Slow withdrawal from Citalopram (Cipramil / Celexa) with minimal side effects?

I recently heard advice from doctors on several ways to come of SSRI’s and in particular Citalopram. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression or both have been put on Citalopram and it has certainly benefited a great many people. Although SSRI’s are controversial, there is sufficient peer-reviewed evidence that they are effective in many patients, and I have personally benefited in my time. Relying on drugs and supplements might not be wise.

It is always important to remember a few things: Nothing works for everyone. Not everyone is suitable for SSRI’s, and you should always speak to your doctor and have them prescribed by a doctor. Do not be tempted to self-medicate using online pharmacies: they are more expensive and you need correct, impartial medical advice with this kind of medication.

Although some people stay on Celexa and other similar drugs for ever, almost everyone comes off them at some point. Ideally people come off at a time when they have dealt with the cause of their anxiety and depression to some extent be it through therapy or a change in life circumstances.

The big question always is: How do you come off Celexa?

The good news is that this type of drug is not addictive. Your body has no physical dependence and you are not likely to experience cravings as if you were giving up smoking. You are, on the other hand, likely to experience withdrawal symptoms as your body adjusts.

Unless specifically advised by a doctor you should never go cold turkey and stop taking your medication suddenly. The easiest way to come off is slowly and two main methods have been suggested.

Method one: Tapered withdrawal.

As the name suggests, you reduce your dose gradually, say a couple of milligrams at a time.

The pros are that this is most likely to be the smoothest transition with potentially only very minor side effects if you take it very slowly, over say a few months or more.

The cons are that tablets like Celexa are often only available in two sizes, so accurately reducing dose can be difficult. Other tablets come in liquid form and are much easier to measure.

Method Two

You lower your dosage on alternate days, taking say a full dose one day and a half dose the next.

Pros: I don’t see any

Cons: you could find your mood yo-yo’s.

Doctors often suggest the latter method, I must admit I don’t know why!


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  1. I have been on this for 3 months with no improvement on 20 mg and 40 mg and feel awful, my psych will not prescribe another anti depressant so I feel I have to stop this oneand hope for the best

  2. I have been on Citalopram for 5 months now. It has helped me tremendously. My anxiety and general worry used to be overwhelming, and now I find myself being peaceful and calm. My only complaint is that every now and then I spend a few days yawning nearly non-stop. I’m not short of breath, it’s almost a compulsion to have a deep yawning breath every 5-10 minutes. If you have anxiety then I recommend Citalopram.

  3. hi everyone, ive been off cipramil for 11 months now ,i was taking 60 mg a day for severe panic attacks/depression which was made worse by the 56 pound weight gain i managed to achieve while on cipramil probably because i spent most of my days sleeping and in general not living (for seven years) i decided to “get alife” and weaned myself off the drug …oh god what a nightmare icould spend all day telling you about the horrendous withdrawal symptoms but instead you could just go to a website called”about depression” and follow the links for cipramil withdrawal, what an eye opener myself and about 50 other people talked our way out of the nightmare of coming off cipramil i couldnt have done it without them ..only thing is ive just experienced my first nasty panic attack in 5 years and dont want to go back on drugs so thats how i found this page..question is what to do next?

  4. I have been on only 10 mg cipramil for 16 months for PTSD. I’M NOW PRETTY MUCH BACK IN CONTROL OF THINGS AND HAVE STARTED WEANING OFF BY TAKING 5MG A DAY FOR 5 DAYS AND NOW 5 MG EVERY 2 DAYS. I HAVE BEEN REALLY LUCKY, NO WITHDrawal symptoms at all (so far) and I am hoping to be completely off it by next week. I had still been having the odd panic attack even whilst taking it but found therapy and counselling has taught me how to work through them, but I still feel that I would not have got back to my “normal”elf without cipramil

  5. And just to add like Sean I too had the yawns sometimes for 2 weeks at a time. Anyone else suffered this side effect??

  6. I have been on citalopram for 5 1/2 years and it has generally been really effective. Some problems though – had a bit of a high when I first started it then crashed and became suicidal. This improved with increasing the dose to 40mg (along with a long period of psychotherapy). Main side effects have been complete loss of sexual desire, and yawning – a small price to pay for feeling great. The real problem now is that I have been stable for about two years, but have terrible withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental, each time I have tried tapering the dose. The first time I did it way too fast. The last time I went down to 35mg for a month, but then couldn’t cope on 30mg, and eventually went back to 40mg. I’m still trying to pluck up the courage for another attempt.

  7. I was put on cipramil in jan of this year as I was suffering panicky feelings when in rooms among people. Basically I felt that once I was in the room I had this feeling that I wanted to flee from the room. I got panicky and felt paralysed to the spot. I know it’s all down to anxiety. I didn’t want to take these tablets as I was on anti-depressants before and gained a lot of weight. I went from been a size 12 – size 16. after I came off the tablets I exercised some what ande lost the weight. After 4 months on cipramil I noticed I was putting on weight again. I decided to come off the tablets as I am seeing a councillor and I think that You really need to address the underlying causes of these symptoms. Anti-depressants only dim these feelings short term. They are not the answer. I’m off the tablets 3 weeks now and already i can see a change in weight. I don’t look as bloated looking. Has anyone else noticed these changes in weight while on cipramil.

  8. I have been on Citalopram for 12 years. from 40mg, to 20. Whenever, I try to ruduce it further, I begin to feel angry and unusally agressive. Numerous attempts to stop it have been a disaster with really nasty feelings of panic.What’s the best solution? 12 years is way to long.

  9. I’ve been withdrawing from Citalopram for the past 6 months, am down to 10mg. Am taking one a week then two a week when it’s pmt as I suffer badly from that and that’s what my GP prescribed.
    Lately I’ve been finding my anxiety hard to deal with – headaches, sensitive to lights, lethargy, harder to find the strength to get through it.
    Is this normal?

  10. I’ve taken citalopram for the past year to treat anxity disorder. I started it combined with risperdal, but quit the risperdal after two months because it made me feel absolutely grey. Since then I’ve been on citalopram 20mg.
    At first my shrink said “here are your medicines, you will have to take them for the rest of your life, good luck.” But I badgered him, because I had learnt from the web that an anxiety order can be treated with succes, for instance by cognitive behaviour therapy.

    He finally agreed with me, though he said it wouldn’t be easy, and probably take two years at least. But my thoughts were, “what are two years on the rest of my life?”

    I got the therapy. It worked incredibly well; a very simple but effective method. After half a year I halved my daily dose. Since October 2008 I’ve been taking 10mg a day. And today is the day I quit entirely.

