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Reflexology as a cure for anxiety

I doubt reflexology is able to supply a complete cure for what are complex psychological and emotional issues. Reflexology works on the bodies energy system as interpreted in the east other two thousand years ago. Along with acupuncture and some traditional medicines it has become extremely popular throughout the western world. There is however little […]

Anxiety, Understanding Feelings Of Unreality/Depersonalisation.

Here I am publishing an article about feelings of depersonalization and unreality which many anxiety sufferers have labelled the worst of all symptoms. You might want to read more on the symptoms page or check out my section on Claire Weekes.  In the mean time I recommend you read this article with an open mind, […]

Anxiety and Depression

In the third article from Paul David the question of depression which co-exists with, and compounds, anxiety is examined. Remember, a whole new section on depression is coming soon to Anxiety 2 Calm, so look out for it! Here’s the article: Through suffering of anxiety most people also develop depression, this can then lead to […]

How Anxiety and Panic Symptoms Develop into a Cycle

Hi, Here is the second article in the Paul David series which started yesterday. Just to let those who were wondering know that I am updating other parts of the site, and there will be many new pages soon. Do bear with me while I am making these updates and don’t hesitate to mail if […]

Anxiety and worrying disturbing thoughts

Hi From time to time I like to include anxiety, panic and depression related articles by other experts, professionals, writers and sufferers in this blog. By reading what others have to say about the causes, best methods of cure, and individual experiences we can all learn a little more. What follows in an article by […]

How to not think!

Recently I received an email from someone requesting any advice I had for stopping negative thought processes. One almost constant symptom of anxiety and panic disorders is increased worry. Not just worry about big problems but obsessive worry about small things, irrational or unlikely things, and things about which nothing can be done anyway. Of […]

Journey Therapy

Hi, On Anxiety to Calm I have a page about Journey Therapy, a therapy which was developed in the USA by Brandon Bays. The technique has found a lot of followers and the "guru" authors of many similar books have lavished it with praise. Like too many of these miracle therapies and breakthroughs scientific results […]

Hi, I found this article and thought it was worth sharing, just as a reminder that anyone trying to deal with a difficult disorder like anxiety or panic attacks will do much better of they have space. It might sometimes feel like work has sometimes provided an escape from problems which can overwhelm an empty […]

Anxiety. Which herbs to use?

Chamomile is the obvious choice for anxiety. It is cheap, safe, easy to find, and can be effective. That said, a herb like chamomile is unlikely to be truly miraculous for treating severe anxiety and panic attacks. Just like Celexa and the other SSRI’s, and Valium, chamomile is only a crutch, only a temporary relief. […]