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Anxiety – The dangers of Googling

Often it is tempting to rush to Google with any symptoms you have, or any doubts you have. It seems to be an integral part of the psyche of the anxiety sufferer that “the worst will happen”. And Google puts the worst possible at out fingertips in words and images. Have you ever caught yourself […]

Anxiety Supplements

Although plenty of people have success with anti-anxiety medications (i.e a marked reduction or removal of symptoms including panic attacks and obsessive worry) many do not. Those who do not have success with anti-anxiety medications fall into two categories: those for whom the tablets have no effects, and those for whom the idea of taking […]

Feelings of Unreality

A quick Google search on feelings of unreality returns numerous posts on forums by people who are witnessing this frightening phenomena. Also described as depersonalization, derealization, and dissociation these feelings are amazingly common and hard to describe. Some people say they are in a glass bubble looking out, or watching the world go by on […]

Simple Phobias

The language of the psychological and psychiatric communities is fantastic. A “Simple Phobia” is in fact no such thing, it can complicate a life beyond belief. Of course what they mean is a phobia related to one object or situation, as opposed to a more general phobia such as agoraphobia where both the causes and […]

Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is normally seen in children who are, or feel they are likely to be, separated from their care-giver. What would happen if that followed on into later life? I don’t mean as a direct extension of adults who can’t bare to leave their parents (Although that is not as uncommon as you might […]

Tapes and CD’s – The fight against anxiety.

Oftentimes I have been in a book shop or flicked through a magazine and come across tapes and CD’s which offer amazingly quick relief from panic attacks, anxiety and phobias. These tapes are usually self hypnosis or guided meditation (which amount to more or less the same thing. Some people, particularly the anxious ones, don’t […]

Anxiety and Panic Attacks – is EFT effective?

Hi!I’ve talked about this a bit on my website Anxiety2calm. In a nutshell I have seen people have good results, and the great thing is that all the info is available free online or in books so you don’t need to waste too much money trying. I recommend giving it a bash. Despite what they […]

Appear on a Channel 4 special about Phobias.

Hi, I have been asked by Objective Productions to help them find some people with phobias to appear on a fourthcoming TV show. The first programme is all about fear of flying and will involve having treatment by a specialist who knows his stuff! Their advert goes like this: Do you have afear of flying?Have […]

Test Anxiety Exam Anxiety

During the examination period at school or college and assessments at work is one of the worst times to feel anxiety. Obviously because so much of your life is riding on just a few hours of hopefully peak performance. Remember that a little bit of anxiety is actually quite useful at motivating you and sharpening […]

Sedona Method, Byron Katie, is it all CBT?

I was wondering when thumbing through Hale Dwoskin’s Sedona Method and Byron Katie’s Loving What Is if there is any more to these treatments than just re-packaged Cognitive Behaviour Therapy. Such recycling is not uncommon by American marketing gurus turned Life coaches (for me Journey Therapy was not much more than a re-invention of hypnosis). […]