    I still see my psychologist and this comforts me alot. Also the support from my partner means alot to me.

    As for side effects: I have incredibly vivid dreams, often complete stories like a western or a murder mystery. i believe I will miss those once I quit!
    Also I had the yawning effect for a week or two in he beginning but that went away.
    I also experienced a stuffed nose in the mornings, and some constipation. But the constipation went away.
    because my anxiety lessened, I started sweating alot less.I think
    I did gain some weight, but consider that unimportant compared to my increased balance and confidence.

    I have benefitted enourmously of citalopram. But I want to quit, because I want to get pregnant soon, and will not start that phase until I’m at least three months med-free.

    However, if I can’t function without my meds I will not hesitate to start taking them again. I prefer not to, but if I can’t convince my brain to reconnect and transmit properly, i might have to.

    But we’ll see 🙂 Everyone, I wish you the best of luck with your treatment. And, follow your feelings! Doctors can be wrong sometimes.

  11. Hi All I have just stopped taking ciprimil cold turkey have been off it now for 4 days.I decided to stop taking it as i have been on it for 14 years 60mg per day and have had enough of not knowing who i am.
    I took the oppurtunity to stop now as i am not working and do not have to face people or social situations.i am treating this as an experiment to see where im at.So far the withdraws are not to bad,dizzines bad dreams and light headiness,i have expected this and hope it doesnt get any worse.Will keep you posted.

  12. Hi,

    Was mis prescribed citalopram. Started on it at 20mg. Couldn't stop crying (only cried at funerals and the odd wedding before !).

    Doctor put me up to 30mg. Cried more. Became more anxious and depressed.

    Doctor put me up to 40mg. Tried to commit suicide. Not a cry for help, the real wrist slice job. Gory and the hardest thing to have ever gone through on so many levels. Never done that before.

    Then thank God, whilst surffing the net, came across a lifesaver of a book:

    Coming Off Antidepressants….

    By Doctor Joseph Glenmullen.

    It really has saved my life.

    I am now down to 10mg in a proper tapered step system. Withdrawal is horrible but tolerable. On the cursed drug for four months and taking another four to get off of it.

    So guys and girls, if you do nothing else after reading this, PLEASE log onto eBay or Amazon and buy yourself a copy. I even bought one for my doctor and one for my psychiatrist. It increased my respect of them that they both read the book, and now are more aware of the antidepressant withdrawal issue. One of the things that impressed me about Dr.Glenmullen's book is the 30 pages at the back of research and reference sources.

    Hope this helps. Even if it is just one person.

  13. has anyone any advice, my b/f has been taking this medication for 4yrs, i know little about its effects but am concerned that after 4yrs it may not be advisable for him to just stop. He has though, about 2weeks ago…

  14. Hi All

    I’ve been on varying doses of Citalopram for about 5 years now, due to anxiety, depression & panic attacks. My lowest point was 2 years ago when I attempted to take my own life.
    The good news in my life has changed a lot & I no longer feel that I need to take them, & I certainly don’t want to any more. Before I began to cut down about 6 months ago I was on 40mg a day. I’m now on 40mg every 3-4 days, but hoping to half it soon. Just taking it very slowly as the ‘electric shock’ feelings, drowsiness etc are the feelings I dread! (Have attempted to come off before)
    It’s really comforting to know I’m not the only one, wishing you all the very best xx

  15. the reason that we have patients do the second option more often than not is the fact that patients usually have a big bottle of 30 pills at home when they want to start to taper. since the pills cost 4 dollars at most places its usually cheaper to not make the patient toss the pills they just bought and move them over to a liquid.

    hope that helps. great article 🙂

  16. I am sad that the world has resorted us to this. I have been on citalapram for 8 months, i was normally a happy person and the fun one in the crowd. However – life got to me, boyfriend, finances, stressful job, sick mum and i caved in and took 10mg. Started with 20 but it just monged me out! I am now going on the decreased dose and taking 1 every 3 days as opposed to the one every 2 and now feel the severity of this. It really helped me cope, toned down my normal highly strung charachter and now im frazzled, stressed at work and snappy and i hate feeling like that. I am struggling – my job is so hard and funnily enough i work in the nhs. Drained every single day running around after so many people but financially stuck. Anyway, i got migraines, which i never had before in my life, and constantly sick, been sick and altho being on them left me calmer, i have had no libido at all. My poor boyfriend!! Its just gone. However, i will continue to try and get off these things. I do think we are all champions here as we have been brave enough to try something, some have really severe symptoms which make my life seem ok but i genuinly wish you all the best and keep going. There has to be light at the end of the tunnel and so much to life than this. Keep the faith. Best of luck.

  17. Have been on these tablets for 3 months and now have insomnia. put weight on. I am menapausal 57 years of age so want to stop takimg them, was om antidepressants 2years ago and was weaned of them. i have only mild depression so will try to wean myself of them. 1 every other day for a week then 2days and so on if i go back to my GP he wont want me to come off them so i think this is the best way . I am going to find alternatives to these drugs homeopathy or simular.The weight gain makes me feel worse than i did before i took them.

  18. iIhave been taking cipramil for approximately, 7 years for major depression. I’m sick of taking them. I’m always tired, i have no energy, no motivation, no sex drive just complete disinterest in life totally. I take 40mg per day, i told my doctor about the side effects but his suggestion was to see a shrink and take a higher dose. The higher dose made me fly off with the fairies and really vague. Everytime i went and saw a shrink, it made me feel really depressed just talking about bad things all the time. i dont know what to do if i try to ween off it, i can feel myself get very angry and nasty and i can’t help it, i have no idea what to do.

  19. hi i have been taking citalopram for 17 days and feel very angry.i have told my doctor and he said its not happy on them and want to stop taking them.i didnt realise how bad the sede effects are.

  20. I was taking citalopram for about 12years, felt it was becoming ineffective, doctor put it up to 40mg for the last month, now just have no interest in anything ,feel my mind is numb and want to return to whatever my normal self is or was when I was drug-free.
    Any idea on how to avoid severe withdrawal, think I may have to reduce from 40mg to 35mg per week, wish I had never let this stuff affect me so adversely.please if anyone has come through the experiene of mind-numbing anti-depressants, please help!

  21. Although the thought of being on Citalopram for the rest of my life is not great,i would rather that than be totally panicked out and full of anxiety all the time as i was before.I would hate to go back to that again so it is the lesser of two evils in my opinion.

