchasers.

Ok so the lottery is random, I hear you say, but lots of people are lucky in other ways, aren’t they? Jobs, exam results, relationships, investments, friends, looks, weight….the list is endless.

Ok, so now we get to the nitty gritty. Yes it is true that some people consistently out perform others in certain areas of life without seeming to put in extra investment in terms of time, money or effort. So how do they do it?

Well, it is NOT through luck. 

In fact, it is all down to specific aspects of their personality, which they don’t understand or know they have. For them it’s a subconscious thing. For you, it can be a conscious decision.

“I am sold, where do I sign up?”

Actually, this is not something that you need to buy, although I am sure there are many people trying to sell it. All you need to do is understand the things that make people “lucky”.

Calmness: When you are relaxed you think rationally and notice more. You will see things the tense person misses, and you will have opportunities they miss as well. I recommend mindfulness meditation.

Confidence: Walking tall, carrying the body language of a confident (but not arrogant!) person, will be surprisingly effective at opening doors. Act like you already have what you want.

Gut instincts: Successful people tend to follow instinct more. Sometimes your conscious mind’s rationality, fuelled by anxiety, can scupper a perfectly good plan.

Stop End-Gaining: End-Gaining is where you are working for something so obsessively you scupper your chances of obtaining it. You hunt so obsessively for the perfect partner that your obsessiveness makes you completely unattractive and unapproachable. You don’t speak to people you don’t fancy and miss out on the chances of making new friends, which could well lead to romance. Successful people aren’t so obsessive. They know the difference between obsessiveness and tenacity. You should learn this difference too. 

Practice being successful. Visualize success. See yourself after your success in your mind’s eye. Then move into yourself and look out of your successful eyes.

Follow these rules and you too can be lucky!


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