Reflexology for Anxiety, Panic Attacks and Phobias

I very much doubt that reflexology is going to miraculously cure your anxiety, make phobias disappear, or make panic subside for ever. It didn’t for me. That said, there are hand reflexology techniques you can learn to apply to yourself in stressful situations, or daily, which can help relieve your anxiety and boost your confidence.

It is a tool worth knowing, but not necessarily spending money on. If you can do it on your own then you will feel much more powerful and in control.

Reflexology from a practitioner may help but I strongly believe that a treatment that does not come from inside you, or that you can not administer to yourself, can not really provide a long term solution. Also, reflexology does not put you in control of your thoughts which to me has to be a key aspect of whatever therapy provides the solution you are looking for. Reflexology should be seen as a useful tool, but not an answer.

A reflexology self help technique for anxiety and panic

Grip your left index finger with your right hand and squeeze gently. Hold until you can feel your heart beat then release it. Move to the middle finger and again squeeze gently until you can feel your pulse. Continue with the ring and little fingers and then move to your right hand.

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