  22. stopped taking cipramil over a 2 week period 40 mg turned me in a ragging bull back on them again. how long can you stay on these things ? been on them 10 years now. nightmare.

  23. 1981 I got out from the USA Marine Corp with PTSD but at that time they named my mental disorder. Multiple personalities.
    By 1983 I took some medicine for my mental problems for a couples months until I felt better and stop taking more medicine. I kept doing same old staff.
    I kept drinking, sex, and getting in trouble with the law. Last year 2009 I had a bad year. My brain felt drying like I need more medicine right away
    after so many years I stop taking it. From 1986 to 2008 I did not took any medicine for my mental problems but I got into a lot problems. The reason I got into a lot of problems was because of lock of knowledge. 25 years ago the court sent me to driving school 3 courses (3 times)It means 2 DUI and 1 DWI. I went to college, played soccer for college, I played soccer for a couples of years, I ran 15 miles a day for 2 months every year, and the days that I worked I ran 5 miles per day, 6 days out of the week. I took some vocational courses too. 5 years ago I took anger management course. 2009 I took at the VA in Baltimore PTSD Class. I took CITALOPRAM again 2009 (20 MG a day)after so many years ago because last year 2009 my PTSD went high, I felt impulses to hit a light post with my car. My experience with PTSD since 1981 is: I take medicine when I needed only, and I rely more on my training. CITALOPRAM is good medicine for the brain but do not overuse it. I rely more on my training, like: What to do when I feel angry? What to do when I am depress? What to do when I am irritated? What to do when I am becoming anxious? What to do when I want to race my car? What to do when a police stop me while I am sppeding?
    What to do when somebody want to fight? What places should I go and not to go? What to do when I argue with my wife? Well, when I am tired after an argument with my wife I rest. I go to bed or go out and wait a few hours or a few days to let my anger or frustration go away. Is CITOPRAM good to me?
    yes, but I use it only when I need because I do not want to depend on CITOPRAM, I want to depend on the wisdom that GOD give me. GOOD LUCK.

  24. Hello everybody. I have suffered from anxiety and depression all my life. Self-medication was my chosen solution. So I have been addicted and come off cigarettes, alcohol, amphetamines and cannabis. More recently I moved on to downers – bezodiapines. They were the worst of the lot. Extremely addictive and a bitch to come off. I did manage under supervision to come off and during the withdrawal I was given anti-depressants. Now after benzos I reckon everything else is a doddle. I am on 20 mg of citolapram and will come off these over the spring and summer. After that no more chemicals for my body. I have to say though that benzos, unlike everything else required that I put myself under medical supervision (which cost a lot of money)in order to conquer my addiction. Good luck to all – it is not as difficult as it sounds.

  25. Hi,
    I have been on cipramil and citalopram (whats the difference?) for about 12 years.
    I have tried to come off of them 4 times, and had a breakdown every time.

    Yes, they are great for anxiety and certainly help me. BUT the way I see it is I trade in not crying and panicking all the time for the side effects – which are also not easy to live with. I have a stuffed up nose nearly all the time, night sweats, tiredness, cant lose weight despite sticking to 1000 calories a day and I am morbidly obese, and general lack of get-up-and-go and motivation for life.

    I stupidly tried cold turkey – major breakdown, couldn’t eat, sleep, stop shaking and crying with an impending sense of doom and felt suicidal.

    Then I have tried slowly tapering off over several months several times, the last time from Sept 2009 to last week (4 feb 2010 back on them)- do quite well going down from 20mg to 10mg apart from dilated pupils and feeling like Ive got flu and really ill but I can get up in the mornings and get on with life! When I went to 10 every other day it was ok at first then the panic hit me with full force and depression etc.

    Im so torn and feel trapped. I dont want to be on them, I just want a normal life.

    Whats my future? I dont know. I am a christian and pray that God will heal me. Im 37 now, will I ever come off them (in time to have kids)?? I dont know. All I can do for now is keep taking them and hope my doctor will finally send me for cognitive therapy.

    God bless you all. You are not alone. There are thousands like us.

  26. Hi!

    I think, from my personal experience only (remember I am not a doctor) that slowly slowly is the best approach. I reduced the dose by a crumb, and stayed like that for a month, then a tiny tiny little bit less…really slow withdrawal. And hassle that doctor for the CBT! or use some of the free computer based cbt websites available….or buy a book, which is nearly as good as the face to face anyway….also why not look into mindfulness meditation, nutrition, amino acids…emotional problems are not always from psychological causes.

    Good luck and all the best!

  27. I am about to statrt ciprilmil, having been on effexor and weaned myself off as they increased my desire for alcohol to an extreme level. I have fallen in a heap emotionally, cognitively and now have had to face the painful reality that I am depressed (again!). For me I believe that depression is a result of many contributing factors, from genes (more frequent in those of us that have it in our families), to our own mothers pregnancy – go ahead – do some research into the biological basis of depression. There are many studies that show our brains are changes whilst in our mothers bellies if they were stressed whilst pregnent. What does this mean – well that we are born with brains wired differently to to others, our brains are actually primed for oversensitisation to stress and anxiety. We can spend a whole lot of time feeling ripped off oabout this – but thems the facts and we can work with them. So what can we do about it…The result of stress and anxiety in our adult is it depletes us biochemically, it burns up our brain fuel and we crash. Stress and anxiety lead to our adrenal glands becoming depleted (google stress response – Hans Selye) – our neurotransmitters, serotonin, dopamine etc all those chemicals that make us feel good and govern pleasure (and addiction) get messed up. If we are stressed we cannot digest our food properly – we dont absorb our nutrients. If we do not consume adequate protein we cannot get anough tryptophan (an amino acid) to make serotonin. If we are depressed and have low serotonin – our digestion does not work – 80% of your serotonin is in your intestinal tract and is respnsible for the transit time of your food and intestinal contractions…and we wonder why we put on weight?
    So there are things out there to assist if you have mild depression, things like 5 HTP (5-hydroxy tryptophan – an amino acid), St Johns wort (Check the Flordis website for clinical trials), phenylethylamine, herbs such as licorice, withania, rhodiola. But just because they are natural does not mean they are safe – you should see a qualified Naturopath or herbalist as the chance of drug interaction with SSRI’s are potentially very dangerous. Exercise, yoga and meditation all have been proven to reduce depression. Biofeedback is an incredibly promising tool to help us relarn how to respond to environmental stressors. Books such as The brain that chanes it self are very hopeful, because this book in particular teaches us that we can rewire our brain. It is a bit like our responses to things that stress us will fire a certain pathway in the brain (take the same route to work everyday and you will get the same experience and destination) but by challenging our responses – becoming aware of them (using biofeedback or cognitive behavioral therapy) we forge new pathways – new more healthy responses. At first it is a bit like taking a machete to the overgrown jungle, it is hard and we can’t see what is ahead of us…but before long, once we have cleared a new path, a healthier neuronal pathway, we can develop a well worn track. This describes too our habits – just do something enough times and we create a new path in our brain. Hard yes, easy no, exciting – hell yeah!

