Can Panic Attacks Make You Go Mad?

Fear of going mad, crazy, “losing it” or losing control are common symptoms of both panic attacks and anxiety. One reason for this tends to be the feeling of unreality and detachment that anxiety and panic attack sufferers sometimes experience.

It is not uncommon for a sufferer to worry that they are going mad. In fact many people report it. This negative thought tends to add to the feelings of panic or anxiety and make the episode worse. The truth is that however unpleasant the symptoms of anxiety and panic attacks are, they are completely harmless and always pass! Also, they are controllable and often curable when they are correctly treated. Something works for everyone, click here to start investigating what might work for you.

And next time you feel you are going mad, dying, or about to lose it furing a panic attack or an anxious moment, try to stay with the feelings and sensations, and reminding yourself that they are there as a result of harmless and temporary chemical changes in your brain.

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