Anxiety and Trauma

Trauma is thought to cause anxiety at least in some cases. People talk about the effects of trauma from the past in various different ways. The more alternative healthcare field often labels past trauma as “trapped negative energy”, a nice phrase because something which is trapped can be set free: the holy grail of anxiety…an instant cure. Sufferers of anxiety would do well to take care when dealing with the past, and remember a few things:

  • Resolving the past doesn’t always change the future.
  • Effects are seldom dramatic and instantaneous. Instead they are often subtle
    and gradual.
  • No one technique cures everything
  • Dealing with the past may be a painful or odd experience, professional help
    should be enlisted.
  • Regression through hypnosis for anxiety rarely, if ever, works.

There will be more on how to treat the effects of trauma later. But some commonly used techniques are:

If your anxiety, panic attacks, or phobias (including agoraphobia, panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder) were caused by trauma, then arguably you have what is labelled Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Label “PTSD” is not important, I am using it only as PTSD is eminently treatable through a variety of methods.

How did I get PTSD?

We still don’t exactly understand how the shock of a trauma gets trapped inside us. Some people believe that if an event we witness is so horrific that our subconscious wants to protect us from it for all time, we store the memory in separate loop that is not effected by reason or the passage of time. Research into this continues. The important thing is: if you have those memories stored inside you either consciously or subconsciously you can get them out and get better.

How do I treat PTSD and cure my anxiety/panic/phobias?

Well, as always you should be weary of quick-fix cures. It may take some sessions to deal with a trauma, and longer if your problem is constructed of smaller, insignificant seeming traumas. Keep reading to hear about the various approaches used to release the trauma. In recent years there have been enormous breakthroughs in treating PTSD in war and disaster scenarios, but this hasn’t yet translated into breakthroughs in the field of anxiety.

Will this cure me?

Everyone’s different. Results range from no effect in those people who were
wrongly thought to be traumatized, to eventual complete release and freedom.
There is a definite middle ground where sufferers feel much better and much
more able to tackle their fears through exposure, a process that really works
when there is nothing holding you back.

For some of the techniques used to cure PTSD click here.

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