    Most of all as others have mentioned – a change in the stress in your lives – it is your life and your choice as to what you have in it. Rather than asking why…why am I depressed, why me…ask how? How can I reduce stress, How can I get a different job, how can I improve the relationships around me that might be placing demands on me? How can I restructure things so it is easier. Deal with past hurts and childhood traumas – got to Adult children of alcoholics if you had alcoholic parent/s. See counselling or a good psych to help you no matter what you have been through or what you are curently going through. Yes the drugs help – but really they give us a life line – buy us some time where we can gain some clarity to make these changes. Otherwise it is like going on a diet to lose weight, achieving our goal weight and then coming off the diet just to reverting to our old diet and habits and then are shocked to find our weight goes back to where it was before the diet. You are not depressed from lack of cipramil – search for the reasons – be brave enough to want a better life for yourselves, and don’t give up – this is but a step in the journey, but don’t take the drug and get stuck on the treadmill. If the alternative is suicide because depression is so severe, give yourself a break about being on the drugs, the last thing you need is to be anxious about that as well!

    Best wishes to everyone and may your journey be a rich and amazing one!

  28. I am just coming off of my med’s (celexa). Was taking 20mg, went down to 10mg (for about a year) and now my doc says to
    continue with 10mg every other day. The symptoms I’m experiencing are real grumpiness! Very, very short fused!!!
    Everyone is right though about the weight gain and loss of interest in sex!
    Hopefully they will be rectified after I am completly done.
    Has anyone mananged to come off treatment and feel better than they did before going on? How long do the withdrawl symptoms last? I’m ready to bite everyones head off!!!!

  29. Hi i have been on citalopram 20mg for just over a year, Me and my partner want to get pregnant so I need to come off them. I am scared after reading all the comments about withdrawal etc. My GP assured me when i started taking them that they are not addictive. I have made an appt with my GP to discuss our plans for a family, and to come off these tablets. Is there an alternative form of medication or herbal alternative?

  30. On 40mg Citalapram for 5 years. Situation changed and I was more in control; the circumstances that triggered the depression were no longer part ofmy life. I moved to Spain and wake up with the sun and sea; my lie now is very simple, exercise regularly again, things no longer get me down, I have a new partner and all was great so doctor and I agreed it was time to come off. I reduced bu 10mg a month, ie down to 30 then to 20, to 10 and then off. Still saw Dr each month for assessment. Been off completely for a week now and funny things are happening. I am more aggressive and snappy nearly all tthe time; some nights just can’t sleep and others I have great dreams that are like stories: in fact one time I was having such an interesting dream that (in half sleep mode) told my partner not to wake me as I wanted to get to the end! Sex drive is down but warming up whatever way one can seems to help; started waking up with headaches and a stuffed up nose. Very active, brain won’t stop and yet other times all I want to do is sleep. Weight gain is starting to be an issue but I am starting regular exercis again. One big problem is that I feel as though I want to cry quite often. It has only been a week and I am just going to roll with the punches and do what my body tells me is right, hopefully that will work. Anybody got any idea if all this is normal and how long it will last.

  31. i,ve been on citalopram 20 mgs 10 yrs, and now my doctor has put me on sertraline 50mgs with no tapering off, what are then problems with this?

  32. Hi,

    Been taking 20 mg of Citalopram for the last 6 months, and have now unintentionally gone cold turkey for the last 6 days due to a cock-up at my doctor’s and work commitments preventing me from picking up the prescription.
    Felt OK the first 3 days, but now really irritable, tired, fed up and nursing a headache.

    I could get to pick up my prescription tomorrow, but am tempted to just give them up if I can. Feel terrible right now though…

  33. My GP prescribed me Celexa (20mgs) after my husband passed away 1-1/2 yrs. ago. 6 days ago, I changed to Wellbutrin due to the sexual side effects of Celexa. I hate the Wellbutrin! Just had a good cry in the restroom at work. I really want to not take anything. I think I am going to start back with the Celexa and start the every other day, then every 2 days, etc. Hope I will be ok. Never was depressed before my husband passed. I am happy now – life is good. Found a good man, finances are ok. Thanks for all the good info. I will let you know how it goes.

  34. Please help…I have been on Citalopram (40 mg) for 6 years. I started to help get over a painful divorce. I’m now with a wonderful man and will be married next month. My dr agrees that I can come off the Citalopram and have done so gradually. First with 20 mg every day for a month, than 20 mg every other day for another month and so on. I’m down now to 10 mg every three days. But, on that third day, the symptoms are so bad that I don’t see how I’m ever going to stop them completely. I get headaches, dizzy feelings, facial numbness, agitation, sleeplessness, vivid dreams, etc. Please someone tell me how you have been able to stop taking them. And, if you haven’t started, don’t!

  35. Hi All
    Glad I came across this site as realise not only one feeling like this. I have been on Citalopram for two years for anxiety and depression. It took my doc quite a few hard months to persuade me to take them but am so thankful she did. I felt so much better once the tablets kicked in and went up to 20mg. I am now at the stage where my life situation is better and feel time is right to come off. However, since reducing my dose (doc suggested taking 10mg ever other day). I have actually bought a pill cutter and cut them down to 5mg as didn’t want to have mood swings. However, I am now experiencing bouts of intense rage which is really scary. I am shouting and swearing at the least little thing…the other day I dropped something in the kitchen and I just kicked off. Please tell me this isn’t going to last forever as I’ve been so happy and placid lately until reducing my dose. Any others experiencing this feeling of anger, irritability?? My poor boyfriend comes home at night and prob is worried what mood will be in, hate being like this> Any help appreciated

  36. Ive been on celexa almost 3months. got on very slow 5 two week then 10 two weeks,15th one week the 20 for week and ahalf. saw my dr. and said i didnt feel motivated just wanted to stay home .so he said come down to 10mg. felt good for two weeks then all of a sudden woke up dizzy sick,head ace sleepy nervous, spaced out feeling. dr. told me to go back to 20mg,but i said no . now im tappering off this med.I found a site where some other people are going through same thing. hear what one person sugested. Im on 10 right now aug.31-10 her goes.alternate 10/15 for one week then 10mg one week then alternate 10/5mg for one week then 5 for a week then alternate 5mg everyother day then stop meds. hoping this works. dont start any thing else for two weeks.maybe someone will answer me and let me know if this is good thing. no cold turky for me. to scared of withdrals good luuk everybody who is coming off celexa

  37. I have been on 10mg Dosage for 4 months for PTS after a serious sexual assault. I am now much calmer and have less anxiety and panic attacks. This enables me to have a good nights sleep, and start eating again. It took about 4 days to notice any difference and a full week to see the benefits. I would not come off these now, and the benefits outway any alternatives. The only side effect I have had is a dry mouth, and I grind my teeth, and slight forget fullness. These tablets have helped me function day to day, and allow me to get the counselling I need to get over my trauma. I have go over any stigma of pill taking as I know what a mess I was in before I started to take these. I would say that in my case these are a great help and are working well.

