Anxiety Meme

I thought I’d start an impromptu survey meme type thing here by asking what your worst fear is. What is the worst possible thing that you think could happen to you. Is it an unavoidable confrontation with a something of which you are awfully phobic? Like a big hairy spider in your sleeping bag or a Black Mamba hanging from the curtain rail in your shower?

Is it something more socially orientated, like losing your train of thought during an important speech and slouching from the podium to the sound of your own feet as thousands in the audience look at the floor and cringe?

Is it being caught in flagrante by your wife or husband? Catching a terminal disease? Nuclear war or being struck by a meteor?

Whatever really scares the hell out of you, I’d like to know!

Post your answers on the anxiety blog here.

If you don’t know what a meme is click here.

4 Replies to “Anxiety Meme”

  1. Mine is finding suddenly in the middle of the day at work that I am not fully dressed. I have a recurring nightmare where I realise I have forgotten to put my trousers on and everyone is laughing at me….any idea what this means?

  2. In the moring I feel as the though the world is going to end? For some reason I have not enjoyed morings in a long time. Heart raises and feel terrible

  3. My phobias are: horrible fear of heights, snakes, and always thinking some is wrong with my brain. I’m not claustrophic though, which most people are, and I find that very interesting. But those three are my big ones. I also panic every time I drive over a tall bridge, which is bad, since I live in a big city, and there are many of them here, so I avoid them at all costs.


  4. This is my 1st post as I just joined. I think my worst fear falls under a more general concern of being backed into a corner on almost any issue. I find that I lash out and get defensive when I see no where to turn. Bugs and things don’t bother me at all but being forced to deal with an issure I am unfamiliar with causes me to procrastinate to the point where I put home and work projects at risk. I would like to be able to “suck it up” and go for it.

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