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Reply to previous email

Hi, as ever sorry it has been over a week since I got your last mail. I was out of town last week so didn’t get to my laptop much! Let me start by saying that I think it is fine and normal to feel more anxiety as you recover. That is not because you […]

A reader’s email

Once again, thanks for the response. Again, another positive to add to my life 🙂 Things this week have been once again – going very smoothly. I find myself now in just an anxious state. Weird too, because when I was dealing with the anxiety and panic before I never really picked up and noticed […]

The power of desensitization

People that suffer from anxiety and panic attacks often seek out those instant painless cures which are in the majority of cases nothing but a dream. More often, getting over panic and anxiety requires a bit of hard work. Sometimes, in manageable stages, you have to experience some of the unpleasant symptoms and emotions you […]

Advice on getting over anxiety

Glad to hear you have been surrounding yourself with positive people, I think it really rubs off and is mutually beneficial. I also think it’s beneficial to mix with negative people IF you can encourage them, as I think all the encouragement you give them is also encouraging and reinforcing to yourself. But if they […]

Reply to Panic Attack Email

Here is my reply to yesterday’s email. “Hi! It sounds to me like you’ve been going great guns at dealing with your panic attacks! I think that’s great and I would love to publish an article by you on my site. I think you could inspire a lot of people! Just write about whatever you […]

Panic Attacks, a reader’s email

Hi, I wanted to share an email I got from a visitor to Anxiety 2 Calm. I think it’s quite inspirational, and I will talk a little bit more about what this person has achieved tomorrow. “…Anyways, I actually had gotten two books you had recommended – Calming the Anxious Mind and the Sedona Method. […]