  38. I’ve been on 20mg Citalopram for about a year since suffering anxiety after my wife got ill. She’s now recovered and I should come off I guess. Trouble is they make me feel peaceful and I’m a lot easier to live with (3 kids). The only side effect is a kind of ‘can’t be bothered’ feeling. Not negative exactly, just ‘don’t worry about it, in the greater scheme of things etc…’ The problem with this is I am self employed and need to find work and most of the time I just want to chill – not helpful! Anyone out there reduced dosage and achieved higher levels of motivation whilst keeping anxiety at bay? Thanks, Ian

  39. Hi Ian,

    In my experience, some time ago, I reduced dosage very very gradually, scraping of a tiny crumb of each pill at first. I suffered very few and very mild withdrawal effects and the medicine maintained their anti-anxiety function. For me it really worked and I managed to lose some weight and gain more energy, more get up and go. Like you, on 20mg I was calm but very lazy!!

    Let us know how you get on!!

  40. hello, started to think i wanted to come off citalopram to see how i reacte as i had various therapy,etc. Cut my citalopram down to 10mg and felt good and then cut the 10mg in half so i am now on 5mg.
    the last couple of days ive been ‘not with it’, mind wont stay focused, im more uptight and i can get angry very easily.Feel a bit dizzy too.
    ive tried to withdraw last year but went back on the pill as i felt horrible but thought this time i’d reduce it even more gradually.
    on 10mg i feel alright, it would be good if they did the pill in say, 8mg and 6mg, etc so u know exactly how much yr taking,because 10mg to 5mg has made me feel anixous again. Sorry for my rambling,im feeling a bit spacey now writing this.
    I think im trying 2 ask is there a way to really measure the amount u take? i heard someone say something about a pill cutter? do these exist? i’d like to up my dose up a tiny bit from 5mg to say 8mg but as u may know, this is real guesswork!
    Anyway, all the best to everyone.

  41. I tried a pill cutter but it is hard to be accurate with it…but i also did taper very very gradually….5mg jump is much bigger than i did!

  42. Well first off–since I was put on this anti depressant, it kinda numbed my feelings and I’ve been losing my hair. I’ve reduced from 40mg to 20mg to none at all these past two days, so far so good and yes I did have strange dreams and a loss of sexual desire. I would rather take each day one at a time and continue the counciling at the VA. My advise too anyone feeling depressed is watchin comedy on TV, reading stuff on health issues. Watchin Dr. Oz on TV is also a benefit cause it’s very helpful knowledge, exercise also anyway hope this helps

  43. Hell after reading all the above stories I cannot believe this drug is used for depression and anxiety. I was on it for three months and kind of felt as though I was not dealing with the depression only putting a band aid over the problem. So I went off them. You are right about the withdrawal symtoms sensitivity to light, lightheadedness, nausea. What bloody awful pills. I have found acai berries help with giving me good mental health well being

  44. I have been tapering myself off of celexa for about 4 weeks now. I reduce the dosage each week & am down to 10mg a day. The side effects I have been experiencing have been crazy. My head feels so heavy I can’t even move my body out of bed. Then there are times I feel like I’m losing my mind & anxiety kicks in. This withdrawal also makes me depressed & makes me want to give up on my dreams. This pill doesn’t want to get out of my system & wants to make me dependent on it. This is an extreme fight & it would be easier to just go back on the pill. But I have to remember if I’m willing to do what is easy life will be hard. If I’m willing to do what is hard life will be easy.

    One thing you have to have during this time is a support group. Tell some family or close friends about what is going on & that you need their support. You need a constant support group throughout this. If you can’t tell friends or family find some internet forums like this one or other websites & network with people going through the same thing. Email them or talk to them via instant messenger. Also know what the definition of success is. Success is the progress realization towards a worthy goal. So if you have a goal, get to work on it during this time. If you don’t have a goal then start to research on something you want to do that will bring you income & better you life. Get to working on yourself during this time.

    I have been listening to audio tapes by Earl Nightingale, Napoleon Hill, Jack Canfield, & other motivational people. I have also been reading their books as well. It does cost money but these books & audios will help you get through the day, help you make out your goals & will pay dividends even after you get off celexa.

    My plan is to listen to these audio programs & follow them while I am working on getting off this pill. I want to work on myself in the process. Also eat a healthy diet as well, at least by eating some fruits. Start out with 2 fruits a week, bananas, apples, or grapes. When things get really rough I either talk to people in my support group or work on my goals or clean my room or car. I also like to play video games to get my mind off things. I also have a dog that I like to play with & take care of. I also have a baby nephew as well. These things bring happiness to me when I feel down. Just know its not ok to go through this withdrawal process alone. Dr. Laura always says loneliness is a choice. You don’t have to go through this alone. Jesus said seek & ye shall find. So seek others to help you on your journey to get off this medication & work on yourself & your goals at the same time. I hope this helps the people that are having a tough time with the withdrawal side effects. You can get off this medication, work on your self & don’t give up!

