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Mental health services ‘failing’

This was published on the BBC News website today. It is probably something that most people who have sort treatment for anxiety, depression, bi-polar or any other "mental illness" can relate to. I suppose that we should be grateful that at least now it is getting some publicity. Is anything likely to change? In the […]

Anxiety Disorder Treatments

In the fifties and sixties they had it, but it was less present in the typical nine-to-fiver and it was not nearly as complicated: I’m talking about anxiety disorder or panic disorder—a malaise characterized by what are today called anxiety attacks that feature symptoms that simulate those of the sympathomimetic system (the fight-or-flight state) in […]

Is there a permanant cure to the problem of depression and anxiety?

It has often been said that old problems are not so much cured but grown out of. That is to say that the things which used to bother us don’t disappear, but become less important. What I am talking about here is of course the underlying causes of anxiety, panic attacks, depression and phobias, especially […]

Panic Attacks, Anxiety and Diet – Wheat and dairy.

A lot has always been made about the links between what you eat and how you feel. Everything that happens to us emotionally or physically is chemical, so the theory goes, so how we feel and how our bodies behave must be governed by what chemical we give the body. One should be aware of […]

MRI aid in the fight against anxiety

Hi, I found the following posted on Anxiety Info and I thought it was worth reposting here. I have recently seen, as i mentioned a few posts ago, a documentary on phobias where MRI was used to see how certain parts of the brain react during moments of high anxiety…the same technique can of course […]

Anxiety 2 Calm news and The Psychotherapy Question.

Firstly, let me apologise for not updating this blog for the last week or so. I have been extremely busy at work and also working on a new home page for because it struck me that the current one, while initially good, has been out grown by the amount of content on the site […]

Tom Cruise?

Something started me thinking about what Tom Cruise said about Brook Shields and the anti-depressant debacle. While double blind tests of anti-depressants have shown that they work against anxiety the debate as to how well they work, and how much of a solution they provide rages on. For example, one study I read (and I […]

Anxiety on the BBC

Hi, I got emailed this from the BBC, who are making a new documentary on phobias. For those who will do anything to get on TV it looks interesting. If you are in the UK and you fancy it, get in touch! Does the thought of spiders make your skin crawl? Does your fear of […]

Anxiety and Breathing

Hi, I saw this question on the Tapir Discussion Board: Does anyone ever feel like they can’t get a deep breath? I feel like I can’t get a full breath in and when I keep trying it makes my lungs actually HURT … its starting to bring on a panic attack. HELP! This is a […]