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Celexa – Tapering off and weight loss / gain

Tapering off anti-depressants like Celexa can be a miserable business. But you want to live your life without medication, so eventually you take the plunge and start to withdraw. After all,¬†drug-free approaches to getting over anxiety are better in the long-run. For me, a major benefit of coming off the drug was that I would […]

GSK ‘hid’ suicide link

Hi, Today more light has been shed on the outrageous behaviour of some of the world’s biggest drugs companies. That GSK sold Seroxat (which also known as Paxil, Aropax, Pexeva or Paroxetine) even though they knew it wasn’t effective for treating adolescents is beyond doubt an act of sheer greed and arrogance. Many families have gone through a […]

Secrets of everyday wellbeing

Often, when battling anxiety or depression we tend to look for symptomatic or topical treatments. Many of us find the “holistic” approach taken by acupuncturists and many other alternative health practitioners to be too esoteric, but in truth we do need to look at the whole picture. A life free of anxiety or depression is […]

The secret of Luck and Success….no really!

There is no such thing as “luck”. Right? I mean, things happen either due to cause and effect (atheists) or because a greater power decided they would be a good idea, educational, fun or your just desserts. No one person can have more luck than any other. Either things happen because we lay the foundations for them […]

How to be happy

The UK daily newspaper The Independent (and the Independent on Sunday) have a campaign to improve mental health on the UK National Health Service. I decided to re-publish this article by Dr Cecilia d’Felice as it is a rare cheerleader for psychotherapy. I have long maintained that the current obsession by the medical establishment with […]

Stress – Blog your way to relaxation

Pent up anger is a great cause of stress. Some psychologists would also argue that repressed anger can lead to anxiety and depression in later life. Either way, anger is an emotion that needs to be expressed. If we don’t express anger we feel:   frustrated worthless low self-esteem even more angry restless aggressive   […]

Downsizing survivors ‘depressed’

In continuation of the of the new section on stress and office anxiety I have posted an article from the BBC which illustrates how bad stress has become in the workplace over the past twenty or so years. This article looks at how workers who keep their jobs after others are made redundant are at a higher […]

Psychotherapy and Stress pages

Hi, Just to let you know that I have added a couple of new pages to the Anxiety 2 Calm. Firstly I have added a page giving information on when you should think about getting outside medical or psychological help to deal with mental health problems such as anxiety and panic. In the future I […]

10 Anxiety Tips

Hi! Here are six things we could all do to cut down on the stresses in our lives and be calmer. Exercise: Why not buy a pedometer (I got one for under ¬£3 the other day) and then walk 10000 steps a day. Building up slowly if you are new to this exercise thingy. Breathing: […]

Mental health drugs overused

Hi! This article seems to confirm what a lot of us already know. That doctors in the westernised world are encouraged to overprescribe drugs to patients who actually would do much better with other forms of treatment. Yes drugs are cheap, but they do not get to the heart of the problem, even if they […]