  45. I have only been on citalopram for 2 weeks now and I am experiencing bad heacaches so I have decided to quit. When I first started I was on 10 mg for 4 days, then up to 20 for a week and now back to 10 mg a day. Any idea what the withdrawl will be like since I have only taken it for 2 weeks? Thanks

  46. i’m determined to wean myself all of this med. I would like someone to tell me what i would feel like but i guess if i can get some support from this site. that would be helpful. i look forward to others commenting on the site and telling their experiences

  47. keep in touch Day and others. i have weaned myself down to 5mg. been feeling more anger and having more feelings. I THINK ITS GOOD TO FEEL. I THINK ITS NEEDED. as long as were not reactive to others. we just need to be kind to ourselves. this if just withdrawal from the medication. Im going to speak to the pharmacist about this. hopefully will be able to gain some insight as to the symptoms

  48. I have been on Celexa for over a year for anxiety. It did help my anxiety attacks, but I just do not feel like myself anymore, now I feel depressed. No motivation to do anything and always tired and fatigued. I tried to wean off a few months ago by cutting my 40mg dosage in half. Two weeks later the withdrawl symptoms were horrible and I went to my doctor for help who had me baker-acted. (admitted involuntarilly.) Since then I went back up to 40mg to get the withdrawl symptoms to stop. I have been thru therapy and I do not need the meds anymore and I just want to be myself again. So I have gotten a new doctor and he is helping me reduce the medication. He cut it in half and asked that I take 20mg for 6 weeks then reduce to 10mg for another 6 weeks. The problem is, the entire time you are reducing and weaning off you have these horrible withdrawls. Wouldn’t it just save time and craziness to wean off quickly so the withdrawls end sooner? I can’t imagine feeling like this for 4 months. It is an arduous task to just hang in there for that much time feeling this way, but I do not want to keep taking them. I would almost rather have horrible withdrawls for a few weeks instead of mediocre ones for 24 weeks. Any ideas?

  49. Have been on/off citalopram a few times, plus others. Had one bad bout of symptoms another time, trying to stop. The pills do help, but i feel the need to be free of drugs. My major symptoms before were brain sparks, literally like electric shocks in my head. Could sometimes almost hear something go off. Now I am slowly dropping the dosage from 20, now at 5 every other day. Will stop soon. Some anxiety in mornings, some very strong, vivid dreams, but little other symptoms so far. Wish me luck, I want to be functional on my own. Still in therapy, but stalled – reduced my fears but can’t get unstuck and move forward to where I know I’d be happier.

  50. Ive been on citalopram 20mg a day.. im in my mid 30’s & this is 2nd time ive gone on anti D’s since i was 19yrs. I thought i was a pro with anti depressants as id been on allsorts from 19-23yrs, but these are abit scarey for me! When i was first on them i felt so strange like i had lost the plot completely but then all of a sudden i did feel “normality” returned. When i asked to come off them my doc suggested i should be on them for atleast 6 months that puts me in coming off them this March. Over xmas period i ran out of perscription n went 4 days without thinking all will be ok but it was horrendous, i felt dizzy had awful headaches couldnt sleep & had very vivid dreams & also started sleep walking again (ive always done this as a child) but not had an episode for a cpl yrs or more. Im back on them again & starting to feel back to normal but it worries me that i felt so positive to come off them and after a few days without i felt so vunerable 🙁 Im going back to docs in feb to discuss me weaning off them i just hope that gradually reducing the dose will be better than just stopping, all i advise is take your meds how your doc perscribed them x

  51. Hi Marie

    I’ve been on citaloproam 20mg for just over 6 months and have just decided to come off them. I suffered from panic attacks in my late teens and went on citalopram when I was 19 to try and combat the frightening episodes I was having. At the time they made me feel so good, that I did the classic and went cold turkey as I thought I didn’t need then any more. I suffered terribly from ‘brain zaps’ and remember being very moody and aggressive too, although this didn’t last long. Last year, 8 years later, I suffered a small ‘mental breakdown’ for want of a better term, and started freaking out all the time, not being able to think straight, having strange thoughts and even minor boughts of psychosis (hearing things, feeling ‘possesed’ etc.) … (please bear in mind that I consider myself a very normal, down to earth person with loving friends and family and so it really can happen to anyone) and so my doctor put me back on the drugs. Now, as I’ve said, I want to stop them once and for all and so I weaned myself down to 10mg a day, which was fine, and now I’ve stopped altogether. I feel a little disorientated, and the zaps are coming back but in all honesty, I’m determined to persevere as I don’t want to rely on these forever, plus I want children soon with my partner and want to ‘feel’ emotions again. I’ve probably taken a risk doing this but I want to be free of the constraints.

  52. I’ve been taking Citalopram for 18month – the best thing I’ve ever done – I feel a thousand times better than I ever did before. The problem is that I feel so much better that I’m really scared to come off them in case I end up as bad as I was before! I’ve missed a couple of dosed due to running out and felt awful – stressed, angry, and the brain zaps. I think I should maybe try to reduce the dose a little for a couple of weeks and see how I feel. Trouble is that means slicing a bit off the pill! Will report back!

  53. I have been trying to reduce – initially from 40mg to 20 and now to 10mg but the last reduction has really affected my sleep badly and i’ve been put back on 20.
    Feeling a little low today
    Glad it s working for you Jacqueline

  54. I have been on 20mg of Celexa for 10 years; I have taken SSRI’s a total of about 20 years. I’m convinced that I don’t need it anymore. Originally they were prescribed primarily for moderate seasonal affective disorder and mild general depression. I now live in Southern Arizona where the sun shines virtually all the time. I have reduced my dose to 10mg for a week–no problems so far. Next week I am going to try a cycle of two days on 10mg followed by one day off. I just can’t chop up the pills any smaller in order to go to 5mg. If anyone has come off SSRI’s after being on them for a very long time, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks.

  55. Hi! I was chopping up the pills much much smaller….til i was just taking a crumb a day….really tiny reductions each time. I have to say it was pretty easy with very few and very mild side effects.

    All the best!

  56. I have been weaning off Citalopram for about a week now… Just cutting my tablets in half and thus halving my dosage. While it has only been a week, I do feel less energy and a few aches and pains have returned. Not sleeping as well either. I am bound and determined to get off this drug as I feel it is a real deterent to my weight loss issues.

  57. I had depression, anxiety, sleeping, psychosis problems after the birth of my daughter 7 yrs ago. I also had chronic hives. The doctors put me on Citalopram. The Citalopram “covered up” all my problems and I was good, but I have gained a lot of weight. I have recently found a doctor that incorporates natural supplements, and I have been completely CURED of all my symptoms…my problem was a LOW THYROID and LOW ADRENALS. PLEASE go get checked for your CAUSE of depression, etc. There IS a reason. Do not let the regular doctors tell you there is not a reason… there is! I even had the regular doctor check my thyroid, and he told me it was fine. Because my thyroid levels showed up OK, but my thyroid antibodies were EXTREMELY high. I have now helped several people fix their problems by asking their doctors for a FULL thyroid test. The doctors NEVER test for the antibodies. There may be another reason, besides thyroid problems, that you are having sleep and depression problems…perhaps a hormonal imbalance. But YOU are not depressed, etc just because. There is a REASON>>>find the SOURCE of your problem and fix that, then you will not NEED depression medication. I praise God that I have found doctors that will listen to me and have actually gotten to the root of my symptoms. I have SO MUCH ENERGY now that I feel like a different person! This was affecting my marriage, my relationship with my kids and family and friends. I was so tired all the time and now I feel incredible! Please find the SOURCE of the problem.

