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Hi I have been trawling the forums and reading emails sent to me and I thought it was time I said something about the drug Clonazepam. Clonazepam is marketed as Klonopin in the USA and Rivotril in the UK. Firstly the background info. Clonazepam is a type of benzodiazepine, the type of tranquilizer that includes […]

Kava Kava for anxiety

Hi I have recently come across questions regarding kava kava and valerian. They are both famous for the relaxing, calming properties and have been muted as fantastic alternatives to conventional tranquilizers such as valium and xanax. There have also been detractors. Certainly in the UK it is quite hard to fins Kava Kava as many […]

Exercise as anti-depressant? Anti-Anxiety?

I was recently looking at the RemedyFind web site and noticed that the drug or therapy with the highest rating for treating Generalized Anxiety Disorder was Exercise:Aerobics. This is not too surprising as for generations fresh air and exercise have been considered something of a cure-all. But there is in fact probably a valid chemical […]

Slow withdrawal from Citalopram (Cipramil / Celexa) with minimal side effects?

I recently heard advice from doctors on several ways to come of SSRI’s and in particular Citalopram. Many people who suffer from anxiety or depression or both have been put on Citalopram and it has certainly benefited a great many people. Although SSRI’s are controversial, there is sufficient peer-reviewed evidence that they are effective in […]

Panic Attacks

Hi I recieved an email requesting help in the case of a teenage boy suffering from panic attacks. As I am not a doctor, and have never met the person in question, I did not want to give out specific advice. I did however want to share some ideas with them, so I wrote the […]

Expressing emotion and anxiety.

Sometimes we need to get things off our chests. People who suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, and especially agoraphobia and social phobia often don’t like to show their emotions and feel afraid of confrontation. This can result in an unpleasant build up of negative emotion which can leave you feeling frustrated and angry. Some […]

Millions ‘hit by toilet phobia’

This from the BBC News this morning. Here’s the link. A campaign is being launched to raise awareness of the crippling impact of toilet phobia. The National Phobics Society estimates at least four million Britons are affected – but the true number could be many more. In some cases people refuse to leave their homes, […]

Coming off SSRI’s

In the great anti-anxiety medication debate one question seems to come up again and again. It revolves around the use of SSRI’s or Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors. These drugs are normally taken, if tolerated, for six months or more, and although they can be very effective there can be some worry and anxiety about how […]

Talking to the Inner Child

Anxiety, panic attacks, OCD, depression and many other disorders have often been put down to experiences in early life. In last decade or so more and more psychological research has suggested that dealing with the past is unlikely to change the future or present situation in terms of anxiety levels or low self-esteem. The traditional […]

Self Esteem and Anxiety

There has often been thought to be a link between how we feel about ourselves, how we feel others feel about us, and our mood. Of course this situation is something of a chicken and an egg; did the low self esteem come first and help cause an increased level of anxiety or did it […]