  58. I have been taking only 5 mg for about 10 months. I couldn’t be on a higher dosage because I got way too dizzy. However, the horrible headaches and side effects I had even after taking them for many months were enough to say this drug is not for me. I am very afraid to go on any other anxiety drugs b/c they turned me into a different person and it was really scary.

    MY husband thinks I am going crazy and I want to argue all the time. I don’t see that I am trying to be argumentative, but I am very out of it while I am going through the withdrawal of this drug. I don’t want to drug myself to be able to deal with stress anymore and he just doesn’t understand that the side effects are so severe for me.

    I feel so alone in that I am not my happy self and trying to make him understand how I feel ……he thinks I just want to argue. HE says I should go check myself into a mental hospital. I know once my brain is totally clear from this drug I will be able to think, act and feel like my old self, and not a drugged person.

    Anyone had this experience ??

  59. hi this is the second time of been on citralopram. the first after the birth of my son 9 years ago, where i felt anxiety and had panic attacks. i did wean myself off them and was fine a little emotional for a few days but was determind to. i have now been on the drug since dec 2010 after the birth of my daughter with the same symptoms as before. my doctor last week told me to reduce them by taking 20mg every other day, this i would not recommend! my body shaked i was sweating, headache felt sick and out of it so i have taken 10mg (half tablet) every day to even things out. apart from a bit of a low mood i am doing ok, i am sick of having no emotions and that feeling of numbness so am determind to come off them gradually!


  60. I have been on Cito..for years. Weaning off now. Thought I was going slow enough. Apparently not. I am dizzy and depressed and exhausted. So I called Dr. he said go back on 2.5 mg until I see him in 2 weeks. I went from 15 to 10 to 5 over a couple of months… then nothing. Not a good plan I guess…. so we’ll see what happens now. All I want to do is sleep and NOT go to work and deal with people!!!! I don’t like taking taking these drugs… I take Trazadone too for sleeping. sick of it…. feel lost really…

  61. I was on citaporam for 10 weeks and came off them abruptly, i now know this was wrong to do. 10 weeks on i am still have withdrawal symptoms, very tired, exhausted, anxiety, anyone had similar experience.

  62. I have been on ssri’s for 14yaers .i have tryed to come off them suddenly(no good0 side effects made me feel like i was going to die. Now still on 60mg of citalopam a day , i am very over weight and it is effecting my life. i am frightend to come off the drug as i have a high pressured job and my children rely on me to provide for them. I am going to try over the next year to very slowly reduce the dose. I think i should have my thyroid function tested as i am always yawning and tired. We will see what happens.

  63. Been on citalopram for over a year now and the Dr is weaning me off slowly, i was on 40mg and hes now reduced me to 20mg for a month then it ll be down to 10 mg, I ve been feeling a bit sick and a bit dizzy now and again but its not too bad, cant wait till im off them, my memory is terrible since i started taking them…

  64. I am 37 and have been on Cipramil (and all the gerneric brands) since my first daughter was born. (She is 10 tomorrow!) Looking back I had had many épisodes of depression over my life, that were never picked up. Always thought it was very much in my genetics as my Mum and Nan also suffer from depression. Started on 20mg back in 2001 and increased to 30mg a few years ago to help with anxiety. It definetely helped. The last 2 months I have been coming down (one month on 20mg, one month on 10mg) . Had Docs advice and help and the decrease was easy – no side effects, just an optimistic feeling of being clearer headed and more äuthentic with my feelings. IE In hindsight I feel I have been sedated and supressessing my opinions while now I am much better at saying what I really think and speaking my mind. (Not always well received.) My Doctor failed to mention that there may be side-effects from coming off them. After about 4 days of having no Cipramil in my body I felt terrible! Much like the original depression. Fearful, terribly sad, anxious, angry, yelling at the poor kids for minor stuff, dizzy, light-headed, nauseaus, bloated, loss of appetite (sure sign of a problem!), breathlessness, exhaustion,heightened sensitivity to loud sounds . Thankfully after a week, the physical symptoms eased and I had a very emotional week – crying, angry, guilt, worry, fear. The next week (this week) is much better. I actually feel positive, I am looking forward to the future, am much calmer with the kids and my husband and am enjoying things again. A Naturopath suggested I take some natural stuff to help with keeping calm. So I am now taking Omega 3, Magnessium which were suggested for their calming properties.( I was already was on Swisse Multi for Women and Swisse Iron – they are excellent for energy) . I am cautiously optimistic that I will be able to do without AD’s, but am still worried about longterm and when life throws up some challenges (I work at a school and am on holidays which helps as life is more relaxed at the moment). But I want to know if there is a test to see if my body is now making its own serotonin (or whatever the missing chemical is). I will try a thyroid test as suggested above by Deana in July. So, slowly does it and expect withdrawal sypmtoms similar to original problem.

  65. Hi there all….. I have just been prescribed Citalopram by my doctor today but havn’t taken them yet. my flat mate suggested I check out what people had to say about it first.
    Now Im absolutly terrified. I am a solo mum and my kids only have me to rely on… I am a full time student…. I have a history of depression and anxiety. I usually dont take medication as my first experience 11 years ago was horriffic ( a doctor put me on them and left me to fend for myself) I have since managed (or not managed) with support of friends and “taking time out” from life to get back on my feet. In some cases (I know not very sensible) a friend of mine has given me some of their ADHD meds to help get me through the pressure of exams/deadlines it has worked but as with anything it seems addictive and I don’t want to get hooked.
    Im sick of my depression and anxiety getting the better of me… and want to study and get somewhere. Im barely getting through this semester as it is I’m affraid if I start this and it makes things worse I will ruin any chance I had at still passing (usually when Im not deppressed and anxious im an A student)
    Are there any Students out there who can share anything about their effects with study…. If I get too sleepy ( I am already) or any duller than I am now I will be in trouble…. has it been ok for students?

  66. Hello Everyone, I never had any anxiety problems until about a week after i turned 21, and i started to feel strange one day and had a panic attack a few hours later, luckily i knew someone that had anxiety so i knew of it. I went to the doctors a few days later and they told me physically i was fine. A bit later they gave me citalopram and that was working pretty good for a while but it was hard for me to go out and do stuff i would always get nervous. I would be terrified to drive places and i couldnt sit in class at school i would freak out and start shaking. Fast forward a few months later i went out one night and got drunk. I felt terrible the next few days and told my doctor. He recommended citalopram 20mg. I was very hesitant at first and did not want to be on meds. But i finally started taking them and man that was the worst 2 weeks ever. I felt so nautious and super anxious and scared pretty much all day. But then i gradually started to feel much better and now i have been on them for about 2 years and feel pretty good, i never have panic attacks unless i forget to take a pill for a night or 2. And now my doctor thinks im doing good and wants to take me down to 10mg which i am all for, but am scared for the withdrawal effects and dont want to feel how i did when i first started taking them, which i know this will feel somewhat similar. best of luck to everyone

  67. i have experienced panic attacks for the past six or seven years. at first i was given diazapham to take when i was having an attack, but as i was getting them so frequently, my life was getting unbearable. i was prescribed citraplam, 10mg at first and then 20mg. i recently went back to work and and have weaned myself off the medication. fingers crossed i dont have too many panic attacks, as i know they cannot be cured completely. i have experienced weight gain and sleep disorders, whilst on the medication, but they helped me through so much. i am now experiencing very vivid, quite disturbing dreams but am determined to stay off the medication.

  68. I have been on a roller coaster ride with depression for many years. I finally found the right combination of 60 mg of citalopram and 20 mg of buspirone every day. So wouldn’t you know after a few months of feeling so much better the Dr. decreased my dosage to 40 mg of celexa due to studies indication any higher dosage may cause heart problems. Well, within a week I started feeling emotional and teary-eyed, angry, (threw a tube TV 20 feet and smashed it), punched a door, lost a couple of customers and a friend, and a couple of other things that I don’t feel comfortable mentioning. Bottom line, being dependent on a medication really sucks and I wish I could safely get off of this stuff for good.

  69. I have been on 20mg citalopram for 2 years I had been having trouble with bad mood swings and finally gave in when I told one of my customers to @*!: off. 2 weeks ago i decided to try and take myself off them so i started a week of 10mg then went to 5mg for 2 weeks and finally stopped. Its been just over a week now
    and I think i’m going to admit defeat,wake up feeling fine start to move about and feel like my head is a fish bowl.
    By 3pm i feel absolutely crap no energy headaches and its not getting any better so ive decided to start retaking 10mg maybe i’ll try again sometime maybe i didn’t reduce them for long enough.

  70. Hello,

    I would advise asking your doctor for the drug in liquid format – Cipramil. This makes it much easier to taper your dosage at a pace that suits you. Having done this a few times now I cannot recommend it enough. Each drop is the equivalent to 2.5mg of citalopram. I taper by just one drop every couple of weeks or longer & have gone from 20mg to 5mg over a period of months with little or no side effects. Talk to your doctor – tell them about the problems reducing your dosage too quickly & ask them for the liquid version. Trust me, it’s much easier! Good luck!

  71. I have been on Citalopram for 4 months now, following a year of constant crying after splitting with my partner of 10 years. The tablets were brilliant and got me back on an even keel, but I really want to come off them as they make me feel tired all the time, and I’m fed up of the vivid dreams!

    Last week I managed two days on 10mg (instead of 20mg), the second day I was back to sobbing all day again! I did get some bad news that my brother is going to Afghan over Christmas, which didn’t help. Was just surprised at how quickly I reverted back to being a mess! Is this my real personality now, over emotional all the time!!

    I am thinking of trying 3/4 quarters of a tablet this time to see how I go with that. I have a new partner, who I’m moving in with in 4 weeks, maybe I should wait until I’m settled there?

  72. This last yr was the worst year of my life. I had anxiety, panic attacks and felt very tired. I was a go go person raising kids and funning a business and one day i was hit with an awful headache and all these symptoms. I was told i was depressed Really !!!! I couldnt believe it. The drs were wrong because i had nothing to be depressed about. I went 3 emergency roons with symptom. Finally one doctor picked it up it was my Thyroid. It wreaked havoc on my mental health. I am at the right level and back to my life. Happy and i have learned to smell the roses. PLEASe get your thyroid checked!!!!

  73. I have been on citalopram for 2 months and can no longer get a prescription and have to force wean myself. I was in a really desperate mental and emotional state when I first started taking it, and feel so much better now. I am terrified that coming off will send me back into a downward spiral. Anyone have any advice on self weaning off of citalopram? I have no choice but to stop taking it, as I have had to return to the United States and have no medical insurance to be able to renew my prescription.

  74. I’ve just started to come of cipramil after 6 years be cause my weight has ballooned am I right in thinking my weight will come back to normal I certainly hope so because I,m sick of being overweight. I think that makes you feel depressed in itself Looking forward to hearing from someone who has had the same experience

  75. I started celexa 20mg about 6 years ago for anxiety, not depression. I recently decided to come off of it. I tried cold turkey once this past summer. I was super sick and wasn’t keeping anything down, so I didn’t take my meds for a few days. I thought, I’ve been off it 3 days. Why don’t I try more? I had horrible side effects including major depression. So I went back on it. I started weening myself about a month ago. I went to about 15mgs a day. No side effects. I went to 10mgs this past weekend. So far so good. I’m going to try this for a month or so and then cut down to 5mg and hopefully no mg by summer!

  76. Academic difficulties are also frequent. The symptoms are especially difficult to define because it is hard to draw a line at where normal levels of inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity end and clinically significant levels requiring intervention begin. To be diagnosed with ADHD, symptoms must be observed in two different settings for six months or more and to a degree that is greater than other children of the same age.

  77. I’m on 20 mg for anxiety. I was on 30 mg two weeks ago. The last two weeks lowering dosage was not good. First few days crying…now into 14 days and getting anxiety attacks. I keep telling myself its just the dosage reactions. I’m going to doctor this week for check up and I’m going to ask for liquid form of drug to help lower dosage at slower pace. I want to be off this crap drug by summer. Does anyone suffer more anxiety when weaning off celexa? I also noticed a little bit of ice coming back. I am confident I can do this..”I can do all things because Christ gives me strength.”

  78. If a patient has true Major Depression by DSM IV cetirria, and then takes an antidepressant (it does not matter which one), the response rate at 8 weeks is approximately 65%. So antidepressants do work for most people. It is probably true that most of that effect is placebo effect, but so what?

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